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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bindas Date Trap – Date Trap on UTV Bindass – Set a Worst Date for Your Friend through Date Trap TV Show

Bindas Date Trap
Date Trap is a new reality TV Show on UTV Bindass starting on 19th December, 2010. Date Trap on UTV Bindass airs every Sunday at 7PM in India. You can set a worst date for your friend through Bindass Date Trap TV Show.

Date Trap Host:

Date Trap host is Gaurav Kapoor. Recently, he was seen in Big Switch 2 as a host. Now, he is back on a new reality Show that called - Date Trap.

First Episode of Date Trap:

First episode of Date Trap begins with 2 participants – Rubina and Denny. They thought to make their friends date worst. Rubina chooses Anand and Denny sets a trap for Pooja.

Rubina and Denny told three objectives for the both. Date Trap Show makes a list of objective for their friends’. It collects Pooja’s dislike as her objective – Coffee, Sharing her Stuffs and Gay Men.

On the other hand, Anand’s dislike came as – comments on hair, bad singers, and looks like a villain.

Now, Bindass Date Trap arranges some guys to help Rubina and Anand making their friends date worst. Ashish, Sahil, Prasant, Nafisha, Chahat and Vandana are called for the task.

At first, Anand is called on a date with Nafisha in the first episode of Date Trap TV Show. This was the time to make Anand annoyed. She did great job in this task with the help of Ashish, Chahat and Sahil.

Finally, Anand gets anger. Nafisha gets succeed to fulfill the all three objectives. It means she made Anand very tempered.

In the second round, Pooja is also called on a date with Prashant in the first episode of Date Trap on Bindass TV. Prashant is seen as a military man. Sahil, Ashish and Vandana helped Prashant to make Pooja irritate. They made Pooja also very annoyed. But they didn’t get succeed to fulfill all three objectives.

Finally, Rubina was winner in the first episode of Date Trap on Bindass TV. She gets cash on UTV Bindass Date Trap making her friend’s date worst.

About Date Trap:

Date Trap is a new reality TV Show on UTV Bindass. It is a very unique reality TV Show on Indian television where people are sent on a blind Date and their Date are made worst by some other people.

UTV Bindass has tried to introduce a fresh reality Show on dating theme – Date Trap to trap a date by some people. It is one of the successful Shows on Bindass TV after Emotional Atyachar, Emotional Atyachar 2, The Chair, Big Switch, D3 Commando Force, Yamaha Dreamride and Street Dance.

Bindass Date Trap is a very funny reality Show where guys are trap on a date. The Show makes us thrill for its genre and theme. You will surly enjoy the Show for its unique face. Watch Date Trap on UTV Bindass every Sunday at 7 PM in India. You can also set a date trap for your friend sending a detail of your friend through the official website of UTV Bindass.