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Monday, February 8, 2010

Behenein – Behenein New TV Serial – Behnein on Star Plus Introduces New Family Drama about Bonding among the Sisters

Behnein on Star Plus
Behenein starts from 8th February, 2010 on Star Plus. Behenein new TV serial is aired every Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM in India on the same time of Tere Mere Sapne. Behnein on Star Plus introduces new family drama about bonding among the sisters in Indian family.

Characters of Behenein:


Alisha Khan has played the character of Purva in Behenein TV serial. She is the eldest sisters among all four. She is the very responsible and mature girl in this serial who cares her sisters.


Shiju Kataria has played the character of Smriti in Behenein. She is nervous and lacks of confidence. She is more pampered girl. She is married before her elder sister, Purva. She is extremely innocent in Behenein serial.


Adaaa Khan has played the character of Akashi in Behenein on Star Plus. She is the most beautiful among all the siblings. Akashi has proud on her beauty. Mirror is the best friend of her in Behnein.


Ojaswi Oberoi has played the character of Anokhi in Behnein TV serial. She is the fun loving and youngest sister in Behnein on Star Plus. She is the best dancer also. Dance is her passion.

Mr. Sevantilal:

Darshan Jariwala has played the character of Mr. Sevantilal in Behnein serial. He is a loving and caring father towards her daughters. Mr. Sevantilal is the father of Purva, Anokhi, Akashi and Smriti.

Revti Shashtri:

Shruti Ulfat has played the character of Revti Shashtri in Behenein. She is loving mother of all four daughters.

Neema Fai:

Ketki Dave has played the character of Neema Fai in Behenein TV serial. She is the elder sister of Sevantilal. She has highly respected status in the family of Sevantilal.

Amar and Veer are also the leading casts of Behenein on Star Plus. Behenein casts give a glimpse of middle class family.

Story of Behenein:

Behenein is the story of four sisters – Purva, Akashi, Anokhi and Smriti. Story of Behenein introduces progression of life and bonding among the sisters. The Show introduces their travails, their joys, their sorrows and their triumphs through their journey of life.

First Episode of Behenein:

First episode of Behenein begins with Revti who is looking her daughters. She asks about Purva. She goes into the bedroom of Purva but there she doesn’t find anyone. Now, she looks for Akashi also.

Akashi is busy in her fashion. She is busy in choosing her best dress. Her mother enters into her room and asks about Purva. Now, both go to search Purva. In the mid, they see Anokhi, who was dancing on the top floor of the building.

On the other hand, Smriti is pregnant. She is very scared. Her fear takes a form of mental problem. Smriti was to come in the Purva’s marriage with her husband.

Now, Neema Fai asks about Purva. No one knows about her. In the mid, Purva enters into her house. Now, a great conversation takes place among sisters and parents.

How Purva’s life will change? To know, watch some more episodes of Behenein on Star Plus.

About Behenein:

Behenein TV Show is produced by JD Majethia's Hats Off productions. It is a family drama that touches life style and emotions of Indian middle class family. Behenein revolves around the bonding of four sisters and their journey of life. The serial is based on the moral and ideal approach of middle class society.

Behenein Show replaces the timing of Tere Mere Sapne. However, a new reality TV Show – Mahayatra, already have replaced Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke. Now, Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajana will be replaced with Tere Mere Sapne.

Casts of Behenein TV serial create a visual aspect of upper middle class society’s living life style. Behenein is all about a family drama that introduces the bonding of the sisters.


palak said...

This is very very very interesting serial.I have very like purva's role.Well,we are also three sisters and i m elder in three.Truelly all the girls has to tried to become purva.

suchitra said...

i like poorva`s character.i being the eldest in my cousins am always busy in looking after my cousins i think poorva is just copying me and i like that

upasana said...

i can truly relate with akashi

messed4life said...

i think smriti is the best, she's just so innocent and cute lol

Reshmita Ganesh said...

Wat is Meher's real name?????(Purva didi's husband)