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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Roomies on Channel V – [V] Roomies – Story of 5 Friends in 1 House without any Rules Introduced in Roomies TV Serial

Roomies TV Serial on Channel V
Roomies on Channel V is a new TV serial which started from 10th July, 2010. [V] Roomies airs every Saturday at 7 PM in India. Roomies introduces a story of 5 friends in 1 house with 0 rules.

Roomies Casts:

Mira Saha:

Mira Saha has just returned in India from the USA. She is a 20 year old girl. She likes photography, blogging and twitting in [V] Roomies. Mira Saha has gotten popularity as Mimi in Channel V Roomies. She is carefree, dreamer and fashionable.

Zizou Irani:

Zizou Irani is a 20 year old guy in Roomies on Channel V. He loves playing video games, checking out girls and watching movies. His pet name is Zeezu in Roomies TV serial. He is cool, materialistic and charming guy.

Jasspreet Kakkar:

Jasspreet Kakkar is also a 20 year old guy in [V] Roomies TV serial. He is slow, confused, athletic and playful. He flirts with every girl. His pet name is Jessi in Channel V Roomies TV serial.

Adityanandan Mathur:

Adityanandan Mathur is known as Adi also in [V] Roomies serial. He is a 20 year old guy in this serial. He is fond of reading and studying. He is serious, sensitive and introvert in Channel V Roomies serial.

Natasha Irani:

Natasha Irani is cousin of Zizou Irani in Roomies serial. Her pet name is Nuts. Her relationship is very complicated. She is ambitious, practical, competitive and hardworking. She wants to be an actress in her life. Nuts love acting.

First Episode of Channel V Roomies:

First episode of Roomies TV serial was an introductory episode which tells the characters, hobbies and lifestyle of all casts. Zizu’s parents left the house in the first episode. Now, he is very happy because he loves freedom. In the mean time, his friends – Nuts, Adi and Jessi come in his house.

All are facing the big problems in their existing house. So, they want to live in Zizu’s house now. But he is not ready for it. In the mid, Mira enters in Roomies serial.

She was an online friend of Zizu. He allows living her in his house. Now, all friends are anger. Finally, Zizu allows all to live in his house in Roomies on Channel V.

Now, the time come for adjustment. No one wants to adjust with each other. This was the biggest problem for Zizu. In the end of the first episode, all adjust with each other.

We watched the character of Friday also who is a servant in Zizu’s house. Overall, first episode of [V] Roomies was a good initiate for the serial.

About [V] Roomies:

Roomies is the first fiction Show on Channel V. It starts from 10th July, 2010. It is a weekly Show which airs every Saturday at 7 PM. Roomies serial is a story about 5 friends who live in a house without any rules.

Roomies on Channel V is a youth oriented TV serial from the Bloody Cool research. The Show tries to introduce variety of issues like career conflict, dating dilemmas, life style and relationship that the youths are facing today.

Roomies is a one hour weekly show, instead of a daily. The cast of Roomies TV serial is fresh. Roomies stars are Nakul Grover, Nidhi Oza, Mrinal Dutt, Suzana Mukherjee and Smaran Sahu.

Suzana Mukherjee was seen in Roadies and Basera on NDTV Imagine also. Each episode of Roomies TV Show is featured by some issues which are relevant to youngsters. Roomies Show has a story about five college friends staying together in one house and their lives.

You can win a Blackberry also watching [V] Roomies. You just have to answer 3 simple questions about the Show. Official website of Channel V will choose 3 lucky winners. So, participate in [V] Roomies contests and win a Blackberry.

[V] Roomies is sponsored by Uninor. It is the best Show based on youth and youngsters. The Show leads the new thought of new generations. It is very contemporary serial like Mahi Way and Dil Mil Gayye.


kapoorkrishna477 said...

dude i saw ur 1st show 2day...
n i found it 2 be mind blowing
i will do tell evry youngster 2 watch it

Shubham Bhatnagar said...

Amazing Show... :) ^_^

..KD said...

I cant explain my feelings in words. There r no words 2 say anything. Its awesome. I jst lv dis show. Specifically, nuts. She is too good. I ws very happy 2 9 tht aadi hs fallen in lv vd nuts. M unable 2 watch evry episode still whnevr i get chance, i nvr miss it..
Love You Roomies..

Anonymous said...

roomies rocks
i can do anything to watch an episode of roomies
it's the best
it is associated with the life of every youngster
i wish if i could meet atleast one roomie

ARJUN said...

i love to watch roomies...
i can do anything to this show
i dont miss any show of roomies
my dream is to be part of this show i daily pray to be part of this show.....its an amazing show...i dont know what i have to do to be a part of tjis show....i ll pray until i succed

piya said...

hey ppl can nebdy tel me whts d real name of adi??

cham said...

Roomis Rocks Amazing Show.......

NIKITA said...

i luv roomoies..its awesum..i started watching it recently..it rocks..its mind blowing..it represnts all da feelings of an adult-teenager..btwn da age of 19-20...i ve' no wrds for da serial jst...wnt 2 say dat dis is an awesum show....n every1 must watch it....!!!

BoRn tO PaRt said...

I WANNA C MEERA N ZIZOU AS A COUPLE.....................

rohit said...

roomies r mindblowing.......

Imon said...

Roomies is fantastic show.....! A must wtch! I luv Meera!

He said...

i loveeeeeeee zizou!!!he is dam cute,hot lovr this show plzz continue

rishabh said...

this is a best show i ever see it is awesome

hansa said...

ROOMIES is just amazing ,awsum,and fascinating show
i luv watching it
NUTS nd MIRA luks wowie
ZIZOU nd FRIDAY r cute
jessi luks little confused
but i luv ADI he's great nd vry gud lukin

parth said...

I Luv 2 watch "Roomies" very much.
Plz do start it again, i m missing it very badly.

Meera,Nuts and Jessi are my favourite 1.

aksh doshi said...

its amazing show.plz start again

Ankit said...

its amazing show.plz start again

shyam gupta said...

Roomies r mind blowing