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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Castle – Castle TV Series – Castle on Star World from May 3 in India

Castle on Star World
Castle is an American witty and murder mystery drama television series based on Richard Castle’s novel. Castle TV series start with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. It is produced by ABC Studios. Castle starts on Star World from 3rd May, 2010 in India at 10 PM.

Castle Characters:

Nathan Fillion:

Nathan Fillion has played the character of Richard Castle in Castle. He is a handsome, charming, mystery-solving and mystery writer in this serial. Richard Castle is a well known mystery novelist. He has everything - fame, fans and females. He comes under the suspect of NYPD Detective Kate Beckett when a real world copycat murderer starts staging murder scenes from Richard’s novels in Castle TV serial.

Stana Katic:

Stana Katic has played the character of Kate Beckett in Castle on Star World. She is a detective in NYPD department. Kate Beckett is a very smart, honorable and hard working lady in NYPD.

Ruben Santiago-Hudson:

Ruben Santiago-Hudson has played the character of Cpt. Roy Montgomery in Castle TV series. He is Kate Beckett's boss in this serial. He always admires her determination and diligence.

Jon Huertas:

Jon Huertas has played the character of Detective Javier Esposito in Castle series. He is Kate Beckett’s colleague in this serial.

Tamala Jones:

Tamala Jones is seen as Dr. Lanie Parish in Castle serial. She is a medical examiner by profession in this serial. She is Kate’s close friend also.

Molly Quinn:

Molly Quinn has acted as Alexis Castle in Castle on Star World. She is Castle’s teenage daughter. She seems more mature and responsible than her father.

Susan Sullivan:

Susan Sullivan has played the character of Martha Rodgers in Castle TV Show. Martha Rodgers is Castle’s protective mother. She lives with her son and granddaughter.

Seamus Dever is also one of the leading casts of Castle TV series. Castle casts are very appropriate in their roles and story.

First Episode of Castle: (Flowers for Your Grave)

“Flowers for Your Grave” was the first episode of Castle TV serial on Star World. The episode starts from Richard Castle who is a well known novelist. He has everything in his life. Women are the biggest fan of him. It was the time of Richard Castle “Storm Fall” novel.

During the story, Kate Beckett is informed for a murder investigation. The style of murder was a copy from Richard Castle’s novel. A lady was killed by someone. She was covered with roses and two sunflowers are on her eyes. It was the case of flowers for your grave. Now, Richard Castle is questioned by Kate Beckett about the murder mystery.

Soon, they are called for another murder case. It was also a mysterious case. Murderer has used the same concept of Richard Castle’s novel. A lady was killed in swimming pool by a knife.

This time, team of Kate Beckett is informed about the suspect. They catch the guy in a gallery of his house.

Despite it, the problem was not solved. Castle was under the tension. He tries to share his experiences with Alexis Castle. But she handles him as a mature girl.

After some time, Richard Castle is hands cuffed by Kate Beckett. But his mother - Martha Rodgers was ready to help him.

Now, Castle decides to help himself. He talks Cpt. Roy Montgomery about the mystery case.

Anyhow, they find that Harrisson is convict. Kate Beckett takes a search warrant by a judge. They reach at his house. But he was trying to escape. Castle is cuffed by Kate in the car. They enter into Harrisson house. Anyhow, Castle frees himself and runs to catch Harrison. “Flowers for Your Grave” episode of Castle TV series ends with Harrisson arrest.

About Castle:

Castle is a well known comedy drama TV series created by ABC Studios. It is Police procedural comedy-drama series. Castle series is created by Andrew W. Marlowe.

Castle on Star World is a 1 hour humorous drama series based on famous mystery novelist – Richard Castle who helps the NYPD department to solve the crime. Richard “Rick” Castle “Storm Fall” is the bestselling mystery novel.

The serial starts with an investigation by the New York City police department when the victim of a murder matched the description of a victim in one of his novels. Castle TV series is inspired by some shows like “Rockford Files” and “Moonlighting”.

Richard’s free approach and romantic style always clashes with Beckett’s conservative approach.

Castle Season 1 starts on Star World in India from 3rd May, 2010 at 10 PM. It is one of the best entertaining Shows that introduces murder of mystery. Comedy and humor comes naturally in this serial by the act of Castle. Conservative thought of Beckett’s make the serial more interesting.

Castle is an interactive TV Show just like CID. It is the most popular TV Show in the USA and Canada. Currently, Castle Season 2 is aired in some selected country only. Overall, Castle is one of the best romantic comedy and mystery drama series on small television.


prajkta said...

hey its a too good serial...

monu said...

Castle is reali awesome.. I lik te way he tries to impress beckett..

prajkta said...

plzzz tell mi when it will start again...

rishi said...

what happened to series castle??????any news anything?????

rajeena said...

what happen to castle?when will it start again.plzzzz start the series again.

prajkta said...

hey good news ...castle is coming again... from this 17th...

Rishi said...

yes. Its the best serial I had ever seen. I watched all the repeatations also. I am crazy to see Stana Katic again.Actually I see only Stana Katic's beautiful face. Her every action makes me mad.

suhail said...

i think at the moment gopi has leave that house and Aham , abhi boring lagane laga hai ye sub kuch jaan kabhi anjan ban rahi , koi kisi or ke liye itna kiun kare, or Gopi kahani kahi or se shuru hona chahiy means k usse same kind family but Aham se acha acha pati mile fir se Rashi ko jalan ho, or gopi bahut wo husbend bahut kuch sikhaye or pyar kare ye uske karam ka phal mile,

admirer said...

After F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Prison break this is the only tv series that i find interesting enough.. Great show.. love the characters castle, beckett, ryan and esposito.. I ve seen the first and the third season.. dying to see the second season..