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Saturday, July 3, 2010

India's Magic Star – Star One India's Magic Star – Magical Talent Introduced in Magic Star on Star One

India Magic Star on Star One
India's Magic Star is the first magical reality TV Show on Indian television. Star One India's Magic Star starts from 3rd July, 2010 at 8 PM every Saturday and Sunday. You will watch magical talent in Magic Star on Star One.

India's Magic Star Host:

India's Magic Star host is Karishma Tanna. She has gotten huge popularity from Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Now, Karishma Tanna is back in Star One India's Magic Star as a host.

India's Magic Star Judge:

India's Magic Star judge is Jackie Shroff. Jaggu Dada is India’s most popular Bollywood actor. Now, he has gotten a position of judge in Magic Star on Star One.

India's Magic Star Mentors:

India's Magic Star mentors are SAC Vasanth and Rajat Narasimhan. Each will lead 1 team in this Show. All magic and stunts of Star Magic will be performed under Vasanth and Rajat Narasimhan.

India's Magic Star Contestants:

Anchal Girdharilal Kumawat:

Anchal is a 17 year old illusionist. She has performed many stage shows. She belongs to Bajor, Rajasthan. She is a participant of India's Magic Star on Star One.

Atul Mahadeo Patil:

Atul had started magic shows at the age of 7. He has performed many magical shows on the illusions and conjuring. He belongs to Mumbai. Now, Atul is a contestant of India's Magic Star TV Show.

David Abhijit Nobo:

David belongs to Kolkata. He has performed many magical shows on the theme of conjuring, close-up and escapism. Now, David is a participant of Magic Star on Star One.

Kruti Parekh:

Kruti’s birth place is Kolkata. Now, she is a Mumbai girl. Kurti has also shown her magical talent to perform stage illusions, conjuring and close up. Now, Kruti has decided to show her magical talent on Star One India's Magic Star.

Rahul Kharbanda:

Rahul has performed more than 200 shows in schools and over 500 shows for corporate and multi-national companies. Now, Rahul will reveal his magical power on Star Magic Show.

Rajesh Kumar:

Rajesh is a 17 year old boy from the city of Ludhiana. He is a very talkative and confident guy. Rajesh has participated in India's Magic Star to reveal his magical talent to the world.

Sooraj Singh:

Sooraj belongs to Kolkata. He has also performed many magical shows. Now, Sooraj is a participant of India's Magic Star on Star One.

Suhani Shah:

Suhani is the most talent girl on the stage. She has performed many magical shows. Now, Suhani has participated in India's Magic Star Show.

Tejas Malode:

Tejas belongs to Bangalore. He is the master of magic. He has performed many magical shows on very different themes like close up, stage, street, escapology and mentalism. Now, Tejas is a contestant of India's Magic Star.

Uday Jadugar:

Uday belongs to Mangalore. He is the oldest contestant in India's Magic Star on Star One. Uday left home at the age of 18.

Total 10 contestants have participated in Star One India's Magic Star. They are divided into two teams - Vasant's Dragon and Rajat's Eagle. Both teams have 5 contestants. The teams will be mentored by Vasant and Rajat.

First Episode of India's Magic Star:

First episode of India's Magic Star on Star One was an introductory episode. All 10 contestants showed their magical talent in this episode. Suhani, Atul, David, Kruti and Rajesh performed from the team of Vasant's Dragon.

Sooraj, Uday, Rahul, Anchal and Tejas performed from the team of Rajat's Eagle. First episode of India's Magic Star is hosted by Karishma Tanna. All performance was based on the drama, dance and acting. The episode introduces great entertainment along with magic and illusion.

About India's Magic Star:

India Magic Star is a new magic reality TV Show on Star One. The Show has tried to uncover the magical talent in the country. It aims to choose India’s magic star. For it, 10 magicians will show their skills on the various forms of magic - stage magic, street magic, illusions etc.

India Magic Star on Star One will introduce difficult, daring and dazzling magic acts every week. The magical act will be mixture of magic, glamour and entertainment.

You will watch a theme or a story through the performance of magicians in India Magic Star.

India Magic Star magic reality TV Show is inspired by the most popular Show - Guinness World Records Smashed on AXN.

India Magic Star on Star One introduces great mystery along with entertainment. It is a reality TV Show where you will watch some magic with the real performances. It is far better than Seven and Shree.

We already have watched some illusions of Ugesh Sarcar 3rd Degree Street Magic on Bindass TV. Star One India Magic Star is a stage Show where 10 magicians have participated to become India’s Magic Star.

India's Magic Star on Star One is a very new type of reality TV Show on Indian television after dance, comedy and singing Shows.

Magic is nothing but an art. Illusion is a part of the magic. It is not beyond the real world. But it is really beyond to us because we don’t know about it. Magic Star is a competitive magical reality TV Show where contestants will perform to be India’s Magic Star.

India’s Magic Star is divided into two parts – Saturday and Sunday. All constants will perform in the episode of Saturday. 4 lowest performers will be sent into danger zone in the episode of Sunday. Finally, 1 lowest contestant will be eliminated in this episode.

Each week one magician will leave the stage. Winner of India’s Magic Star will be declared in the grand finale of the Show. India’s Magic Star winner will be called India’s Magic Star. The Show is sponsored by Cadbury Gems.

You can watch India's Magic Star TV Show on Star One every Saturday and Sunday at 8 PM in India from 3rd July, 2010.


nahida said...

I love magic show that's why I never miss the show. it is really great and good show for every age of people.but i have to say something about Anchal performance regarding decision to out her from the show. Master magician mr. vasant intelligently taught the audience about magic by his critic remarks and finally influenced the decision of audience in Anchal magic performance so she lost the game.audience do not have knowledge about magic technic.they only give marks on the basis of enjoyment,mistry of the magic and for the presentation of the performance.so master views should be taken after audience poll otherwise every time someone will suffer.after all audience have been given power of judgment not to master.mr vasant himself felt his mistake and he tried his best to compensate Anchal by asking her autograph but it is not enough.she should be given one more chance to make justice with her.

Harshil said...

Bring ANCHAL back. She should not be quiet from the show. Plz Bring her Back

Director said...

I am A K Shah from Dhaka, Bangladesh, a professional magician. I watch the reality show on Magic Star telecast by Star One regularly. I can not understand why Anchal was eliminated in the last episode, though her tricks were old but presentation was nice and modern. I hope she will be back and it’s my earnest request. Like other participants Anchal suffered from same kind of influenced judgment by Mr. vasant. The remark should come out after the decision because audience are not magically literated and being influenced by the remarks of master vasant. Audience only can judge the apparent performances of the participants and unable to understand inner magic tricks. Why choreographer is absent in the show as judgment, they should be added like other programmes. I hope this magic programme will last a long and will continue because this is unique. My other request is that authority should think about participation of Asian countries magician in this vast programme.

drnadahalli said...

I feel sorry that a few contestants took it to heart & commented unnecessarily against the magic guru Franz harare,
He is there to guide,not jump into unnecessary controversies.What Franz tells is true.
I just wish that indias magic star can do better than the American illusionists,Just! since if anyone has any doubt,pls visit AXN & see programme on great Illusionists or on Cris Angel or Mondo magic.

Dr.Nadahalli Ravi

rational said...

Tch..Tch... I was expecting it to be a really good show.. but all the producers of the show are fooling people by using editing techniques...now thats no talent..well a bit of talent for editing if u might call that.. should have better known as editing talent instead of magic star..I feel sorry for the "magicians" as they have nothing to showcase with all that editing bits and how do they get "points" is beyond me for the act which is purely "edited" for the so called illusions with a "live" audience? (if there was one..) I am sadly unhappy about the the channel bringing such "silly" stuff to viewers..please take lessons from other production houses from channels such as AXN and the magic shows shown there..BTW there are some(very few) acts in STAR ONE magic star which are good enough in the show but sadly most of them cut and paste..!!!