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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Truth Love Cash – Truth Love Cash on Cannel V – A Game Between Love and Money in [V] Truth Love Cash

[V] Truth Love Cash
Truth Love Cash is a new reality TV Show on Cannel V in India. Truth Love Cash on Cannel V is aired every Saturday at 7 PM. A game between love and money is introduced in [V] Truth Love Cash.

Truth Love Cash Host:

Yudi is the host of Truth Love Cash. Yudi introduces [V] Truth Love Cash reality TV Show as the host.

Truth Love Cash Contestants:

[V] Truth Love Cash participant couples are:

Vinit and Arsila

Navneet and Ajay

Chandrani and Hafeez

Sumit and Karishma

Vishakha and Satya

Praveen and Jogita

Hamida and Jamil

Truth Love Cash on Cannel V reality TV Show has introduced total 7 couple contestants. They are true couple in their real life.

First Episode of Truth Love Cash:

Firs episode of [V] Truth Love Cash begins with 7 true couple participants. They participate in the Show with their real life’s couples. This is the game TV Show so; they had to perform a task.

In the first task, every girl had to use chocolate on their chicks. They had to urge people to leak the chocolate from their chicks. In the return they can take money from them.

On the other hand, every guy had to earn cash with their partners. They will earn money in the return of people’s slaps.

In the task, each couple is handcuffed with each other. They had to perform the task only in 30 minutes on a beach.

Winner of the task is declared on the basis of more earning. Highest cash earner is declared winner of Truth Love Cash on Cannel V in this episode.

The task is won by Vishakha and Satya in Truth Love Cash. Ajay and Navneet are declared as the second highest earner of the TV Show. The lowest earner of the task – Chandrani and Hafeez are eliminated from the Show.

Finally, 6 couples reach in the house of TLC (Truth Love Cash). House of TLC was well furnished, decorated and well designed with garden, lawn and beautiful ground.

First day in the house of TLC, all couples get a small party. In the party, Yudi again enters and talks about a secret temptation.

On the basis of the earning, Yudi gives them an amount in their cash account such as – first winner gets Rs. One lakh and second winner receives Rs. 75 thousands.

In the secret temptation, first and second highest earner had not to participate. So, they are sent into secure zone.

Sumit, Praveen, Vinit and Zamil are sent for the secret temptation in [V] Truth Love Cash. They were insecure contestants of the Show.

Finally, Anisha is introduced as the temptation of the Show. She had highest amount of cash. If any insecure guy chooses her to team up, he will be second highest earner with her in TLC TV Show. All four guys spend a night with her. Anisha tries to intimate with all four guys.

Finally, all four guys meet in temptation zone. From here one girl or one couple was to be eliminated. All four insecure guys had to choose either their love or cash in the temptation ground. At last, all guys choose their love.

In the consequence of Truth Love Cash first episode, Hamida and Jamil are eliminated from the temptation ground. In the end, Anisha also joins 5 remaining couples of TLC Show on Channel V.

About [V] Truth Love Cash:

Truth Love Cash is one of the 7 deadly Shows on Channel V in India. Campus Top 10, Deadly Dus, [v] R Family, School of Cool, Lovenet and Bollywood Nonsensex have already been introduced in the series of 7 deadly Shows on Channel V.

Truth Love Cash is a game TV Show where true lovers have to choose either cash or love. Participants of TLC on Channel V enter into the Show with their couples but to survive in the Show they have to prove themselves the top earner.

Truth Love Cash winner will be declared in the end of the Show who will have the highest amount of cash. During the Show, participants will get task to perform.

During the performance, contestants of TLC would have to earn cash. Truth Love Cash on Channel V is all about cash and love.

Truth Love Cash is one of the biggest reality TV Shows in India targeted to Indian youth just like Splitsvilla. Participants of the Show can ditch their love also, if they want to earn more money. Concept of Truth Love Cash TV Show is very similar to Splitsvilla 3.

If you will choose cash, you cheat your love. On the other hand, if you will choose love then it may be you get eliminated from Truth Love Cash Show. So, it is very hard to survive in the Show with your partner faith. The Show also tries to find out partners loyalty just like Emotional Atyachar.

Everything has a price, even love according to Truth Love Cash reality TV Show on Channel V. What is the most important part in our life – love or cash? If you want to know, watch [V] Truth Love Cash every Saturday at 7 PM in India.

Truth Love Cash has introduced a very good format to entertain us. Task of the Show is really very enjoying. Game of TLC reality TV Show is also very interesting and new to us. Watch a game between love and money in [V] Truth Love Cash.


Nawaz said...

It was a wonderful game....I like it..

rajesh said...

I really wish vinit and arshila wins the show... they make a good pair and look really cute with each other....

Sandeepan said...

unique type of show

anam said...

i wish satya and veshaka wins

Candy Lashes said...

da format of da game from the begining was that da couple vd da least amount in dere account on da temptation ground will leave tlc.....therefore it shldnt b changed n no powers shld b given to any ov da member

aneesh said...

I think this show should win vinit.Because only one man play for wining the game. I wish all the best to vinit. I AM ALSO LIKE HIM and also don't look WHAT GIRLS THINKING and keep DUMB GIRLS

rubbia_angel23 said...

bring anesha muzzamil back.....dy were da real charm ov tlc....
being da real life partners ov da contestnts vn arsilla n jovita got a 2nd chance dn ajay should also b given a 2nd chance n ajay should have replaced rohit in da last episode

munib.99 said...

muzammil anisha is the best pair in tlc and all other are ass holes

amar said...

I wish vinit and arsila wins but vinit once again ditch her, bt its ok i love arsila now no matter who wins, i also lyk vinit bt he hurts arsila always, i watch dis show only for arsila, nw anyone wins no matter.

prathna said...

sumit it is jst fr u .i know dat u r in rilasn wid karishma bt wat can i do i m jst being mad in lv wid u plz help me out evrytym i m in thought of u al my wrk wid stdis are going low plz help me out i m jst dying 2 mit u and talk 2 u plz man kuch 2 kro yar i asure u dat i'll change myself truly vo 2 main ho hi gayi hoon

Roshni said...

I LOVED ANISHA N MUZZAMI. n i really hate vinit. he is a ravan of kalyug. what he thinks of himself. ditching every partener is a cheap technique.

gabriell said...

anesha muzzamil tey wer the best,tey played the game well but jst soo unlucky wish tey wuld be bught bak..vinit is a douche bag dont noe wat he thinks so him self...jst bring bak anesha n muzzamil guess the show is no fun to watch without them espicially anesha u rock.....

gabriell said...

anesha muzzamil tey wer the best,tey played the game well but jst soo unlucky wish tey wuld be bught bak..vinit is a douche bag dont noe wat he thinks so him self...jst bring bak anesha n muzzamil guess the show is no fun to watch without them espicially anesha u rock.....

amit said...

vinit is best as compared to evry one in the show.and the TRP of the serial is mainly due to vinit only.he is the twist of the game.hope he should win the game VINIT ROCKS...............

Guide said...

Anisha n muzzamil were good..bring them back.i hv stopped watchng d show after thy left!

Anonymous said...

anisha n muzzamil...were fab..!!!
both of dem luked so cute...
by god!!!..they both r juz amazng..
frm d vry 1st..i wntd dem 2 win d game(show)..nw lets c who wins....
hope 4 d bst..:):):):):)

anusha said...

wat d ffffffffffff u guys make sure the guys whom u wan to win by makin twists n turns

gitu pappu said...

truth love cash is a horrifying serial. must be banned.
today night i just watched one young man getting beaten up he yelling his guts out. its horrifying. is india going downslide just to make money playing gimmicks inflicting pain on itself just for money. its horrifying.
gitu pappu

vicky said...

hiii,this iz amit frm india n i want to to enjoy the lovenet serial

liza said...

i juzzz love to watch diz t.v show itz so awesum
awesum game awesum show
keep goin it

shaan said...

I like most this show TLC 1 And 2 Both are good. But I think I miss TLC 1 Player ..
Vinit & Arsila
Navneet & Ajay
Sumit & Karishma
Vishakha & Satya
Muzzmil & Anisha
Praveen & Jogita

Vinit is now Tlc2 lets See