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Friday, July 2, 2010

U R Fired – U R Fired on Channel V – A Tale of Worst Employers Introduced in [V] U R Fired: Kal Se Mat Anaa

[V] U R Fired: Kal Se Mat Anaa
U R Fired is a new reality TV Show on Channel V which starts from 1st July, 2010. U R Fired on Channel V airs every Thursday at 7 PM in India. You will watch a tale of the worst employers in [V] U R Fired: Kal Se Mat Anaa.

U R Fired Host:

U R Fired host is VJ Andy. He has hosted Dare 2 Date also. Now, he is back in U R Fired new TV Show.

U R Fired Participants:

Sahil Shah





Total 5 contestants have participated in U R Fired on Channel V. These are the worst employers in the world. They can’t work in any environment. [V] U R Fired calls them to prove their characters.

First Episode of U R Fired:

First episode of U R Fired introduces all 5 contestants. They are introduced to VJ Andy. He gives them a task. It was an open challenge. They had to compete with each other. Winner of this task will be sent to the next task.

It was the task of strip out. They have to strip out people shirts openly on the road. The task is won by Kashyap and Arpit.

Now, host of [V] U R Fired – Andy talks to the area manager of Loot. It was a showroom of all types of clothes and sandals. Both are hired for 3 hours. They had to irritate the manager of the showroom to get fired.

Now, the real entertainment begins. Kashyap tries to make his manager irritate by many illogical works in this showroom. On the other hand, Arpit also tries to do his best in U R Fired TV Show.

Finally, Kashyap is fired at first in the first episode of U R Fired Show. He wins today’s challenge.

Now, the time come for torture in U R Fired on Channel V. Looser had to take soup by his nose. It was the humiliating round just like Sid Vs Varun.

About U R Fired:

U R Fired is a new type of reality TV Show on Indian TV channel. It is a very unique and different type of Show just like Axe Ur Ex, Lovenet and Truth Love Cash.

Participants of [V] U R Fired have to prove themselves as the worst employees in the world. There are three rounds in each episode – open challenge, fired round and torture round.

You can watch U R Fired on Channel V every Thursday at 7 PM in India. It is a very funny and entertaining TV Show with some real tasks and irritation.

2 contestants will participate in fired round in each episode. They will make their manager anger to get fired within 3 hours. First fired contestant will be declared as the winner of [V] U R Fired in each episode.

Overall, it is another very new Show for Indian audiences. It is U R Fired: Kal Se Mat Anaa on Channel V.


bharath. said...

ur fired.....a show that makes me fired seeing it ..!!!!