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Friday, August 6, 2010

Malegaon Ka Chintu – Malegaon Ka Chintu on SAB TV – Humorous Life of Chintu Introduced in Malegaon Ka Chintu Silent Comedy TV Serial

Malegaon Ka Chintu on SAB TV
Once again, SAB TV is back with a new silent comedy TV serial - Malegaon Ka Chintu after the success of Gutur Gu. Malegaon Ka Chintu on SAB TV replaces the timing of the most popular TV serial - Shree Adi Manav. Malegaon Ka Chintu TV serial captures humorous life events of Chintu.

Malegaon Ka Chintu Casts:


Al Amin has played the character of Chintu in Malegaon Ka Chintu. He is the male protagonist of this serial. He is a simple and innocent man in Malegaon Ka Chintu TV serial. He lives in Malegaon. He is always ready to help others. He likes the most beautiful girl in town - Pinky. But he is unable to impress her. Enthusiastic nature and creative thinking of Chintu makes people laugh in Malegaon Ka Chintu on SAB TV. He has optimistic approach in this serial. He always finds solutions at the end of the day from his complexes.


Ashwini Khairnar has played the character of Pinky in Malegaon Ka Chintu serial. She is female protagonist in this serial. She is the most beautiful girl in Malegaon. Chintu is crazy towards her beauty in Malegaon Ka Chintu TV Show. She also likes Chintu but his mad ways always pulls her back.

Chintu and Pinky are the leading casts of Malegaon Ka Chintu serial. However, all casts of the serial are very funny.

Malegaon Ka Chintu Story:

Story of Malegaon Ka Chintu revolves around the eventful life of Chintu. He is a lively young man. He resides in Malegaon. Chintu loves only three things in life - his coat, bicycle and Pinky.

Chintu is an energetic man with a heart of gold in Malegaon Ka Chintu Show. He is very emotional also. Chintu can’t see anyone in trouble. Malegaon Ka Chintu story takes you through different situations in Chintu’s life.

First Episode of Malegaon Ka Chintu:

First episode of Malegaon Ka Chintu on SAB TV captures each and every aspect of Chintu’s humorous life and his funny character. The episode was completely inspired by Mr. Bean.

First episode of Malegaon Ka Chintu TV series was based on short clips. There was no story. It is only based on the funny acts of Chintu. However, these clips make us laugh. Despite it, these have no connection to each others.

We watched Chintu wears his dress and go out in first clip and the clip ends with his funny activities. Similarly, second clip starts with a buffalo scene.

I think that Malegaon Ka Chintu series is completely inspired by Mr. Bean. Each episode of Malegaon Ka Chintu on SAB TV is the combination of some small acts.

About Malegaon Ka Chintu:

Malegaon Ka Chintu is a new silent comedy TV Show on SAB TV. It is directed by Shaikh Nasir. He is well-known fame for his comedy spoofs. He has won several accolades and his films like - Malegaon Ka Superman, Malegaon Ka Shaan, Malegaon Ka Sholay etc. Now, he has gotten a chance to show his humor concept in Malegaon Ka Chintu on SAB TV.

Name of the serial is based on a man whose name is Chintu and he resides in a village that name is – Malegaon. It is based on the name of a man and a place like Mrs & Mr Sharma Allahabadwale.

Malegaon Ka Chintu premiered on 6th August, 2010. There was a great buzz about this serial that it is inspired by the most popular Show – “Mr. Bean”. But finally, the buzz refused officially. Mr. Bean or Charlie Chaplin is only a co-incident for Malegaon Ka Chintu and nothing else.

The promises of – “Asli Maza SAB Ke Saath Ata Hai” of SAB TV is continue now. The channel has already introduced the most popular comic series - Papad Pol, Lapataganj and Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo.

Malegaon Ka Chintu is kids based serial. Character of Chintu is very funny and humorous like a cartoon. The serial will show you another aspect of humor and comedy after Jugni Chali Jalandhar, Sonu Sweety and Maniben.com.

This time, Malegaon Ka Chintu TV serial will make you laugh along with your children. It is really very unique Show after Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai, FIR and Tarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasma.

Watch Malegaon Ka Chintu on SAB TV every Friday at 8 PM in India. It is produced by Deepti Bhatnagar and Randeep Singh Arya under Deepti Bhatnagar Productions Pvt. Ltd.


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