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Monday, November 29, 2010

Armaanon Ka Balidaan Arakshan – Arakshan on NDTV Imagine – Impact of Quota System Introduced in Armano Ka Balidan Arakshan TV Serial

Arakshan on NDTV Imagine
Armaanon Ka Balidaan Arakshan is a new TV serial on NDTV Imagine starting on 29th November, 2010. Arakshan on NDTV Imagine airs every Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM in India. It replaces the timing of Jyoti serial. You will watch an impact of Quota System in Armano Ka Balidan Arakshan TV serial.

Armaanon Ka Balidaan Arakshan Casts:


Pariva Pranati has played the character of Sumedha in Armaanon Ka Balidaan Arakshan. She is Ramapati’s daughter in this serial. She is a 20 year old beautiful and happy-go-lucky girl. Sumedha is a very responsible girl and she decides to fulfill her uncle -Kamlapati’s dream in Armaanon Ka Balidaan Arakshan on NDTV Imagine.

Kamlapati Mishra:

Muni Jha has played the character of Kamlapati Mishra in Armaanon Ka Balidaan Arakshan TV serial. He works in the District Magistrates office. Kamlapati is a very responsible officer and he knows his role very well. Muni Jha was earlier seen in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.


Rahoul Lohani has played the character of Shivam in Armaanon Ka Balidaan Arakshan serial. He is also a very responsible guy like her father. He is preparing for IAS in this serial. Rahoul Lohani was earlier seen in Balika Vadhu.

Ramapati, Saroj, Priyam and Aakash are other leading characters of Armaanon Ka Balidaan Arakshan TV series. Manmohan Tiwari (Jamunia) and Deepraj Rana (Na Aana Iss Des Laado) are also seen as Armaanon Ka Balidaan Arakshan casts.

Armano Ka Balidan Arakshan Story:

Armaanon Ka Balidaan Arakshan series revolves around the quota system. The reservation system took a new shape in 1990. The serial tries to deliver the raging social debate in India on the issue of reservation in government jobs.

Students protested all over the country against the reservation system while some even took extreme measures to express their anguish. Armaanon Ka Balidaan Arakshan TV Show talks about the “Quota System” again after 20 years. The topic still continues to be a simmering issue between youngsters who have benefited from this, versus those who have suffered.

Armaanon Ka Balidaan Arakshan Show is set against this backdrop of reservation in jobs. Aarakshan revolves around a love story also between Sumedha, whose family lost a son to the agitation against reservation legislation for jobs and Aakash, who has benefited from it to become a District Magistrate.

Now, Aakash has to constantly battle the fact that he is a beneficiary of the quota system and Shivam has to take pain of it in Aarakshan on NDTV Imagine.

First Episode of Arakshan:

First episode of Arakshan TV serial begins with an introductory dialogue about Quota System. Burning scene of Priyam during the protest of the reservation system is seen in Saroj’s dream.

Shivam is also very upset due to his IAS examination because it is his last attempt. His father - Kamlapati is also an officer.

On the other hand, Ramapati is a very powerful man. He is younger brother of Kamlapati. He doesn’t want to accept the prominence of lower cast in any field.

Sumedha is also seen as a very fun loving girl. She understands Shivam’s emotion. She respects her uncle – Kamlapati.

First episode of Arakshan serial talked about an impact of quota system and its effect. The political impact in the recent scenario also introduced in this serial.

About Armaanon Ka Balidaan – Arakshan:

Armano Ka Balidan Arakshan is a social TV series on NDTV Imagine. The serial deals a very sensitive social issue - “Quota System”. It talks about its impact and effect from 1990 to till date.

NDTV Imagine has tried to give something new to its audiences after Baba Aiso Varr Dhoondo, Gunahon Ka Devta and Kitani Mohabbat Hai 2. However, NDTV Imagine is running very successfully with Bandini, Rakt Sambandh, Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka 2 and Rakhi Ka Insaaf.

Arakshan TV Show is really appreciating like - Nachle Ve with Saroj & Terrence, Basera, Big Money, Meera, Devi, Do Hanson Ka Jodaa, Sarvggun Sampanna and Kashi on NDTV Imagine.

Arakshan Show doesn’t criticize the Mandal Commission but it portrays both sides of the coin. The serial is basically a love story of a high caste’s girl and a low-cast’s guy who become a District Magistrate.

Armano Ka Balidan Arakshan TV serial is based on the contemporary scenario. The serial includes a back story also which was happened in 1990. Now, the serial shows the impact of that quota system in our society in today’s context.

Armano Ka Balidan Arakshan on NDTV Imagine tries to narrate a good story. Watch Armaanon Ka Balidaan Arakshan every Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM in India. The serial is directed by Ravindra Gautam.


Samudrika said...

i m so happy that a serial has come up with the issue of quota system. V liv in a democratic India whose constitution has provided us the right of equality. dont u think these caste based privilages create unstability and unequality in the society. privilages should b provided only to below poverty line people.

puneet said...

I am very happy to see this serial. because this is quit different from other serial.this is a war against corruption of india .

Pallavi said...

i like aakash ji the most .i am his biggest fan. as now he is died in the serial therefore i will not be watching this serial.

sheetal said...

kindly change the timing of aarmano ka balidan it should be come b/w 8to 10pm........... so that working person can watch.........

Mani said...

Thia serial was very interesting and unique till Aakash and Sumedha were seen a very positive and real life character . But by elimination of Akaash who is such a wonderful person as DM is vindicated and eliminated by Gundas and crimnals the show is ruined and no body is interested to see the violence and chaos of democratic set up. unless DM is resumed and send the culprits into jail . We want to see both the lead in positive way not in sulking and tortured by group of criminals and Gundas . The original concept was gaining popularity but new track is useless and rubbish .

rajani gupta said...

i like this serial very much.lead role actor arya (aakash)has done fantastic.but from 14 feb,story has gone very bad.i always see all the episodes.plz take arya back in this serial.otherwise i will never see this seril.without arya,this serial is nothing.plz take him back.

Mala said...

This serial has now gone now a mad track . Now no Reservation issue , no corruption issue , no high morality , no system improvement and no development issue as planned by our young and energetic Extraordinary DM Aksssh .Since he is no more . Now Sumedha is going to be humiliated and tortured like a caged bird .All these nonsense issue and theme will be shown by imagine TV .

Ananda said...

I really appreciate the different approach of social issue and the motivation for the Govt. job for the youth.

The character of "Akash" is favorite.
and the actor played this very well and I just miss him for last week.

Plz back....again.....

Mala said...

Yes , Akassh as a main lead of this Story has impressed us a lot . He has build up a very Positive image of a Dedicated IAS Officer who is very Creative and Extraordinary honest Govt Authority and has so many Dreams for his country. We want such a Excellent IAS /DM to Turn Around this Country . So that Corruption and unlawful activities can be stopped .

WE Want him back as our National hero As a DM again .

Gur said...

AKBA started out really good. It had good theme, concept and was closed linked to the present Indian system. DM’s character was an inspiration for the youth and any upcoming IAS officers who want to cleanse the system. Aarya Kumar did a great job to portray DM’s character. I don’t think anyone else would have done a better job than him.

However, now this show has become cheap circus type show. The creative team has totally ruined a good show and a great concept. We request CVs to change the storyline back to its original concept and bring back DM otherwise this show is long gone for us.

nargis haque said...

I totall agree, this show was fantastic with Aakash and sumedha's love story but now that Aakash has been killed off the show is extremely boring. the concept taht this show started with was unique which has suddenly died with the introdcution of new characters that make no sense at all of having. A fantastic show has been ruined and turned into a typical hindi film. please bring back aakash and let sumedha and him unite. Change the story back to what it was.

romaa said...

A fantastic serial which started with a lot of promise and
expectation of the viewers have gone haywire ... That foul
mouthed Dolly Bindra was intolerable in Big Boss...as if that
was not enough she is brought in the serial ... The serial has
now become senseless.The characters of "Mai" and her entire breed is
distasteful and unconvincing. Not watchable at all. When DEVI
started I thought it would go the "Udaan" way.. Remember the
feisty Lady Police officer who fought against all odds rising
from a humble rural background? It was so gripping. ...
But no,Devi too ended and we didn't know what happened.
This is what happens when your script is not ready and you
simply jump into something and don't know what to do.. If
things go this way the serial will go off the air in a
similar manner.

Seema said...

Is the serial no longer being aired on NDTV imagine?-pl clarify.

Mala said...

This serial is no longer on Air. It has been withdrawn by NDTV due to severe criticism and outburst from viewers for showing violence and senseless theme .

k said...

imagine creative team needs a revamp. serials start with good storylines but somehow gradually the events turn bizarre and we audience feel like fools watching mindless violence and women plotting against each other. it happened with Kashi,Devi and now Aarmanon Ka Balidan.if these imagine people think that we want to see Dolly Bindra screaming and shouting against everyone then ur mistaken.we r not so sick to watch such idiotic strorylines. hope that their creative teams dont mess up with other popular serial as Baba Aisa Varr Dundho.