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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Horror Nights – Horror Nights on Star One – New Set of Horror Series Introduced in Star One Horror Nights

Star One Horror Nights

Horror Nights is a new TV series on Star One which starts from 22nd May, 2010. Horror Nights on Star One starts with the conclusion of Sssshh... Phir Koi Hai. New set of horror series have been introduced in Star One Horror Nights.

Curse of Mirrors Episode:

The story starts with a newly married couple. They buy an old apartment in Mumbai. Their life was very smooth until one day when they invite their friends over for dinner. They impressed by the spacious house and immaculate antique furniture.

There was a unique mirror also in the house. If a person sees himself in the antique mirror, he sees his own image in a completely different personality.

The episode Mirrors on Horror Nights starts with four friends – Vishal, Leena, Kunal, Maya and Ramona. All friends are over the dinner in the house of Vishal and Leena. A light is irritating them. Mona asks to repair that.

In this process, Kunal happens to see an antique mirror. Now, strange things starts happening to him. In the mid, they leave Vishal house. But due to the damage of their car they return to the Vishal’s house.

This night Maya also sees herself in the antique mirror. Now, both are captured by their own ghosts. They try to harm others.

Now, a “Kam Wali Bai” gets work in this house. She understands the whole situations. She tries to convince Leena in Horror Nights on Star One.

In the sequence, Vishal also sees the antique mirror. Now, he convinces Leena to see the antique mirror. He plays hide & seek game with her.

On the other hand, Ramona is attacked by Maya and Kunal. They eat raw meat also. Their faces are scary. Both are just like a ghost.

Now, “Kam Wali Bai” suggests Leena to meet a professor. She goes to meet the professor with Ramona. The professor comes to the house and find out the problem. He explains the cause behind the mirror.

According to him, the mirror was used in 19th century by the English ruler during the punishment. The mirror was shown to the criminals during hang them. In the 20th century, the mirror was an antique object in Nagpur Museum.

Finally, it was stolen and sold to the Mumbai Chor Bazar. The mirror keeps a photo copy of those people who see in it. The photo copy tries to take place of the real person.

Now, the time was for a solution. He gives some holy water and a stone to Leena. Ramona promises her to help in this task.

In the final stage, Ramona also turns into a ghost in Mirrors episode of Horror Nights. She also denies helping her. Finally, Leena throws the holy water on all of them. She throws the stone to break the mirror. She does everything perfectly. All friends are back now. But Leena sees the mirror a second before of breaking it. Curse of Mirrors episode ends in Star One Horror Nights but curse of Leena doesn’t end.

The episode of Horror Nights TV serial airs on 19th and 20th June on Star One. The series producer is Anuradha Gakhar. It is produced by Television Next.

Rajesh Ransinghe and Randeep Shantaram Mahdik is director of Mirrors Episode on Star One Horror Nights. Vandana Kathpal is creative director of this Horror Nights TV serial.

Alok Mishra is the head of post production. Shakil Ansari is director of photography of Horror Nights on Star One for the Mirrors episode. Background music has been scored by Sanjay Dhakan. Art director is Pulak Nath. Story, screenplay and dialogue of Mirror episode of Horror Nights serial has been introduced by Mukul Srivastava. However, story plot has been suggested by Raj Vasant.

The episode brings scary night for viewers. Background scenes, music, dialogues, make-up and effective characters are able to introduce the effective horrors in this episode.

About Horror Nights:

Star One is back with a new set of horror series in a unique avatar. It is titled as STAR One Horror Nights. The Show comes with various production houses that break the monotony and give viewers a chance to enjoy episodes with different conceptual and technical treatment. You will watch freshness to every episode in Horror Nights.

You will watch different stories in Horror Nights on Star One spanning across two episodes which will air every Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 PM in India.

Horror Nights TV series change our prospective. It introduces horror on television that is really scary and scrappy. Horror Nights series are complete treat for a horror connoisseur.

Horror Nights on Star One introduces a completely different world of myth which is scary and fearing just like Aahat and Shree. The world is beyond the reality and real stuffs. It is the world of ghosts. But the ghosts of Horror Nights are not very similar to Kahaniya Vikram Aur Betaal Ki.

All episodes of Star One Horror Nights are based on soul and ghosts. The ghosts appear in a dark night to create horror and scary night.