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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gili Gili Gappa – Gili Gili Gappa on SAB TV – Magical Journey of Kids Introduced in Gili Gili Gappa TV Serial

Gili Gili Gappa on SAB TV
Gili Gili Gappa is a new TV serial on SAB TV starting on 16th December, 2010. Gili Gili Gappa on SAB TV airs every Thursday and Friday at 7:30 PM in India. You will watch a magical journey of three kids in Gili Gili Gappa TV serial.

Gili Gili Gappa Casts:


Varun Badola has played the character of Vishnu in Gili Gili Gappa. He is a police offer in this serial. Varun Badola was earlier seen in Sonu Sweety, Ladies Special, Pratigya and Maan Rahe Tera Pitaah.


Shweta Gulati has played the character of Pari in Gili Gili Gappa on SAB TV. Sandhya is no more now. But she returns to her kids as a Pari. Shweta Gulati was earlier seen in Dill Mill Gayye and Laughter Ke Phatke.


Shoma Anand has played the character of Nani in Gili Gili Gappa TV serial. She is also very funny and irritating for the kids.

Shelly, Sonu and Sweety are also leading characters of Gili Gili Gappa serial. Gili Gili Gappa casts are very perfect to create hilarious situations in the magical way.

Gili Gili Gappa Story:

Gili Gili Gappa story begins from a fine day. It revolves around three kids and their magical journey. The kids create some trouble for Naani. So, she decides to send them off to a hostel. Vishnu tries to reason out but like always, he gives in to Naani’s order to send kids to a hostel in Gili Gili Gappa TV Show.

That day, the kids feel offensively helpless. They realise if their Mummy was here, she would have never allowed anyone to send them to hostel. They huddle up together and pray to god to return their Mummy to face the problem in Gili Gili Gappa.

At that moment of their pray, a Dhoomketu Star breaks and their WISH gets granted with immediate effect. The kids’ mom is sent to them from heaven as a Pari for a certain time period to save them from such situations in Gili Gili Gappa Show.

Now, life takes a U-turn for everyone from there. The Kids’ mom appears as a pari with magical powers. But the Pari had not completed her training. She is a ‘work-in-progress Pari’. She isn’t very good with her magic in Gili Gili Gappa on SAB TV.

Now, Pari’s magical powers create unusual hilarious situations. She can only be seen by the kids and no one else in this serial. Gili Gili Gappa serial is based on a magical journey of three kids with unlimited adventures.

First Episode of Gili Gili Gappa:

First episode of Gili Gili Gappa begins with Pencil teacher. He comes to teach three kids - Shelly, Sonu and Sweety. Their mother is no more now. They are very naughty. They always create some problem for teacher and Nani Ma.

One day, Nani Ma gets injured by their naughty act. This time, Pencil suggests Nani Ma to send the kids in a hostel to learn discipline. It was very horrible day for them.

This day, they make a wish to the God to return their mother. The wish is granted by the God and mother is sent to the earth as a Pari. But she is not a complete Pari. She has come to look after the kids for only 6 months.

About Gili Gili Gappa:

Gili Gili Gappa is a new magical comedy TV Show on SAB TV after Ring Wrong Ring at the same time slot – 7:30 PM. SAB TV introduces one more successful hilarious Show with magic like - Maniben.com, FIR, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Papad Pol, Mrs & Mr Sharma Allahabadwale and Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo.

The serial is based on three kids who get some divine help when they are about to be packed of to a boarding school by their Nani Ma. Story themes, dialogues and characters of the serial are really very appreciating.

The serial is produced by Garima Productions and directed by Ashwini Dhir. Watch Gili Gili Gappa every Thursday and Friday at 7.30 PM in India.