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Saturday, March 13, 2010

IPL Rockstar – IPL Rockstar on Colors – IPL Rockstar Music Ka Tadka is a Musical Reality Show

IPL Rockstar on Colors
IPL Rockstar is a new musical reality TV Show which starts on 13th March, 2010. IPL Rockstar on Colors is aired every Saturday and Sunday at 7 PM in India. IPL Rockstar Music Ka Tadka is a musical competitive reality TV Show just like Music Ka Maha Muqabla.

IPL Rockstar Host:

IPL Rockstar TV Show is hosted by Hard Kaur. Hard Kaur’s birth name is Taran Kaur Dhillon. She is an Indian rapper and hip hop singer. She has sung a song as playback singer in Hindi films also. Hard Kaur is recognized as the first female Punjabi rapper. Finally, Hard Kaur has returned as the host of IPL Rockstar on Colors TV.

IPL Rockstar Judges:

IPL Rockstar has formed a team of jury. Sukhwinder Singh and Kailash Kher is the jury member of IPL Rockstar on Colors.

IPL Rockstar Participants:

IPL Rockstar participants are divided into two parts – A and B.

IPL Rockstar contestants of group A:

Amit Paul

Harshdeep Kaur

Sandeep Acharya

Sumedha Karmahe


Mohammad Irfan

IPL Rockstar contestants of group B:

Arnab Chakraborty

Rahul Saxena

Antara Mitra

Reecha Tripathy

Aishwarya Nigam

IPL Rockstar participants have already proved their talent in the musical world. Now, they have participated in the Show to prove themselves as the best to the audiences.

IPL Rockstar Concept:

Musical Show - IPL Rockstar Music Ka Tadka has taken the same name of Indian Premiere League which is associated with Cricket competition. IPL Rockstar Music Ka Tadka on Colors has chosen the name to explore the theme and concept of the Show.

IPL Rockstar music Show will try to attract country's sporting passionate youngster also to entertain just like Indian Premiere League. The Show will try to introduce the spirit of cricket and the glamorous world of Bollywood and entertainment.

IPL Rockstar on Colors introduces a music competition in the stadium. IPL Rockstar 2010 starts with twelve talented singers. The Show introduces franchise owners also just like IPL Franchise owners.

IPL Rockstar format is surly new in the era of musical reality TV Show.

First Week of IPL Rockstar:

First episode of IPL Rockstar Show starts from 13th March, 2010. The Show was held in Mohali. IPL Rockstar introduces two Shows each week – Saturday Rockstar and Sunday Rockstar.

In the Saturday Rockstar, 6 contestants performed their singing talent. They were judged by the Show judges and finally a singer is eliminated who obtains lowest scores.

It is Rockstar TV Show, so there was only rocking songs in this Show. In the background, dance performance had also arranged. Finally, Irfan is eliminated from this Show this week.

In the Sunday Rockstar, Amit Paul is eliminated. So, get ready to watch another performance of IPL Rockstar next week on Colors in a new stadium.

About IPL Rockstar:

After the great success of Saregamapa Mega Challenge 2009, Little Champs 2009 and Indian Idol, now Colors has taken the initiative to introduce a new type of musical Show - IPL Rockstar Music Ka Tadka.

IPL Rockstar is the biggest reality TV Show on Colors just like Big Boss 3. The Show introduces passion of cricket and love of music.

Overall, IPL Rockstar is an average musical reality TV Show. There is camera effect, lighting effect and background dance rather than effective singing performance. The Show is not so great as its name.


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