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Friday, December 3, 2010

MTV Splitsvilla 4 – Splitsvilla Season 4 on MTV – Splitsvilla 4 TV Show Introduced as The Gamble Of Love

MTV Splitsvilla 4
MTV Splitsvilla 4 is the 4th season of Splitsvilla. Splitsvilla Season 4 on MTV starts from 3rd December, 2010. Splitsvilla 4 TV Show introduced as “The Gamble Of Love”.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 4 Host:

MTV Splitsvilla Season 4 host is Nikhil Chinappa. He was earlier seen in India's Got Talent 2010.

MTV Splitsvilla 4 Registration:

MTV had announced Splitsvilla 4 registration details officially. The Channel had requirement of sizzling singles that may have interest in getting mingle. So, interested people had to fill MTV Splitsvilla 4 registration form.

MTV Splitsvilla 4 auditions form had to fill online. Splitsvilla Season 4 audition is over now.

Splitsvilla 4 Contestants:

MTV Splitsvilla 4 Girl Participants:

Aakriti Bhamri

Pooja Bisht


Tina Thapa

Payal Thapa

Ruchita Rao

Vartika Kaul

Sanjana Thatia

Shrishti Bupta

Yashita Shahu

Priya Sindhe

Dimple Chawla

Archana Chaudhary

Total 13 girls have participated in Splitsvilla 4 TV Show.

MTV Splitsvilla 4 Boy Participants:

Ashish Chaudhary

Manish Khanna


Total 3 boys are contestants of Splitsvilla 4 Show.

First Episode of Splitsvilla 4:

First episode of Splitsvilla 4 Show begins with 13 gorgeous girls. They are invited in the house of MTV Splitsvilla 4 in Dubai. This episode begins with their short introduction.

In the next scene, 3 handsome guys are introduced in this Show. All spent some good time with each other. Finally, the guys had to choose 4 girls for their Kabila (team).

Shrishti was 13th girl in this process. No one picked her. But she is treated as trump card in MTV Splitsvilla 4: The Gamble Of Love by Nikhil.

Watch next episode of Splitsvilla Season 4 to know more about the gamble of love with 13 sizzling girls and 3 fantastic guys.

About MTV Splitsvilla 4:

MTV Splitsvilla 4: The Gamble Of Love is introduced with a very new concept and approach after the huge popularity of its previous season. MTV Splitsvilla 3 was introduced as “World War 3 Of Love”. Now, Splitsvilla 4 returns as “The Gamble Of Love”.

MTV is a youth channel in India. So, Splitsvilla 4 is also one of the most popular reality TV Shows among youth and youngsters. Truth Love Cash was also inspired by Splitsvilla.

Once again, MTV is back with the 4th season of Splitsvilla to add new success story. MTV Roadies 7 was also the most popular reality TV Show on the channel. Currently, MTV India is airing some the most popular reality Shows like Girls Night Out, Making The Cut 2, MF101 and Rock On. However, Stuntmania Reloaded was also the most popular biking Show on this channel.

Riya and Parag won Splitsvilla 3 title. Splitsvilla 4 winner also will be declared in the grand finale. Season 4 of MTV Splitsvilla 4 TV Show is located in Dubai. MTV Splitsvilla 4 winner will be awarded by Rs. 10 lakh. After 30 days, MTV will celebrate Splitsvilla 4 grand finale. Format of the Show is very unique in this season. Watch Splitsvilla Season 4 on MTV every Friday at 7 PM in India.