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Friday, May 7, 2010

Monk Season 8 – Monk Season 8 TV Series on Star World from May 5 in India

Monk Season 8 on Star World
Monk Season 8 is an American police procedural and comedy drama Television series based on Mr. Monk. Monk Season 8 TV series is a comic touch of its principal character – Monk. Monk Season 8 starts on Star World from 5th May, 2010 in India.

Monk Season 8 Characters:

Tony Shalhoub:

Tony Shalhoub has played the character of Detective Adrian Monk. He is a brilliant detective despite his obsessive compulsive disorders. His main ambition in his life is to solve the case of his wife’s murder.

Jason Gray-Stanford:

Jason Gray-Stanford has played the character of Lieutenant Disher in Monk TV series. He is Monk’s former boss and partner in the series.

Traylor Howard:

Traylor Howard has acted as Natalie Teeger in Monk Season 8 TV serial. She is Monk’s personal assistance in this serial.

Monk Season 8 TV Show is created by Andy Breckman. Monk 8 serial casts are very comic along with their professional life.

Monk Story Theme:

Adrian Monk was a brilliant detective for the San Francisco Police Department until his wife death - Trudy. She was killed by a car bomb in a parking garage. Her death led Monk to suffer a nervous breakdown.

Monk has numerous compulsive habits and a number of phobias compound his situation such as his fear of germs.

First Episode of Monk Season 8: Mr. Monk's Favorite Show

The episode starts with a bookstore where Monk and Natalie are waiting for a booksigning for Christine Rapp. She is a former child actress. She is releasing a new biography to tell about the show. The Cooper Clan is very important to Monk as a child.

Next day, as Christine starts her car with the remote, it explodes. On the other hand, Monk buys the one copy of the book. However, the shop owner is there to inform them that the signing has been cancelled because of the bomb attack.

This time, Monk interferes himself in the case. He gets ready to work as Christine’s bodyguard in this episode. He goes Christine’s home and watches a DVD of the show while Christine watches him recite the lines he’s memorized.

Suddenly, Christine screams. They go running and find that the killer has left a warning on her mirror.

Now, Monk and Natalie examine the mirror. The handwriting on the mirror matches the threatening letters that Christine received.

The next day, Natalie plans to surprise Monk. She arranges a DVD of The Cooper Clan and his childhood snacks. During the Show, Monk realizes that the handwriting matches the handwriting on the letters and the mirror

Now, Monk and Natalie go to Timlinson’s apartment to find out some evidence. Here, they get an enveloped but Christine comes out of the closet and knocks him out. He is unconscious but dreaming the whole process of the case. Finally, Monk wakes up and grabs Christine.

About Monk Season 8:

Monk Season 8 is the final season. The series finale of Monk set records as the most-watched. The finale season brought in 9.4 million total viewers. Universal Studios Home Entertainment has released the Monk on DVD also. Monk TV series from seasons 1–8 are also available on iTunes.

Monk Season 8 starts on Star World from 5th May, 2010 in India. It is one of the most popular detective TV Shows on the small Television. Monk Season 8 introduces some interesting episodes with humor and comic just like Castle.