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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Keshav Pandit – Keshav Pandit on ZEE TV – Keshav Pandit Insaaf Ka Ek Rakshak New TV Serial Establishes the Holiness of Law

Keshav Pandit on ZEE TV
Keshav Pandit is a new TV Serial which starts from 15th May, 2010. Keshav Pandit on ZEE TV is aired every Saturday at 8:30 PM in India. New TV serial - Keshav Pandit… Insaaf Ka Ek Rakshak establishes the holiness of law among the common people.

Keshav Pandit Casts:

Keshav Pandit

Sarwar Ahuja has played the character of Keshav Pandit in Keshav Pandit on ZEE TV. He is a Robin Hood in the modern time whose weapon is law. He knows the Indian law is more than that of any lawyer and he often twists it around to get justice for the innocents. Sarwar Ahuja is earlier seen in Jyoti as Pankaj. Rajat Tokas has played the character of younger version of the lead role of Keshav Pandit.


Via Roy Choudhury has played the character of Sayra in Keshav Pandit TV serial. She is the daughter of Jailor Khan of Tihar jail. She is a beautiful and emotional girl. She is silent lover of Keshav Pandit. She is a doctor by her profession. Sayra’s medical opinion helps Keshav Pandit in solving criminal cases.


Zubin Dutt has played the character of Mangal in Keshav Pandit serial. He is Keshav’s best friend. He is a simple and good-natured guy with an enlightened soul.

Sony, Dharam Shashri, Juneja and Dayasankar are also the leading casts of Keshav Pandit TV series. Leading characters of Keshav Pandit are very appropriate in their situation and role.

First Episode of Keshav Pandit:

First episode of Keshav Pandit on ZEE TV starts with Pavitra Rishta. A businessman had brought an order of the court to establish a building in the area of Manav’s house. Finally, Keshav Pandit comes to help them in this situation. It was an advertisement of Keshav Pandit TV serial by Pavitra Rishta serial.

Keshav Pandit on ZEE TV begins with central jail where jailer and his colleagues are sad. Everyone has a soft corner towards Keshav Pandit. Today, he will be released from the jail.

Jailer’s daughter – Sayra comes with Tiffin. She has also a soft corner towards Keshav Pandit. She brings meal for him.

In the next scene, Keshav Pandit helps Vinod who wants to kill Daya Shankar. Vinod’s father was killed by Daya Shankar. Keshav Pandit promises Vinod that he will help him by the law.

In the next scene, Keshav Pandit narrates his childhood story to Sayra. His childhood name was Madhav Shastri. He was the son of Dharam Shastri. He belongs to Allahabad. He has a sister and a mother in his family. Sony is his best friend. They share all emotions together.

Soni’s father – Juneja wants to capture his house. He was a bad man. Further he kills his own wife. Madhav tries to send him jail. He was an innocent guy. Juneja wins the case by his money power.

In the next scene of Keshav Pandit on ZEE TV, Juneja plans to kill the Shastri family. One night, Juneja enters into the Shastri’s house with some goons. He assaults the family and kills Madhav’s mother.

Only Madhav is alive in his family. He goes to the police station with video recorder. But police is also against him. Finally, he goes to kill Juneja but Soni comes in this situation. She was not ready to accept that her father is a killer. Finally, Madhav leaves Allahabad. He is in a train. Ticket checker asks about his ticket but he had not the traveling ticket. Finally, he changes his name as Keshav Pandit. He is sent to the jail for six months for without ticket traveling.

After that time, Keshav Pandit travels without ticket in each six months. He is sent to the jail each time. He reads almost all the books of law in the jail.

After 10 years, he is ready to go out forever. Finally, he decides to arrange suitable punishment for Juneja. He leaves for Allahabad with Sayra.

About Keshav Pandit:

Keshav Pandit on ZEE TV is based on the best selling novel – “Keshav Pandit” authored by Ved Prakash Sharma. Keshav Pandit gets punished for a certain crime in childhood. He reads all the books of law. Now, his main weapon is his mind power and knowledge. He is not a lawyer. Despite it, he is the strongest fighter against crimes and criminals by the law. No one dare to stand against Keshav Pandit in the court room. His main aim is to help the downtrodden and the needy.

Keshav Pandit TV Show is very different from Keshav Pandit historical man. Keshav Swami Purohit who is known as Keshav Pandit or Keshav Bhat Pandit was a historical man. He was a Rajpurohit of Chhatrapati Shivaji. He was a Sanskrit scholar and poet of his times.

Keshav Pandit Show is based on Ved Prakash Sharma’s novel – “Keshav Pandit”. Both characters are different. The serial has taken the character and story of Ved Prakash Sharma’s novel.

Concept of Keshav Pandit series has been introduced by Ekta Kapoor. The serial is produced by Balaji Telefilms LTD. in association with Shobha Kapoor and Ekta Kapoor. Keshav Pandit on ZEE TV is directed by Santram Verma and Paritosh Painter (Santupari).

Keshav Pandit is the second series of Ekta Kapoor in this week after Sarvggun Sampanna.

Keshav Pandit TV Show establishes the holiness of law in the modern society. The serial tries to introduce the rules and law among the common people. Everybody should honor and feel proud towards the law.

Keshav Pandit on ZEE TV touches some aspect of real cases also. The serial introduces some data also about Indian pending cases. About 40 lacs cases are pending in India.

Keshav Pandit serial searches the best society and men in the existing society by the law. Common people should faith on the law. It is Keshav Pandit… Insaaf Ka Ek Rakshak (protector of the law). CID and Powder already have tried to establish the strongest aspect of Indian law among the common people. Now, Keshav Pandit on ZEE TV has been introduced as the Robin Hood of poor and innocent guys.


deepali said...

hi keshav i love ur serial
i know agar koi tumhare jaisa is desh mein aa gaya to lakhoan keses clear ho sakte hein.
keep it up
and this is my request is serial ko band mat karna

Darisha said...

Hi Ahuja or keshav pandit..i love your acting so much....M danisha from fiji and i dont ever miss any of your programmes ...i like your character in Joyti. you are just fantastic and mindblowing. have you ever visited Fiji? by teh way i love your hair style and yes your smile too he he he..... pls if i could have your email address i'd be the happiest woman on earth!!! you should act in boolywood films and beat those show off satrs like salman and askshay and i pray theat one day i will see u in one of the bollywood movies..well wen i will come to Indai i would love to meet you personally. hope u wont mind. ok bye my friend and pls email me at darisha02@yahoo.com