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Monday, October 4, 2010

Get Gorgeous 6 – Get Gorgeous 6 on Channel V – An Introduction of Model Talent Search Channel [V] Get Gorgeous Season 6 TV Show

Get Gorgeous 6 on Channel
Get Gorgeous 6 is a new season of Get Gorgeous model talent search reality TV Show. Get Gorgeous 6 on Channel V airs every Sunday at 7 PM in India. There is an introduction of model talent search Channel [V] Get Gorgeous Season 6 TV Show.

Get Gorgeous Season 6 Host:

Get Gorgeous Season 6 Show host is VJ Andy. He is a cool guy. He was seen in U R Fired and Dare 2 Date 2 also on Channel V. Currently, he is the most popular face on Channel [V]. This time VJ Andy has hosted Get Gorgeous 6 on Channel V.

Get Gorgeous 6 TV Show Jury:

Get Gorgeous 6 on Channel V jury members are Kamal Sidhu, Vikram Bawa and Gayatri Khanna. They have already proved themselves best in their own field. Now, they are back as jury of Get Gorgeous Season 6 on Channel V.

Get Gorgeous 6 Auditions:

Get Gorgeous 6 auditions and registrations are over now. Official website of Channel V in India had announced about the Show. Get Gorgeous Season 6 registrations are closed now. Registration of Get Gorgeous 6 TV Show was open for guys and girls both. The Show begins with audition process.

Get Gorgeous 6 Contestants:

Ankit Raj

Asif Sataar

Asmita Sood

Bharat Sharma

Charudutt Sapra


Hazel Sobti

Michel Obidiki

Mruga S Kulkurni

Pankaj Tanwar

Preeti Chauhan

Rajat Dahiya

Ridhima Sahuan

Roushani Das

Samriddh Bawa

Sibani Suburana

Tanya Nambiar

Udit Methi

Veir Dhillon

These are the name of top contestants of Get Gorgeous 6. They had been chosen from the auditions for the Show. Name of eliminated contestants have not been included here.

New Episode of Get Gorgeous 6:

In the new episode of Get Gorgeous 6 TV Show, contestants had to go for bi-lingual pose shoot. Female contestants are trained by Archana Vijaya and male contestants are trained by Sahil Shroff for the shoot.

Male and female contestants are paired with same gender pose. Contestants had to show intimacy, anger and attachment expressions during the photo shoot. Finally, TVC performance is also seen in the review round.

Male contestant Pankaj and female contestant Jenny are eliminated from Get Gorgeous 6 Show. They loose their chance to getting gorgeous.

About Get Gorgeous 6:

Get Gorgeous 6 is an Indian reality TV Show that is based on model talent search. The Show was started in 2004 on Channel V. Now, the Channel has returned with its new season - Get Gorgeous 6.

Get Gorgeous Season 6 has returned with a quite unique concept and theme. The season calls male participants also to be a part. First time, male contestants are allowed to participate in Get Gorgeous Season 6 on Channel V.

Audition for Get Gorgeous 6 Show was made in 6 cities. Top contestants have to face real task of fashion shows. Get Gorgeous 6 winner will be declared in the grand finale of the Show.

Watch Channel [V] Get Gorgeous 6 every Thursday at 10 PM in India. Winner of Get Gorgeous Season 6 will be awarded as the top model. Concept of the Show is very similar to Star Anchor Hunt and MTV Making The Cut 2.


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