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Friday, November 19, 2010

Big Switch 2 – Big Switch 2 on Bindass TV – Bindass TV Introduced Big Switch Season 2 as Family Badal Jaayegi

Big Switch 2 on Bindass TV
Big Switch 2 is the second season of Bindass Big Switch. Big Switch 2 on Bindass TV starts from 19th November, 2010. Bindass TV introduced Big Switch Season 2 as Family Badal Jaayegi. It airs every Friday at 7 PM in India.

Big Switch 2 Host:

Big Switch 2 host is Gaurav Kapoor. He is a well known face after T20 World Cup. He has already hosted many TV and Radio Shows. Now, he is being seen in Big Switch 2 on Bindass TV.

Format of Big Switch Season 2:

Bindass Big Switch Season 2 format is quite different from its previous season. The season will change a family rather than a life. So, it is Big Switch 2, Family Badal Jayegi. The Season will change the attitude of parents and their children. Bindass Big Switch 2 will be run in a game format. Looser contestant will accept the agreement of the winner. There will be a judgment also by the relative and friends of participants. Parents and Children have to switch their family for 48 hours in Big Switch Season 2 on Bindass TV. So, the kids will have an opportunity to switch their parents for 48 hours.

First Episode of Big Switch 2:

First episode of Big Switch Season 2 was featured with Firoz Khan and his parents. Firoz Khan loves to party and doesn't care about college or his future. He just wants to live his life for the moment. He lives in Dehradun. He is fond of long hair, piercings tattoos, alcohol and cigarettes. His bedroom is like a studio. He doesn’t care his father also. He called him ‘Hitler’.

On the other hand, Khursheed Ahmed, father of Firoz is a builder, politician, and businessman. He has four sons. He supports all of them. But Firoz is not compatible with him. Rukhsana Ahmed is a sweet loving mother of Firoz.

Firoz gets Rajiv Mishra and Sunita Mishra as his replacement parents in the first episode of Big Switch 2. Rajiv Mishra lives his life in his own way. He is an extremely strict, vegetarian and bossy parent.

On the other hand, Khursheed Ahmed and Rukhsana Ahmed faced Jazz as the replacement kid for 48 hours in the first episode of Big Switch 2 on Bindass TV.

We watched great drama, action and gap between generation, attitude and lifestyle between Firoz and his replacement parents. The episode of Big Switch 2 Show was really very appreciating.

After the judgment, Firoz wins but he doesn’t accept the judgment. Firoz gives the credit of winner to his father.

About Big Switch 2:

Big Switch 2 is introduced with a very new concept on Bindass TV. The Show creates a situation for the contestants to switch their wrong attitude in the right. It is a reality TV Show which introduces the real problem of children and their parents.

Big Switch 2 TV Show introduces real drama, action and situation like Emotional Atyachar, Emotional Atyachar 2, D3 Commando Force or The Chair. Bindass is a group of UTV. It is a youth oriented TV channel with a tag line of “What I Am”. So the Channel was featured with Yamaha Dreamride, Street Dance and Sid Vs Varun also.

Bindass TV tries to introduce communication and ideological conflicts between youngsters and their parents through Big Switch 2. The issue has never been introduced on Indian television. However, NDTV Imagine had tried to introduce the matter in Pati Patni Aur Woh in a new aspect. Now, Bindass Big Switch 2 will explain the generation gap in a very new aspect.