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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gunahon Ka Devta – Gunaho Ka Devta on NDTV Imagine – A Love Story in the Devastating Background of Crime Introduced in Gunahon Ka Devta TV Serial

Gunaho Ka Devta on NDTV Imagine
Gunahon Ka Devta is a new TV serial on NDTV Imagine based in Lallanpur, a town in eastern UP. Gunaho Ka Devta on NDTV Imagine premiered on 20th September, 2010. A finest love story has introduced in the devastating background of crime in Gunahon Ka Devta TV serial.

Gunahon Ka Devta Casts:

Avdesh Singh Thakur:

Avdesh is the leading casts of Gunaho Ka Devta on NDTV Imagine. He is known as Bhaiyaji also. He is Robin Hood for the town. His character is inspired by Chulbul Pandey of Dabangg. He is also a goon in this town but always supports poor and helpless guys. Avdesh Singh Thakur is a bad guy in Gunaho Ka Devta TV serial but only for the worst guys.

Arpita Rai:

Tanvi Bhatia has played the character of Arpita Rai. She is leading female protagonist in Gunaho Ka Devta TV Show. Earlier, she was seen in Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke.

Mahesh, Chirag and BM are also leading casts of Gunaho Ka Devta Show. Gunahon Ka Devta casts are located in the town of crimes.

Gunahon Ka Devta Story:

Gunahon Ka Devta on NDTV Imagine story revolves around Lallanpur, a town in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The town is known for a new incident of crime every day. It is a town where people speak less with words and more with guns.

Children of Lallanpur learn to handle pistols before they learn to play cricket. It is the town where crime reigns supreme. There is no one to challenge it. Gunaho Ka Devta story represents Avdesh Singh Thakur aka Bhaiyaji whose name evokes fear but who is also revered for the good that resides within the evil.

Story of Gunahon Ka Devta TV serial introduces Arpita Rai who is a young, beautiful and fun loving girl. She is the daughter of a corrupt civil engineer in Gunahon Ka Devta serial. Arpita is scared of her father but she is like a teenager when she is not in front of her father.

Arpita doesn’t want to marry someone like her father or her brothers because they have no respect for women. Her mother is always ill treated by her father and brother in Gunahon Ka Devta TV series.

Avdesh is a courageous man and he has open mind. Avdesh has respective approach to any person. Arpita knows that Avdesh is the only man or only person who can put the fear of god in her father.

Gunahon Ka Devta series story revolves around two unlikely people falling in love. Will their love survive in the pressures that surround them? Could the love story of a criminal end in a happily moment?

Gunahon Ka Devta TV Show is an engaging tale of love and passion. The story covers emotion and deception set against the devastating background of crime.

First Episode of Gunahon Ka Devta:

First episode of Gunaho Ka Devta on NDTV Imagine begins with “Gundagardi”. It begins with a small town of Uttar Pradesh, Lallanpur. Children play with guns. People have to pay tax to the local goons.

First episode of Gunaho Ka Devta serial sketches the situation of Lallanpur town. It is the town of goons. The town is the best example of crime and criminals.

New Episode of Gunahon Ka Devta:

New Episode of Gunahon Ka Devta revolves around kidnapping case of Chirag. His father is worried about him.

The episode talks about the beginning of a finest love story also between Arpita and Avdesh.

About Gunahon Ka Devta:

Gunahon Ka Devta is the most popular Hindi novel written by Dharamvir Bharati. Plot of the novel revolves around love and romance between two characters - Chander and Sudha. Their love is non-expressive. Gunahon Ka Devta novel gives a light on the various shades and colour of romance and love. Characters of Gunahon Ka Devtaa novel are evolved from the finest location of Allahabad.

About Gunahon Ka Devta TV Serial:

Gunahon Ka Devta is a new serial on NDTV Imagine that replaces the timing of Rehna Hai Teri Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein.

Gunahon Ka Devta serial is directed by Hemant R Prabhu and Ismail Umar Khan. The Show is produced by Shyamashis R. Bhattacharya and Neelima Bajpai (Sakuntalam Telefilms).

Watch Gunahon Ka Devta on NDTV Imagine every Monday to Friday at 9 PM in India. The serial touches some aspects of Jeet Jayenge Hum and Pratigya. Gunahon Ka Devta talks about that criminal who is the God for someone.


suchandra said...

It's really a fabulous and mind-touchig serial which I love the most among all the serials now.Hope the serial will go 4 a long run.I like Avdesh Singh Thakur a lot.God bless such a great lover.

anupriya said...

Mmm..i am speechless what to say about gunaho ke devta. it is wonderfull serial. i am very much satisfied with this serial.
starting with "AVDESH SINGH"- I TOTALLY GET FLAT ON HIM WHEN I SAW HIS ENTRY IN THIS SERIAL. really, avdesh i am crazy about you. doing wonderful job, keep it up.

ALL THE BEST for future performance. may your luck be the best.

sushmitha said...

god............iam crazy about avdesh n arpita they r sooooooooo cute n iam mad of his hair when its flying u look so cute n to arpi ,iam mad about u two from the staring of the serial

ishu said...

very lovely serial best wishes hope this craze wil cntinu.bt serial shld mve fastely

tanvigoyal71 said...

i love this show..awesome man tht one who plays role of awdesh

Ayantika said...

luv uuuuuuuu avdesh.........i m realy die hard fan of urs nw.....i jst cnt resist my self 4m nt c ng u. u nd arpita makes da bst jodi realy.i ve gt badly crush on u....nwadays mstly everyday i spend mre than 2 hrs on net surfing only abt u nd arpita specially uuuuuuuuu.....god bless u nd work hard nd be a successful actor.bst of luck

garima said...

u r da most hansum guy i hav eva seen ashish (avdesh) .luv u......da way u luk at arpita kills me...ummmmmm muah bhaiya ji....bt ur nt bhaiya 4 me..luv u

Sandy said...

hi avdesh(ashish sharma)u r my dream man dude u r so cute in dis serial i luv u so much ashish and i like ur pair with arpitha.

Inoka said...

ohoo,it's really awesome.I don't have wards to tell about it.but I am realy want 2 tell 2 produser,Please please,don,t let them in a sad,we can't watch it when thay are sad and not 2gather.Avdesh and Arpi we are love u 2 so mush.

bhavana said...

i love this serial. bouji & bhaiyaji ki acting best hai. i have a idea ,please use the music of sarkar raj during dialogus in serial. i hope you do it. best wishes for serial. please do this.

Deepti said...

I take this name 100 times in a day
"Avdesh singh thakur " , very very good looking . it will be great if i get chance to meet him.

God bless you.

pradnya said...

really i love this serial !!!!!!!!
acting is really fantastic each every character in serial!!!!!!!
congratulation for the success

ridham said...

its a fabulus and mind touching serail

kanchan said...

i love dis serial....2 much...i watch it all d tym whether its a repeat telecast.
well...m crazy abt avdhesh singh thakur...i lyk him wid d sooul of my heart.
thanksssss..........4 cumng in dis show!

simmi said...

Hello Avdhesh ji
love u alottttttttt

Ratna said...

mujhe ye serial bahut acha lagta hai khas taur par bhauji ki acting.
Jab avdesh singh thakur ke khilaf inspector RANVIJAY SINGH ki entry huyi tab serial mei aur jada intrest aane laga kyoki bhaiyaji ki tarah daring personality ka character samne aya par abhi ke kuch episods mein jis tarah unhone arpita ka sahara liya wo galat hai.
Aur 8.12.11 ke episode mein jis tarah apni maa ke saman aurat par hath uthaya wo ranvijay ki pehle ki image ko prabhavit karta hai.

Anant said...

Hi bhaiya ji !!!!! Kaise hai aap? us daroga ka to aap kam 35 nhi 36, 37,38..................72 tk nipta do. ..Usne hmari arpita bhabhi ji ko bhaut pareshan kiya hai.......wah!!!! Lallnpur ke bhaiya ji! Amar ho @ i like u d most..i m vry grt fan of u.....

wanted said...

hiiiiiiiiii my name is kapil i like pyaar ki yeh ek kahani and gunhoo ka devta very very much and i like abhay,pia,and also the bhaiya ji i liiiiiiike us very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much very very much

sanjog said...

Sneha said....
It's diffrent love story, i am very satisfied with this story.Avdesh & Arpita is doing wonderfull job.

kriya said...

this is so horrible arpita being murdered like this.. this is really taking the serial to a dead end this is reducing the charm of serial.. plz save arpita and bring her back to avdhesh

Ipsita said...

such a heart touching love story...........i have ever seen & about avdesh....i m speechless. I just love this serial.

Kabir said...

hi my name is kabir i love avdesh singh thakur jab arpita ki shaadi ho rahi thi to avdesh ki entry superb thi. i love avdesh singh thakur..maine to un jaisa look bhi apna liya hai....

manoj said...

hi avdesh bhaiya ji ...............this is hert touching love story. i m wholly impressed from it... in this serial i like bhaiya ji most......i think that this story will soon start in new manner with this cast... luv u bhaiya ji