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Monday, March 8, 2010

Godh Bharaai – Godh Bharaai on Sony TV – New TV Serial Godh Bharai Raises Social Issues of Sterility

Godh Bharaai on Sony TV
Godh Bharaai is a new TV serial on Sony TV which starts today on 8th March, 2010 on the occasion of Women’s Day. Godh Bharaai on Sony TV is aired every Monday to Thursday at 7:30 PM in India. New TV serial Godh Bharai raises some social issues of sterility of our traditional society.

Godh Bharai Casts:

Aastha Agnihotri:

Pallavi Subhash has acted as Aastha Agnihotri in Godh Bharai. Pallavi Subhash was last seen in Basera as Ketki Sanghvi. She is very caring and loving wife and daughter-in-low. She has been married for last 5 years but till now she has no children.

Shivam Agnihotri:

Shakti Anand has played the character of Shivam Agnihotri in Godh Bharai on Sony TV. He is also idealist son and caring husband in this serial.


Mohit Malik has played the character of Bharat in Godh Bharai TV serial.


Aanchal Dwivedi has played the character of Meena in Godh Bharai series.

Ramakant, Gaurav, Bhagyashree and Kavita are also leading casts of Godh Bharai on Sony TV.

Godh Bharai Story:

Godh Bharai story theme is based on sterility. The serial is based on an issue of sterility which is faced by childless women in our society. Godh Bharai story tries to establish women as women rather than a Beti, Patni, Bahu and Maa. It is a story of a young woman who has all that life has to offer except a child.

Godh Bharaai on Sony TV revolves around the absolute woman. In our society, women can’t be absolute women before being a mother.

First Episode of Godh Bharai:

First episode of Godh Bharai on Sony TV starts with the worship of Radha Krishna. Ramavatar and his son - Shivam sing a Bhakti song in the early morning. People say about Shivam that he is just like the Ram.

On the other hand, Shivam’s mother is in the hurry to take a cup of tea. She asks Aastha. In the mid, Badi Bahu enters into the room. She tries to show herself modern. Shivam’s mother asks her to call Aastha.

Today is anniversary day of Aastha and Shivam. Shivam wish his anniversary day to Aastha in a very romantic style.

To see their romance, Badi Bahu also tries to ping her husband who is still on the bed. Bulbul is ready to go school.

Today, all have to go Nupur’s house in the ceremony of Nirmala’s Godh Bharaai. There is a big ceremony in the house of Nupur. Every women wish Nirmala to her good health.

Finally, Aastha goes to give her bless. But she is stopped because she has no child. She has been living her married life for last 5 years but till now she has no baby.

About Godh Bharai:

Godh Bharai TV Show introduces some social issues of our traditional society just like Balika Vadhu and Devi which is not contemporary with our modern society.

Godh Bharai is a religion ceremony which is celebrated by Hindu in almost all part of the country. In Bengal the ceremony is known as Shaad, in Kerala it is called Seemandha and in Tamil Nadu it is Valakappu. Godh Bharai ceremony is done when a pregnant woman has completed seven months of gestation. Meaning of Godh Bharai is “fill the lap”.

Production House of Godh Bharaai TV serial is Sphereorgins Multivision Pvt. Ltd. Overall, the serial raises social issues of sterility. Each casts of Godh Bharai TV serial are very proper in their story and situation.


SAMEER said...

everyday i saw this show because pallavi is my heart and definitely pallavi as always rocking in the show and show also very appreciable.....