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Monday, May 17, 2010

Bitto TV Serial – Bitto on Sahara One – Bitto New Serial Introduces Social Prejudice of Class and Caste

Bitto on Sahara One
Bitto is a new TV serial which starts from 17th May, 2010. Bitto on Sahara One is aired every Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM in India. New serial - Bitto introduces social prejudice of class and caste of our society.

Bitto Casts:


Pallavi Gupta has played the character of Bitto in Bitto on Sahara One. She is a young and simple village girl. She has simple dream in her life. She is shy and timid. Bitto belongs to the lowest cast in this serial.


Rajjo has played the character of Bitto’s sister in Bitto TV serial. She is outspoken. Rajjo has fiery temperament. She is very opposite from her sister. Rajjo loves much her sister – Bitto.


Fulmatiya is the mother of Bitto and Rajjo in this serial. She is caring mother in this serial.


Harilal has played the character of Fulmatiya’s husband. He is the loving and caring father of Bitto and Rajjo.

Rama Shankar Patwari, Trilok, Rudra Pratap Singh, Mishra Ji and Village Pradhan are also leading characters of Bitto serial. Bitto casts are divided into their class and caste status in this serial.

Bitto Story:

Bitto story on Sahara One revolves around the problem of class and caste system. The serial is set against the backdrop of social discrimination in a village in Uttar Pradesh. Bitto is a tale of domination by the upper castes on the lower castes.

Bitto TV series is a story of a lower caste family who struggle for survival. The serial has described the poorness of the family just like Rukmini’s family of Kesariya Balam Aavo Hamare Des.

Bitto series has tried to touch the emotions of human being and exploitation of lower castes. The serial theme is based on the feudal society. It is the story of a backward village where society is divided into two parts – the upper castes and the lower castes.

Bitto on Sahara One is based in a village of Uttar Pradesh. The serial introduces the biggest aspect of racism in our society. Exploitation of the poor by the rich is very similar to Jeet Jayenge Hum. The serial has tried to introduce the face of our society after the independence.

First Episode of Bitto:

First episode of Bitto on Sahara One starts from a small village of Uttar Pradesh. It is Dakhin Tola. It is a part of the village. Only lower castes people live here. The people of Dakhin Tola is very discourage due to the rain. Now, everyone is dependent on the government funds.

In the next scene of Bitto TV serial, some women are busy in animal worship. Rajjo takes the fruits without permission. She resists not eating the fruit animals. She took all the fruits and enters into her village to feed the poorest guys.

On the other hand, Fulmatiya tells her situation Harilal in Bitto serial. She needs permission to work for the survival. Harilal is not ready to allow for this. He doesn’t want to send her daughters on the work. He knows the reality of upper castes.

Bitto has gotten a work to clean the stairs of temple of the village. She will get some food in returns of the work. She was only allowed to clean the stairs. Pandit restricts her entrance in the temple.

In the next scene of Bitto on Sahara One, Trilok with his siblings is entering in the temple. Suddenly, he lost his balance. But Bitto helps him. Now, Bitto had no way to escape. She is untouchable in the village. Anyhow, Rajjo reaches there and control the situation.

Indian government sends some funds for the villagers. Village Pradhan is very toughest guy. He orders to distribute only some Killos of Wheat. In the distribution of Dakhin Tola and Badka Tola, Bitto’s family doesn’t get anything.

Bitto and her family have not eaten anything today. Rajjo gives her a Laddoo. They share some dreams also. Rajjo had a dream of a government hand pump in front of her small house. Late night, Rajjo goes out from her house. Bitto follows her. She sees a very amazing scene. She finds the love of Rajjo and Trilok. However, their love was impossible in this society just like Do Saheliyan.

About Bitto:

Bitto on Sahara One is a very unique TV serial in the modern society. It is a social serial on Indian Television. The serial name is based on the name of female protagonist of the serial just like Jyoti, Meera, Ganga, Jamunia, Geet and Pratigya.

Rohit Malhotra is story writer of Bitto TV serial. Director of the serial is Suraj B.K. Rao. Bitto on Sahara One is produced by Abhimanyu Singh and Roopali Singh (Contiloe Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.). The serial has introduced the social issues of our society. It touches the theme of remnant of feudalism. Dialogues, background scores, scenes, and characters of Bitto serial are very appropriate in the story.

Bitto TV Show tries to tell us about the high temperament of class and castes in our past society. The serial draws a very clear division in our society between upper castes and lower castes just like Kaashi.

The serial raises many questions also for the civil society. It has introduced two worlds – the poor and the rich, the upper and the lower. The serial introduces a tale of struggle of a class. Is the society god gifted or man mad? Should it changed or not? Will Bitto change it? Watch Bitto on Sahara One every Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM in India to know more about the struggle of life in the social prejudice of class and caste.