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Friday, March 12, 2010

Gutur Gu – Gutur Gu on SAB TV – Gutur Gu TV Serial Introduces Silent Comedy on Indian Television

Gutur Gu on SAB TV
Gutur Gu is a new TV Serial on SAB TV which is aired on Friday at 8:30 PM in India. Gutur Gu on SAB TV is a very unique TV series on Indian Television. Gutur Gu TV serial introduces silent comedy on Indian Television.

Gutur Gu Casts:

Balu Kumar:

Mr. Balu Kumar is the leading protagonist in Gutur Gu. He is a simple and innocent guy. He lives with his parents. He loves his neighbors also along with his family.


Cheeku is an aggressive and rebellious guy in Gutur Gu on SAB TV. He always creates trouble in his neighborhood.


Dadi is the oldest member in the family in Gutur Gu TV serial. She is loved by all. She is an energetic and protective lady in the family.

Harpreet Singh:

Harpreet is an aggressive and angry man with the great muscle without intellect in Gutur Gu serial. Harpreet is a wrestler by his profession and loves his bike much.

Jay Kumar:

Jay Kumar is Balu’s father in Gutur Gu TV series. He is an ex-army officer. He has an autocratic personality in this serial.

Mrs. Babita Kumar:

Babita is Jay’s wife in Gutur Gu TV Show. She is a typical Indian mother who loves her son and daughter-in-law.

Mrs. Smita Kumar:

Smita is Balu’s wife in Gutur Gu Show. She is a manipulative yet loving wife. She is very particular about her looks.

Pappu The Maharaj:

Pappu is the resident cook in Gutur Gu on SAB. He cook delicious recipe and he has a great dream about being an international body builder.

Gutur Gu characters are very unique in producing a comic series very silently. Gutur Gu casts are really very appreciating in their characters and roles.

Gutur Gu Story:

Gutur Gu story is based on Balu who is simple, innocent and super enthusiastic person. He stays with his family. His grandmother is as manipulative as loving and his wife is as demanding as caring.

Gutur Gu story proceed with a new series of situational comedy in each episodes. In every episode, a series of incidents and confusions that follow in everything that Balu does.

Harpreet is his neighborhood who is a bodybuilder. Harpreet always beats Balu. However, Balu always tries to turn the situation in his favor. Cheeku is the real trouble creator in Gutur Gu.

Recent Episode of Gutur Gu:

Recent episode of Gutur Gu TV serial starts with a shoe shop where Balu goes to buy a unique shoe. Comedy of this shoe shop was also very unique. Balu buys a very unique shoe which was made with doubled.

He returns and tries that in his room. It was very difficult to wear this. So, he keeps that in a box.

In the next scene, Captain Jay enters into the room and tries to wear the shoe. He was also unable to walk wearing this. Now, his wife comes and tries to help him.

On the other hand, Harpreet comes with Cheeku to clean his motor bike. Anyhow, Cheeku runs away from there and enters into Jay’s house. Cheeku uses all the things of this house. Now, the house is just like a cartoon. In the mid, Papu enters in the room and a great fight starts between Papu and Cheeku.

In the next scene of Gutur Gu, Captain enters into his room and thinks that all things are done by Balu.

Finally, Balu’s wife throws the shoe outside the house. The shoe falls on Harpreet. He gets faint. Cheeku comes and tries to makes him awake.

Harpreet also thinks that this is done by Balu. So, he catches him and decides to punish. Anyhow, Balu’s family tries to maintain the situation in their favour.
Overall, this episode of Gutur Gu serial was wonderful. Comedy introduced in a series of incidents in this episode.

About Gutur Gu:

First time on SAB Television a silent comedy Show is introduced by facial gestures and antics of the characters. Gutur Gu is a series of comic which introduces something new in each episode. The serial includes neither dialogues nor sounds.

After a popular series of CID and Aahat, now B P Singh has tried to introduce a very unique comic series on SAB TV by Gutur Gu. The serial is directed by Prabal Barua. The serial has tried to touch the footstep of Charlie Chaplin and Mr Bean.

Gutur Gu revolves around a series of unique phenomenon. The serial is being known as path breaking show on Indian television.

We already have watched a sign of silent comedy in Shree Adi Manav also. Now without sound and dialogues, Gutur Gu introduces the best comedy on SAB TV with facial gestures.

Gutur Gu Show has gotten the biggest popularity in very less time just like Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, Lapataganj, Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai, Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo and Maniben.com.