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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Art Attack – Art Attack on Disney Channel – Learn To Make Creative Toys and Doodles on Disney Art Attack

Art Attack on Disney Channel
Art Attack is a new creative TV Show on Disney Channel in India. Art Attack on Disney Channel starts on 19th September, 2010. You can learn to make creative toys and doodles on Disney Art Attack every Sunday at 10:30 AM in India.

Art Attack Host:

Art Attack host is Gaurav Juyal. He is “Dost” and host of the Show. He is a fun loving guy with creative animation and art.

First Episode of Art Attack:

First episode of Art Attack TV Show begins with Gaurav Juyal. He introduced the Show with a great approach and purpose. He made us learn some simplest way of making the nose of fox.

He told us each and every step of making fox’s nose. There was need of a plastic cup, paper, colours and gum. He made a fantastic nose of a fax. It was very colourful and appreciating.

We learn to sketch a photo also in the easiest way in the first episode of Art Attack on Disney Channel. Gaurav introduced an art of Alex also who had made a bull and two kids by the help of the clothes.

I liked much making a hanger in a very new design using card board in the first episode of Art Attack Show. It was very unique hanger and colourful. You can make it with a very simplest method using wastage card boards.

First episode of Disney Art Attack was an introductory episode with some interesting toys and stuffs. You can catch next episode of Art Attack on Disney Channel on Sunday at 10:30 AM in India.

About Art Attack:

Art Attack is a new creative TV Show of making toys and colourful stuffs. It is a super fast express of making interesting things. Children can learn how to make some interesting things in their house using wastage things.

Children can improve their imagination and creativity by watching Art Attack on Disney. The Show introduces unique ideas of making some good and colourful things.

Art is not only about painting but also it is about expressing your ideas and having fun. If you don’t know about painting and art, you can join Art Attack. You can turn your doodles into art with Gaurav watching Art Attack on Disney.

Disney Art Attack gives you a chance to learn making some unique doodles with unique ideas and approach. The Show tells some interesting things about the painting and art also.

You can know something interesting about fox, if the Show has some painting on the fox and so on. Disney is the most popular cartoon channel in India. It attracts children viewers mostly. This time, children have good opportunity to learn something new and unique things which they like the most – ART.

Art Attack is the most popular art Show across the world. Now, it is back in India on Disney Channel. You can watch much unique art on Art Attack like India’s Got Talent 2 and Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega 3.

Art Attack was a British children's television series. It revolved around art. Now, it is in the list of the most popular and longest TV series. It aired across the world – Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain etc. on the most popular television channel.

Now, Indian children can watch Art Attack on Disney Channel every Sunday at 10:30 AM.


Abinesh kumar said...

Art Attack is a very interesting show on disney channel.I used to see it in the afternoon at 3:00pm.I like Gauvrav very much.Ilike his creativity sense.I had made many things at my home.It is a very good show!