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Friday, March 26, 2010

Lovenet – Channel V Introduces Internet Love as Lovenet Reality TV Show

Lovenet on Channel V
Lovenet is a dating TV Show on Channel [v] India. Channel V introduces internet love as Lovenet reality TV Show. Lovenet Show gets inspired by Emotional Atyachar. The Show is aired every Friday at 7 PM in India on Channel [v].

26th March episode of Lovenet begins with Punit Sodhi. He is 24 years old guy. He is doing MBA in Pune. He has been chatting on net Disha for last 6 months. Now, he decides for a Date with her by the Show.

On the other hand, Disha and Naina are friends. They live together. They also decide to Date Punit by Lovenet TV Show.

The episode is hosted by Alisha and VJ Manish. Alisha goes Pune with Disha and Naina to know more about Punit before the Date.

On the other hand, VJ Manish goes Mumbai with Punit Sodhi to know more about Disha before real Dating.

At first, Alisha, Disha and Naina meet some guys who were familiar with Punit. They try to get know about Punit. These guys gave them only negative information about Punit.

On the other hand, VJ Manish and Punit meet Lata Ji. They also try to know about Disha. Lata Ji gives some information about her but that was not positive.

In the meeting, VJ Manish and Punit meet Sonya and two other guys also to get know more about Disha.

On the other hand, Alisha, Disha and Naina also try to collect some more information meeting a supervisor about Punit. They consult in a dancing center also.

Finally, girls enter into boy’s hostel to watch out the lifestyle of Punit by Lovenet Show. They find a basket of eggs, a wine glass, a bleach box, a bottle of mustard oil and a dirty bathroom from Punit’s room.

On the other hand, Punit and VJ Manish also find some unexpected things from Disha’s room such as – a dirty kitchen, an Almirah with full of clothes and some vegetable with fungus.

After these investigations, they decide to go on a Date. Before the Date from the Lovenet on Channel V, they already have exchanged their images. They had chat a lot with each other.

Now, Disha and Punit meet face to face on the Date. Punit asks something about Disha’s relationship but she denies telling him. She denies telling anything about the matter. Punit gets anger.

After some times, Disha decides to introduce Naina. She was a surprise for him. Finally, they reveal their secret to Punit.

Naina was as familiar as Disha with Punit. Disha had been talking on phone. On the other hand, Naina had been handling chat. Naina was hot and Disha was spicy.

These things make Punit more anger. He says “Moti Bhains” to Naina. Finally, the Online Dating turns into a great fight and fraction. Anyhow, Alisha and VJ Manish, host of Lovenet on Channel V manage the situation.

Finally, Disha and Punit decide to move on their relationship on Lovenet Show.

About Lovenet:

Lovenet is a Dating TV Show on Channel V India. The Show converts chatting love into reality TV Show to fix a Date. Before going on a Date, host of the Show investigate with the participants about themselves.

Lovenet on Channel V tries to bring the reality of internet love. The Dating TV Show is very unique and tries to introduce the reality of chatting love.

In the recent time, internet love is very common. We already have seen many internet loves that turns into weddings. Lovenet on Channel V tries to Show how people cheat each other on Internet. The Show introduces essence of love also.

Lovenet is just like Love Guru. Lovenet Show is Dr. Love that suggests right things for both parties for a Date.


diwan_walia said...

alisha is very cute

Adhish said...

hi alisha u r looking too good , ur curly hair bringa a good personality in u

Amstech fire said...

media should not get it slef invovled in this sllly issues of this kind of lovenet Ur guyz (media) are the 4 th judicary of the constitution please fouce urself on Socio Economic and Finnacial remforms neverthless than goinf behind this issues

swapnil said...

hi m swapnil 4m mumbai.

amit said...

hiiiiiiiiii my self amit 4m roorkee

Sunil said...

Alish is really a cool customer to deal with and more than that VJ Manish is cute and handsome.

I really like him.

bemyvictim said...

hii m nikhil..a cool dude with a hot attitude..serchn for sum1 spl..ne gul out der..cn wrte 2 me..waitn for u'll...

rohit said...

hiiii i am ROHIT
FRM Nagpur..
Lovnet is a very great and reality show..it is very good fr those people whose r doing chat on net..//than love etc
i very like it.
manish is so cool
alisha is so hot..

Deepika said...

Hieeeeeee this is D for Dashing and Dynamic Deepika.
I really follow the show and in the show where the gal was twinkle Oh my God Kanishk was so so good.He really managed to continue the date even though he was in Shock mode at that time seeing twinkle.Wink wink...
Manish u really rock mannnn

vishal said...

hi,priyal how r u my love i hope u r very well.i love u priyal once again...

vishal said...

i........priyal how r u my jaan.........i love u darling

Shree Ganesh Exports said...

me vishal gupta, want to join ur show can u tell me how i can join
my contact no. is

niketan said...

niketan singhaniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..hi mosttt like ths episode ..i see all episode and i also like chthng with net .. u mansh u kul and u partner hotyy

suresh said...

love ya lovenet----
i just love the show nd just crazy for it---