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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yamaha Dreamride – Bindass Yamaha Dreamride – Action-packed Biking Reality TV Show Dreamride Introduced on UTV Bindass

Yamaha Dreamride on UTV Bindass
Yamaha Dreamride is a new reality TV Show on UTV Bindass. Bindass Yamaha Dreamride starts from 31st May, 2010 at 10 PM in India. Dreamride is an action-packed biking reality TV Show on UTV Bindass.

Yamaha Dreamride Host:

Yamaha Dreamride host is Siddharth. He was earlier seen in Bindass Street Dance and Sid Vs Varun Do Kaminey. Now, he is back in Bindass Yamaha Dreamride as a host.

Yamaha Dreamride Contestants:

Yamaha Dreamride chooses 9 couple contestants. They are called to participate in Yamaha Dreamride on UTV Bindass.

Himani and Himanshu

Ekta and Rahul

Olinda and Gagan

Sanwara and Shreya

Gazel and Vinay

Tripti and Karan

Preeti and Jeet

Aryman and Kripa

Tashu and Her Partner (Name missing)

All 9 couple contestants participate in Dreamride to complete their dream of being a rider on the TV Show.

First Episode of Yamaha Dreamride:

First Episode of Yamaha Dreamride on Bindass TV starts with rescue mission. Each contestant has to rescue their partner within 5 minutes. They get a clue to search their partner. All 9 contestants rescue their partner on the time. All are selected for Bindass Yamaha Dreamride.

All contestants get the keys of a bike. But there were only 7 bikes. They had to try their keys to start the bike. Only 7 contestants get the place to participate in this Show. Two contestants are eliminated from the first episode of Bindass Yamaha Dreamride - Himani-Himanshu and Tripti-Karan.

Now, Bindass Yamaha Dreamride Show starts with 7 couple participants. All contestants have to perform some adventurous and dangerous tasks in this Show.

About Yamaha Dreamride:

Yamaha Dreamride is a new reality TV Show with action-packed biking stunts just like Fear Factor Khatron Ke Khiladi Level 2. The Show starts on 31st May, 2010 on UTV Bindass at 10 PM.

Bindass Yamaha Dreamride is an adventurous reality TV Show with 7 couple participants. The Show has taken a shape just like Roadies 7, Splitsvilla 3 and Truth Love Cash.

Dreamride Show is an adventurous journey Show which is based on the “ride-hard or die-fast”. It is a biking fanatics Show. The Show revolves around rescue-based grueling tasks.

Bindass Dreamride has specialty of putting biker couples together for the first time on Indian television.

Bindass Yamaha Dreamride winner will be awarded by Yamaha FZ. The Show is based on the biking skills. The 7 couple contestants will travel for a 12 days period across locations. They will spread out over a 10-part reality series.

Yamaha Dreamride on UTV Bindass is a youth oriented reality TV Show. The Show has tried to attract Indian youth towards the adventurous tasks and the glamorous participants. Watch Yamaha Dreamride on UTV Bindass every Monday at 10 PM in India.


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