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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Maryaada – Maryada TV Serial – Star Plus Introduces Maryaada...Lekin Kab Tak?

Maryada TV Serial on Star Plus
Maryaada is a new TV serial on Star Plus which stars from 18th October, 2010. Maryada TV serial airs every Monday to Friday at 11:30 PM in India. Once again, Star Plus introduces a moralistic serial - Maryaada...Lekin Kab Tak?

Maryaada Casts:

Brahmanand Jhaakar:

Vishwajeet Pradhan has played the character of Brahmanand Jhaakar in Maryaada. He is also one of the leading characters of Maryaada on Star Plus.

Devyani Jhaakar:

Indrani Halder has played the character of Devyani Jhaakar in Maryaada TV serial. She is a practical lady in this serial. She is perfectionist and family guard as a wife of SSP - Brahmanand Jhaakar.


Dakssh Ajit Singh has played the character of Gaurav in Maryaada serial. He is elder son of Devyani Jhaakar in this serial. Recently, Dakssh Ajit Singh was seen in Jamunia.


Vindhya Tiwari has played the character of Vidya in Maryaada TV series. She is Gaurav’s wife in this serial. She is a simple village girl with basic education. She falls in love with Gaurav but he has no interest in her. Earlier, she was seen in Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo.


Rakesh Bapat has acted as Aditya in Maryaada series. He is younger son of Devyani Jhaakar in this serial. Rakesh Bapat has already acted in Seven.


Riddhi Dogra has played the character of Priya in Maryaada TV Show. Priya Pradhan is the protagonist of this serial. She is college principle’s daughter. She has been brought up in a disciplined atmosphere. Priya is love interest of Aditya in Maryaada Show. Riddhi Dogra was earlier seen in Laagi Tujhse Lagan.


Kamya Punjabi has played the character of Uttara in Maryada. She is Devyani’s sister in this serial. She is beautiful and extremely attractive lady. She is married to Rishabh. Kamya Punjabi was seen in Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki and Jeet Jayenge Hum also.

Prabudh, Gagan and Sweety are also leading characters of Maryada TV serial. Maryada casts are very proper in their story and characters.

Maryada Story:

Maryada on Star Plus is set in Haryana. It is a bold family drama about the lives of four women of the Jhaakar family. The drama series introduces the darker realities of their relationships that lie beneath the surface.

Maryada story is about how these four women (Devyani, Uttara, Vidya and Priya) manoeuvre themselves in this seemingly perfect family. The TV Show dramatizes the facades, the unrest and challenges they face in order to safeguard their relationships in this family.

Story of Maryada on Star Plus traces the journey of these four women, which is full of trials and tribulations. They choose lies, deceit and betrayal to achieve their ultimate aim of restoring lost faith and values back into their family. They always keep in their mind that they will never break their Maryaada. In the process of their struggle, they have to break their silence living in their Maryaada.

First Episode of Maryada:

First episode of Maryada on Star Plus was an introductory episode of this serial. We watched Priya, Devyani, Gaurav, Vidya and Gagan’s characters and their roles in this serial.

First episode of Maryada TV serial had nothing to remember. Character of Devyani introduced very clearly in this episode.

Second Episode of Maryada:

Second episode of Maryada on Star Plus introduced the negligence of all four women. Uttra is neglected by her husband, Rishabh.

Priya feels alone herself. Vidya is also same as Priya. Divyani also feels loneliness. Second episode of Maryada TV serial compares the situation of all four women in their families.

Aditya saves Priya in this episode. Divyani with her family goes Mansadevi. Priya is also on the tour of Mansa Devi with her family. It was an appreciating episode of Maryada on Star Plus.

About Maryaada:

Maryaada is a new bold family series on Star Plus after the great success of Pratigya and Kaali. The Show exposes reality of Indian culture and traditional family very openly like Rakhi Ka Insaaf.

Star Plus launches Maryada serial on the same date of Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahani and Saas Bina Sasural. Maryaada (code of conduct or basic rules of living life in a mannered way) talks about real incidents of our societies. The serial tries to expose the status of women in our present society.

Maryaada is not a new name in television industry. TV Asia has already introduced a TV serial on the same name – “Maryada...of an Indian family”. Now, the serial is introduced as – “Maryaada...Lekin Kab Tak?” The serial also talks about the situation of women and their anger. Star Plus has launched Maryaada on the concept of “Rishta Wahi, Soch Nayi”. The concept is very different from its earlier Shows like - Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Bidaai, Tere Mere Sapne, Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat, Sabki Laadli Bebo and Hamari Devrani.

Director of Maryada TV series is Dasim Sabbir. Deeya Singh and Toni Singh are producers of the serial. It is produced by DJ Creative Unit. Watch Maryaada on Star Plus every Monday to Friday at 11:30 PM in India.

Maryada TV Show encourages women not to be silent to such an extent where their own self respect gets compromised because women are the pillars of every family; they bind the family together and nurture relationships with love and affections.


keertan said...

i like this serial i dont like piya

golan said...

superb serial ,g8 story ,very real,engrossing n enciting. Kudos 2 whole team of 'Maryada'.

anamika said...

maryadaa serial is a very wonderful serial.... the best i have ever seen in star plus.. most important is there is no idiotic video effects as in other serial.. and the best is all characters are very quick in their act... not like Gopi in saathiya and Bebo in laadli.... but 11:30 pm is what makes it bad... change its time to somewhere in the eve....

arpitha said...

this serial is too good..... best serial which shows the injustice corruption to women!!

Smriti said...

can some tell me the secret b/w brahmanand jhakar and priya.I just started watching this

bhalla said...

Maryada is best show on tv having good story with cause and all the characters are playing by whole unit is perfect its different with others saas bahu shows this show and all played characters members must deserve awards not from industry , society and nation, India need more such types of shows to improve society and thinking of the Man(Aurat pair ki juuti ya bastu nahi hai jo istmal ker use and throw di jaey great job done by producer of this show god bless whole team !