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Saturday, October 9, 2010

MTV MF101 – MF101 on MTV – An Introduction of MTV Male Fantasy 101

MF101 on MTV
MTV MF101 is a very unique reality TV Show on Indian television. MF101 on MTV airs every Saturday at 10 PM in India. There is an introduction of MTV Male Fantasy 101 TV Show.

MTV MF101 Contestants:

Ankit Vengurlekar is a professional TV Anchor. He is a contestant of MTV MF101. He loves swimming with sharks and owning a pet tiger.

Harpreet Baweja:

Harpreet Baweja is a contestant in MF101 on MTV. He is a perfect fit in any environment. He is a successful entrepreneur.

Rohan Sapra:

Rohan Sapra is a 22 years Delhi boy. He is a participant in MTV Male Fantasy 101. He wants to be the richest man in the world.

Sahil Salathya:

Sahil Salathya is a 22 years model and fun-loving guy. He is also a participant in Male Fantasy 101.

New Episode of Male Fantasy 101:

Recent episode of Male Fantasy 101 on MTV begins with a gossip about girl friends. Guys are on the breakfast. It was an interesting gossip. After having finished the breakfast, angel appears. She gives some instruction about fun of the day.

In the next scene of this episode, guys go for the massage. It was the fun time for them. Their enjoyment was double now.

We watched the funniest and professional photo shoots also on MF101. The photoshoot was for Maxim magazine.

In the end of the day, guys go in a bar to date Miss Thailand. All four guys had to do a performance to impress Miss Thailand. In this task, Ankit gets succeed on MF101 TV Show.

About MF101:

MTV MF 101 is a very different kind of reality Show. It takes this old cliché to an entirely new level. MF 101 is a very unique reality show like never seen on Indian Television before. MF 101 on MTV has four boys living their fantasies in Bangkok.

There is no fights, no bitches, no backstabs, no plots, no bad blood, no conspiracy, no tasks, no competition, no enmity in the MF 101 Show. The Show is just about four boys living the good life and having a great time. The Show is guided throughout by an elusive yet beautiful angel who they've never met. Contestants of the Show race cars, ride bikes, travel on yachts, go on a road trip and possibly every other thing any red-blooded man wants.

MTV Male Fantasy 101 a little bit different from Roadies 7 and Splitsvilla 3. You can watch the biggest fun and enjoyment in this Show like Get Gorgeous 6 and Making The Cut 2.

Watch MTV MF101 every Saturday at 10 PM in India. It is an ultimate reality TV Show about fun and enjoyment.