Indian Idol 5 – Indian Idol Season 5 – India’s Biggest Singing Talent Show Indian Idol 5 on Sony TV Starts from 26 April 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

Indian Idol Season 5 on Sony TV
Indian Idol 5 is a singing talent TV Show in the sequel of Indian Idol. Indian Idol Season 5 is a musical reality TV Show on Sony Entertainment Television. India’s biggest singing talent Show – Indian Idol 5 on Sony TV starts from 26th April, 2010 at 9 PM in India.

Indian Idol 5 Hosts:

Indian Idol 5 hosts are Abhijit Sawant and Prajakta Shukre. Abhijit Sawant is the winner of Indian Idol Season 1. He was the participants of Asian Idol also. He came on third place in this Show. In Indian Idol Season 5 on Sony TV, Abhijit Sawant has gotten a chance of being host of the Show with Prajakta Shukre.

Indian Idol 5 Judges:

Indian Idol 5 on Sony TV is judged by 3 judges - Anu Malik, Sunidhi Chauhan and Salim Merchant. All judges have already proved their talent in Indian musical world. Anu Malik is the most consistent judge of Indian Idol. He participates in Season 5 also.

Indian Idol 5 Auditions:

Indian Idol 5 auditions were held in five cities of India - Kolkata, Delhi, Indore, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Indian Idol 5 2010 auditions are currently closed. In the auditions, candidates had to carry an identity card for proof of age and identity along with 1 passport size photograph plus 1 full length and 1 frontal photograph.

Indian Idol Season 5 Auditions Venue and Date:

Indian Idol Season 5 auditions place and date had been confirmed by an advertisement and an SMS or call.

Kolkata Audition – 3rd March, 2010

Delhi Auditions – 9th and 10th March, 2010

Indore Audition – 15th March, 2010

Ahmebadad Audition – 19th March, 2010

Mumbai Auditions – 23rd and 24th March, 2010

Indian Idol 5 Rules & Regulations for Auditions:

Indian Idol 5 Participants age group should be between 15 years to 30 years as on 1st February, 2010. Participants, who are below 18 years on the date of Auditions, must be accompanied by their natural/legal guardian. Contestants of Indian Idol 5 should know Hindi language because the Show auditions will be held only in Hindi language. Participants of Indian Idol 5 should be a citizen of India and of Indian origin.

Indian Idol Season 5 Registration:

To participate in Indian Idol Season 5 auditions, interested candidates had to register themselves through phone calls or SMS. Online registration for Indian Idol Season 5 was not an option. Candidates had to dial 5052525 or SMS to 52525 writing IDOL to register for an audition in Indian Idol 5.

First Episode of Indian Idol Season 5 on Sony TV:

First episode of Indian Idol 5 on Sony TV starts with Delhi auditions. More than 50 thousands contestants had participated in the auditions. Saira Banu was the first participants who faced judges of Indian Idol Season 5. She got selected.

Deepali Sahay visits Allahabad to select some good contestants for Indian Idol 5. In this series, Anu Malik also visits Rohtak to select participants for Delhi auditions.

First episode of Indian Idol 5 was really very interesting on Sony TV. Most of the contestants had participated in the auditions to show themselves.

Indian Idol 5 on Sony TV chooses some good contestants also in Delhi auditions. They are called for Mumbai.

About Indian Idol Season 5:

Indian Idol Season 5 is the series of the most popular musical reality TV Show – Indian Idol. The Show is inspired by American Idol. It was started in 2005. The Show has aired its 4 season successfully.

Indian Idol was started in the search of playback singers for Indian film industry. In February, Sony Entertainment Television announced about its 5th season. Indian Idol 5 on Sony TV searches “Desh Ki Awaaz”.

Indian Idol Season 5 on Sony TV gives people of India the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. The Show gives its contestants to become “Desh Ki Awaaz”.

Winner of Indian Idol 5 will get a chance to a recording contract with Sony BMG. Indian Idol Season 5 winner will be awarded by worth Rs 1 crore by Sony Entertainment Television.

Indian Idol 5 on Sony TV introduces two new judges - Sunidhi Chauhan and Salim Merchant. Indian Idol 5 results will be declared in the grand finale of the Show.

Indian Idol Season 5 is also based on the voting system. Winner of the Show will be declared on the basis of highest voting.

In the 5th Season of Indian Idol, the Show searches a perfect playback singing voice. In its previous seasons, the musical Show was in the search of a complete package; a perfect mix of voice, looks and the "X factor".

The Show revolutionizes the form of reality TV Show in India. First time, the Show got the biggest response from audiences. It was the best musical reality TV Show in India. Popularity of the Show was helpful in creating many new musical reality TV Shows such as - Mega Challenge, Little Champs 2009, IPL Rockstar and Music Ka Maha Muqabla.

Indian Idol 5 winner also get a career opportunity in the musical world just like its previous winner contestants. Previous winner of the Show had gotten the biggest popularity across the world.

Watch Indian Idol Season 5 on Sony TV every Monday to Thursday at 9 PM in India. The Show starts from the auditions process. First episode of Indian Idol 5 on Sony TV starts from today on 26th April, 2010. The Show replaces the timing of Jeet Jayenge Hum and Sukh By Chance.

Name of the Show is based on India’s icon or hero. So, the Show searches an Indian who may prove himself the best in music. The person is recognized as idol of India in musical world. Till now, the Show has produced many playback singers for Indian film industry. Motive of the Show was also based on finding some best singing talent for the Bollywood.

Indian Idol Season 5 on Sony TV also continues all the goals and purpose of the Show. The Show is back with its biggest canvas. Indian Idol 5 on Sony TV starts with a very new concept to search a “Desh Ki Awaaz”. The Show starts with the concept of “Karoro Me Ek Awaaz, Banegi Desh Ki Awaz.”


CHIRAG said...

indian idol5 now bcomin political show,wats the fuck these ppl doin by giving chance for rakesh to sing 2songs while other two got only one chance….very true poltics..wat say??

Sreeram must b the Indian idol..Rakesh is a pun !!

Sriram rocks…awesome singing….. and RAkesh totally sucks…singing the same old stuff …..dude if u got balls try something different …..dont say MUMMY DADDY STUFFF ON TV……

Vote for SREERAM to 52525 He is the only contestant who sang perfectly in all auditions While Bhoomi has made many mistakes and Rakesh sings only romantic songs,old stuff well when compare to Sreeram. Sreeram has various vote for sreeram.

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