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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sarvggun Sampanna – Sarvggun Sampanna on NDTV Imagine – Sarvggun Sampanna New TV Serial has a Story about a Perfect Girl

Sarvggun Sampanna on NDTV Imagine
Sarvggun Sampanna is a new TV serial which starts from 11th May, 2010. Sarvggun Sampanna on NDTV Imagine is aired every Monday to Friday at 7 PM in India. New TV serial - Sarvggun Sampanna has a story about a perfect girl.

Sarvggun Sampanna Characters:


Swara is a very simple and innocent girl in Sarvggun Sampanna. She is a good dancer. She has a good voice also. Her family is depended on her dance. Swara is perfect in every sense. She is the female protagonist of Sarvggun Sampanna on NDTV Imagine.


Manjula has acted as Swara’s mother in Sarvggun Sampanna TV serial. She has only dream to see her daughter settle down with a simple nice person. She is good-natured woman and mother in Sarvggun Sampanna serial.


Parshuram has acted as Swara’s father in Sarvggun Sampanna TV series. He is a nice and happy go lucky man in this serial. He has also a dream in his life to see his daughter settle down.

Anna Saheb, Nandani, Bhargavi, Dipti and Aditya Raje are also the leading characters of Sarvggun Sampanna series. Sarvggun Sampanna casts are very proper in their role and story.

Sarvggun Sampanna Story:

Sarva Gunn Sampanna story is set in Kolhapur. Whole story of Sarva Guna Sampanna revolves around Swara who is a well known theater dancer. She is the only child of her parents.

Swara and her parents work in a theatre group which does stages in the small town of Maharastra in Sarva Gunn Sampanna on NDTV Imagine.

Swara’s parents don’t want to see her as a dancer. They want to see her settle down with a nice guy. Finally, their wish seems to be completed when they get a rishta from one of the most respected families in Kolhapur.

Story of Sarvggun Sampanna introduces a new life for Swara when she becomes the Bahu of the most respectable and esteemed family of Kolhapur - The Deshmukh Family.

Swara is accepted by every member of the house including her husband – Aditya. In the process of Sarvggun Sampanna story, Swara’s past and background catches up with her and the fact of her being a "Lavni dancer" opens up in front of her in-laws.

Now, the story of Sarvggun Sampanna introduces a struggle to rebuild her life in the family.

First Episode of Sarvggun Sampanna:

First episode of Sarvggun Sampanna starts with an average house where a woman is busy in her daily chores. It is the first day of New Year. Sawara arranges all the things of her house very properly. She has arranged medicine also for her father. She is very responsible and caring girl.

We watched a fair in the local village in the next scene of Sarvggun Sampanna on NDTV Imagine. Sawara has come in the fair. She sees bangles, Bindi etc. but doesn’t like anything. Finally, she buys a cage of parrots and frees them.

On the other hand, Janadesh news channel has come to Anna Sahab’s house in Kolhapur. His two brothers and daughter-in-law also participate in the interview. His elder son was not there. He is Aditya Raje.

Today, he has gone to the fair to participate in the competition of “Bailgadi”. He wins the race. He is still unmarried. Her mother is looking for a perfect Bahu for him. The Bahu should be very responsible and caring. She should be perfect and Sarvggun Sampanna.

The episode of Sarvggun Sampanna on NDTV Imagine ends with the program of Navrang Tamasha Party.

About Sarvggun Sampanna:

Sarvggun Sampanna TV Show is the new creation of Balaji Telefilms Limited. It is a story of a simple girl – Swara. Balaji Telefilms has produced path-breaking Shows on the Indian Television such as - Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi etc. Recently, Balaji Telefilms has introduced the most successful Shows - Bandini, Pavitra Rishta and Bairi Piya.

Sarvggun Sampanna Show introduces regional effects of Maharashtra. The serial has introduced regional characters, language, life situations and life style of Maharashtra.

Character of Swara is very similar to Agnipariksha Jivan Me Ganga and Jamunia. NDTV Imagine has tried to fill its existing slot of 7 PM with Sarvggun Sampanna. The serial will be able to compete with Saathiya. Some new serials on NDTV Imagine – Devi and Kashi have not gotten good popularity. So, the channel has decided to introduce Sarvggun Sampanna serial with regional effects such as Pratigya and Yeh Pyar Na Hoga Kam.

Sarvggun Sampanna on NDTV Imagine is directed by Deepak Chavan and Hemant Prabhu. The serial is produced by Balaji Telefilms Ltd. in association with Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor. Concept of the serial has also been introduced by Ekta Kapoor.

Sarvggun Sampanna is the story of Smt. Swara Raje Deshmukh, a perfect bride. The serial has tried to introduce the regional effects with dresses, languages and life style. Sarvggun Sampanna derives from Hindi word. It is used for perfect Indian Bahu. It shows the perfection. Perfect is English meaning of Sarvggun Sampanna. Watch Sarvggun Sampanna on NDTV Imagine every Monday to Friday at 7 PM in India.


Haider said...

I heard that this is an excellent drama and more over the story is similar to a drama launched more then 10 years from now.I would be grateful if some one could give me a feedback on this.

Shilpa Jain said...

I watch this serial regularly. It is excellent in all its sense. All the characters played are doing a fabulous job, especially Aditya Raje, his mother and Swara. I want to know the characters original names and their bio.....