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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Emotional Atyachar 2 – Emotional Atyachaar Season 2 on Bindass – Emotional Atyachar 2010 Introduced with Think Twice Concept on UTV Bindass

Emotional Atyachaar Season 2 on UTV Bindass
Emotional Atyachar 2 is a new season of Emotional Atyachar. Emotional Atyachaar Season 2 on Bindass premiered on 7th August, 2010. Emotional Atyachar 2010 introduced with “Think Twice” concept on UTV Bindass.

Emotional Atyachar 2 Host:

Emotional Atyachar 2 host is Pravesh Rana. He was seen in Chak Dhoom Dhoom as a host. He had gotten a wild-card entry in Big Boss 3 also. Now, he is back in the most popular reality TV Show - Emotional Atyachaar Season 2.

Emotional Atyachar 2 Registration:

If you think your boyfriend or girlfriend might be cheating on you, you can report it to Emotional Atyachaar 2 crew team. If you know of a couple where one person might be cheating on the other, you can report it too. Crew of Emotional Atyachaar 2010 will investigate and discover what the truth is.

Emotional Atyachar 2 registration is very easy. You can register through online: http://www.bindass.com/ea2/index.php. You have to fill a simple registration form participating in Emotional Atyachaar 2 on Bindass.

First Episode of Emotional Atyachar 2:

First episode of Emotional Atyachaar 2 on Bindass TV investigates the case of Abhay Abrol and Saniya Bansal. Casts of “Once Upon A Time In Mumbai” movie also participate in this episode – Ajay Devgan and Emraan Hashmi. It was much interesting episode of Emotional Atyachaar Season 2 on Bindass TV. It was the case of Delhi.

Abhay Abrol is a 24 year old guy. He has been falling in love Saniya Bansal for last 4 years. He is a lead and Saniya is a suspect in this episode. He has some doubts on Saniya from last 2 years.

In the beginning of the episode, Ajay Devgan joins and asks some questions Abhay. He doesn’t reply properly. So, Ajay gives instructions to Emotional Atyachaar 2 crew to follow Abhay also at the same time along with Saniya. So, it was dual investigation episode where lead turns into suspect.

Crew of Emotional Atyachaar 2 TV Show follows Saniya 5 days and prepares a report to handover Abhay. In this task, Inderveer, a model, helps Emotional Atyachaar 2 Show. He intimates himself with Saniya.

First day of Inderveer was an introductory meeting with Saniya. Second day, He calls her for coffee. Third day, they go in a bar. While 4th day, they go in a resort in Gurgaon.

Saniya comes very close to Inderveer in just 4 days. 5th day Abhay is called to the head office of Emotional Atyachar 2 TV Show. He was ready to see the footage which was prepared by hidden cameras. Now, Emraan Hashmi also joins Abhay and Ajay. Pravesh Rana delivered all the footage to Abhay.

On the other hand, Ajay sees collection of Abhay’s activities also. He was also engaged with another girl – Simran Kaur. Now, she is also called to the headquarter of Emotional Atyachar 2 Show to participate in the contestant of “Once Upon A Time In Mumbai” movie.

Inderveer comes at the place with Saniya to enjoy in a swimming pool. Finally, Abhay reaches there. It was the much interesting part of this episode. This time, Simran also reaches on this location. Now, Abhay was the biggest suspect for Saniya and Simran. Both girls slapped him. A great fighting among all three took place. Both girls leave him in the first episode of Emotional Atyachar 2 on Bindass TV.

Ajay Devgan makes the episode more interesting involving in the investigations with Emotional Atyachar Season 2 TV Show crew.

About Emotional Atyachar 2:

Emotional Atyachar 2 is introduced with “Think Twice” concept on UTV Bindass. Emotional Atyachar Season 2 is started after the great success of its first season. It was a path breaking new reality show that put relationships to the ultimate loyalty test.

The TV show gave people ways to watch their partner’s cheating on hidden cameras. Purpose of the Show was saving people from Emotional Atyachaar. The Show reveals the truth about the cheating of partners.

Emotional Atyachar 2010 will take place not just in Mumbai but across the country. This time stories are more twisted. The confrontations are more public in Emotional Atyachaar 2.

You can avoid future emotional cheat participating in Emotional Atyachaar Season 2 on Bindass. The Show test the bond of relationship whether you are loyal or not towards your partner. Popularity of the Show became the milestone for Axe Ur Ex and Lovenet also.

Emotional Atyachaar 2010 on Bindass is also a reality TV Show and nothing else. There is more drama and twist with the exposed truth and reality. There is new story with new face in each episode.

Watch Emotional Atyachar Season 2 on Bindass TV every Saturday at 7 PM. It was to be aired at 11 PM but finally it fills the vacant slot of 7 PM after D3 Commando Force. UTV Bindass Emotional Atyachaar 2 is based on the true story. It follows the genre of public investigations of relationship loyalty test.


Deepak hot said...

I want to comment that why u test only on boys.U must test both girls and boys.
Kya boys sirf galat
kartein hain.
Girls are very good.
Plz girl pe v test karna hoga.
Becoz har musibat ki suruwat wonhi se hota hai.Boys v apni girl frnds ki test karani chahea.Then ur show will sucessfull.Thank u

prezy said...

Please do not hide/blurred the faces of the suspects. Those who are the victims are shown to whole world but who are the culprits are hidden.This is ridiculuos, at least everybody should see their faces.I feel so sad for the gals who want to conceal the identity of their partners and they turn out to be cheating them.

Sush said...


anshu said...

yeh serial ek dum bindas hai metlab is serial ki vajah se insaan ki haqeeqat ka pta chal jaat hai jis insaan per hum depend ho jaate hai yhaa tak ki apni family ko chod dena chahte hai uske bare me yehi reality show btata hai kiwo insaan chahe ladki ho ya ladka pta chal jata hai aaj ke tym me ladko se jyada ladkiya play girls hai

anshu said...

ye sho w must hai dude shi hai ladko ko nai balki ladkiyo ka bhi loyalty test hona chahiye actually mujhe bhi apne boyfriend ka loyality test krvana hai

niky said...

i want u conduct royalty test on my husband and i am having dought that he is gay so i want to know the proceder of your test , pls mail me the detail and your contact no. on my mail id niky_jain24@yahoo.co.in .

SANJANA said...

Mujhe mere boyfriend pe loyality test karna hai,to plz mujhe bato me ea2 ko contact kaise karu???????????

shhona said...

how should i contact to EA2

Extermination.stepthree said...

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yatendra said...

Respected sir,
Mera naam yatendra kumar hai, Aur main apni sister ke boyfrnd ka loyalty lest karwana chahta hun. Coz wo ladka achchha nahi hai.par meri sister ko samjh nahi aata, aur mere parents bhi us ladke ko pasand nahi karte hain.agar hum log apni sister ko samjhate hain to wo kehati hai ki sabse achchha hai. Uske bare me koe bhi bat sunane ko tayar nahi hai.aur meri sister ne us bekar ladke ke liye do bar suicide karne ke koshish bhi ki hai.us ladke ki najar hamari property par hai, wo sochta hai ki use mere yaha se bada dahej (paisa) milega par meri sister is bat ko samjhti nahi hai.plz meri help Karen, main apse request karta hu.my id is yatendra.kushwaha@gmail.com.

charming vips(dr.vips) said...

hi, i love one gal.c also loves me.but the problem is v hav never met with each other.v just came into conctc wid each other by one mutual fren for study purpose and by talking on mobile v fall in love wid each other.v both love each other but the problem is v hav never seen each other at all.so dat gal proposed me first,c told me dat,in love c does not care abt look.so i just want do a loyalty test on her. c is in dilli.

sonia chouhan said...

hellooooooooo friend how r u.????i like it this ...show ladko ko aur balki ladkiyo ka bhi loyalty test hona chahiye actually mujhe bhi apne boyfriend ka loyality test krvana hai... plz contact me
plz plz plz contact meeeeeee yr bye tc....

nitin said...

hey alll ma cute honesters i nitin from jammu just wanna give only an only suggestion loylty test is not only on boys it should be on girls also bcoz sumtimes girls are oso wrong an 1 more thing "TALLIE EK HAATH SE THODI NA BAJTEE HAI" haan most of the times ho gata hai but.thats all thank u an wish best of luck for your show

baggy said...

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i am really upset n in a mess
i put up in ghaziabad...uttar pradesh
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babul said...

Hi, your show is really emeging.It revels the hidden truth.But I have a question for you.I have never seen a suspect coming out as loyal.Did you never find anyone loyal?...Please do reply.

aarushi said...

hii emotional atyachar
mujhe bhi apne boyfriend par emotional atyachar karvana hai mera boyfriend bahut acha hai mai uske sath apni puri life bitana chahati hu isliea mujhe ye test karvana hai. pls contact me 8287108585

Sonu said...

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