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Friday, November 19, 2010

Jaankhilavan Jasoos JJ – Jaankhilavan Jasoos on SAB TV – Jankhilavan Jasoos TV Serial is based on Funny Comedy of a Detective

Jaankhilavan Jasoos on SAB TV
Jaankhilavan Jasoos or JJ is a new comedy detective TV Show starting on 19th November, 2010. Jaankhilavan Jasoos on SAB TV airs every Friday at 9 PM in India. Jankhilavan Jasoos TV serial is based on the funniest comedy of a detective and his team.

Jaankhilavan Jasoos Casts:

Jaankhilavan Jasoos:

Nitesh Pandey has played the character of Jaankhilavan Jasoos in this serial. The serial is based on his name. He called himself JJ. He is a very serious professional. JJ has an obsessive behavioural disorder in this serial like Monk of Monk Season 8.


Sonali Nikam has played the character of Monalisa in Jaankhilavan Jasoos on SAB TV. Monalisa is JJ’s assistant. She researches works and coordinates everything at JJ’s office. She does great help to JJ for solving cases in Jaankhilavan Jasoos TV serial. Sonali Nikam was recently seen in Godh Bharaai and Rakt Sambandh also.

Ching Fung Lee:

Vinod Rai has played the character of Ching Fung Lee in Jaankhilavan Jasoos serial. He has attained black belt in karate. He has been mainly hired for his martial art skills.

Characters of Jaankhilavan Jasoos TV Show are very perfect in their roles and situations. Jaankhilavan Jasoos casts are perfectly designed for the comic detective.

Jaankhilavan Jasoos Story:

Jaankhilavan Jasoos is a hilarious detective comedy TV series on SAB TV. It introduces a perfect combination of thrill, suspense and comedy. It will revolve around unique cases solved by ‘The Private Eye Investigation’ team.

Team of Jaankhilavan Jasoos has three people led by the chief – JJ. He is accompanied by a beautiful assistant, Monalisa and a martial arts expert - Ching Fung Lee. They follow various trials and tribulations before concluding the case.

The nature of the featured cases is primarily robberies, theft, kidnap and fraudulent in Jaankhilavan Jasoos Show. It is packed with comic action and spectacular visuals. Jaankhilavan Jasoos makes the audiences laugh with his weird theories of common criminal investigation.

First Episode of Jaankhilavan Jasoos:

Jaankhilavan Jasoos aka JJ solves a very rare case in his hilarious style in the first episode of this serial. The episode gives a short introduction of JJ and his team also.

The episode of Jaankhilavan Jasoos begins with a film shooting of 6 Stupid. Producer of the film – Pinky announced to introduce an amazing actress for his film. Pinky’s rival Babban was also present there. Set was ready. Heroine comes. But suddenly, light gone and heroine escaped.

Now, the time comes for JJ. He comes to the location and starts his investigation. The investigation was really very hilarious with the dialogues and activities of JJ. He creates a comic situation there and finally finds the real culprit.

Jaankhilavan Jasoos revealed that Pinky was the real culprit in this case. He wanted to promote his movie because he had no real heroine. Cameraman had acted as so called heroine of 6 Stupid film produced by Pinky in Jaankhilavan Jasoos Show.

About Jaankhilavan Jasoos:

After CID and Powder, SAB TV launches a new non-serious investigation TV Show - Jaankhilavan Jasoos. It is a weekly comedy series launching on 19th November, 2010. JJ on SAB TV promises to deliver a scientific investigation with the hilarious situations and dialogues of Jaankhilavan Jasoos.

Jankhilavan Jasoos is based on the name of the protagonist of this serial. JJ TV Show will be an add-on for SAB TV in the row of Gutur Gu, Lapataganj, Malegaon Ka Chintu and Papad Pol.

Music, background scenes, characters and investigations of Jankhilavan Jasus are fabulous. Jaankhilavan Jasus can be considered one of the best Shows on SAB TV after Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo, Shree Adi Manav, Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai, FIR and Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah.

Currently, Mrs. & Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale is the most popular comedy TV Show on SAB TV. However, Sonu Sweety, Jugni Chali Jalandhar and Maniben.com had also fulfilled the needs of audiences.

Jaankhilavan Jasoos is produced by Fireworks and directed by Prabal Baruah. It is a weekly, one hour Show of laughter with each character’s peculiar habits. You will watch a comedy with a difference in JJ. Watch Jaankhilavan Jasoos on SAB TV every Friday at 9 PM in India.


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