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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Rishta.com – Rishta.com on Sony TV – Marriage Consultancy on Sony Entertainment Television by New Serial Rishta.com

Rishta.com on Sony TV
Rishta.com is introduced on 3rd January, 2010 on Sony Entertainment Television. Rishta.com on Sony TV is aired every Sunday at 8 PM in India. YRF has introduced marriage consultancy on Sony Entertainment Television by Rishta.com new series in India.

Rishta.com Casts:

Shruti Seth:

Shruti Seth has played the character of Isha Mirchandani in Rishta.com. She is a beautiful, confident, soft and highly compassionate who is a true believer in the institution of marriage. She works in Rishta.com.

Kavi Shastri:

Kavi Shastri has acted as Rohan in Rishta.com serial. He has cool attitude and good looking face who is the partner of Isha in Rishta.com on Sony TV.

Kavin Dave:

Kavin Dave is the boss of Rishta.com institution. He is cool guy with managerial skills. He has very professional attitude in Rishta.com TV serial.

Kiren Jogi:

Kiren Jogi has acted as Ruchika in Rishta.com on Sony TV. She is very stylish and Isha is her good friend.

First Episode of Rishta.com:

First episode of Rishta.com introduces a very practical life in the current world. Isha Mirchandani is very sincere towards her life and career. She runs a marriage consultancy - Rishta.com. She offers a service by this institution to people. She becomes the medium of people’s life.

On the other hand, Rohan who also works in Rishta.com is very lazy, cool and practical. He doesn’t believe in the marriage institution. Work is very boring for his life. According to him, marriage consultancy is just like a broker.

Rohit Gupta comes in the office of Rishta.com in the search of a perfect bride for him. He was in hurry and he had only 3 weeks.

He explains a false story to the institution about his grandfather. According to him, his grandfather was suffered from cancer and he had only 3 weeks. His grandfather will expire in just 3 weeks.

Isha suggests him to fulfill all information. Rishta.com takes whole information about a client and prepares a profile. The consultancy matches the profile with other suitable clients and makes them meet together.

Now, Rohit shares his time bond and gives a check to Rohan on the name of Rishta.com. Isha was not ready to receive the check but Rohan accepts.

Now, Isha gets anger on Rohan. Suddenly, Ruchika enters in the cabin of Isha. Both are the best friend. On the other hand, Rohan is very bothered by his new girl friend, Gauri. He just ignores her but she calls him again and again.

Now, Rohan goes for a coffee where his boss already is taking a cup of coffee. Boss is very friendly to Rohan rather than a boss. He talks about the time management. He calculates that every day 650 minutes time is spent by the employee of Rishta.com in coffee. So, he has decided to make coffee arrange on the table of each employee.

A new client, Mr. Vinod Haldi Ram is introduced in Rishta.com TV serial. He is about 65 year old retired man. He has everything in his life except a life partner. His wife is no more. Before 1.6 years, his wife left the world. Now, he is in the need of a life partner.

Isha is very amazing to hear about the case. She is a little bit confused but finally she has to deal the case.

Again, Gauri calls Rohan but this time also he tells her that he is in meeting. Now, Gauri comes to him from his back and truth is very clear. Finally, she leaves him.

Isha thinks that her father is the best father in the world. According to her, her father has no interest in a life partner after his mother death that was happened before 13 years ago.

Isha tries to consult some girls but no one accepts the proposal to hear the time bond. Now, Rohan suggests her to not tell time bond. He suggests making them meet together. In this meeting, Rohit Gupta has to tell about his time bond.

Neha’s meeting fixes with Rohit. In the first meeting, both impress each other. In the meeting, Rohit doesn’t tell the truth about his grandfather. This time, Rohan suggests him to tell everything very simply. He knows that any girl, who has some interest in someone, can accept the truth.

Next day, Mr. Haldiram meets Isha and asks about his case. Isha shows a great sorrow towards him because there was no client for his match in Rishta.com center. He makes her understand and tells that any lady who is about 40 year or above will work for him. Now, Isha understands his problems and demands for some more time to deal his case.

Next day, Rohan and his boss go to play badminton. In the coffee house, Rohan sees Rohit Gupta with his grandfather. He was in hurry. Now, the whole situation of Rohit’s life comes very clearly to him.

Rohan was very angry now. He tells many practical words to Rohit. Now, he ignores to deal his case on the behalf of Rishta.com.

In the meanwhile, Neha comes in the office of Rishta.com and asks about the case. Now, Isha and Rohan had to make her understand about the reality of Rohit.

This was the very critical situation for Isha and Rohan. Both were not able to convince Neha. To hear the whole facts, Neha was very anger now. She makes a plan to charge a case on Isha and Rohan.

Suddenly, she asks about the wealth amount of Rohit. Now, everything was very clear to Rohan. He was very stuck today to deal the case. He gets emotional and says that the world is very practical and human life is also very practical.

On the other hand, Isha reaches his home and sees a new lady. She is Naina. She is a new girlfriend of his father. Today, Isha’s moral and ideal take a new turn.

Neha and Rohit get marry. Overall, 1st episode of Rishta.com serial was very practical and interesting on Sony TV.

About Rishta.com:

Rishta.com is a new series of YRF on Sony TV. The Show is based on marriage consultancy. Rishta.com on Sony TV is introduced by two contrasting individuals - Isha and Rohan Mehra. They open a matrimonial agency and try to unite the matches. Isha and Rahul encounter extreme cases and illogical requests also of their clients by Rishta.com TV serial.

Rishta.com on Sony TV is sponsored by Alpenliebe. Watch Rishta.com on Sony TV every Sunday at 8 PM in India. Rishta.com on Sony TV is written and directed by Rishab Seth. The serial is produced by Aditya Chopra.

Rishta.com TV serial is not only about the marriage consultancy but also it has a perfect story about the life of human being. Reality of life is introduced in a very real sense in Rishta.com on Sony TV. The serial is based on a domain name - Rishta.com. It is not first serial in India that is based on a domain name. We already have watched a comedy TV series which is also based on a domain name - Maniben.com.

Rishta.com is a perfect drama of our real life. What is marriage? What is love? What is ideal? What is morality? Many topics have been introduced by Rishta.com new TV serial on Sony Entertainment Television.


PRADEEP said...

hai this is pradeep I like to new serials Rishta.com and Powder, but I can see on this time because its time is very lait so plz do something for time of these serials.


Pradeep Kumar
9013310633 (sonalpradeep@gmail.com)

Raghavendra said...

Hi All, I know its very late in the night. If you miss it you can watch it on youtube. I try to watch it every week, but if I miss it I catch up on Youtube on weekend. Cheers mates

Punit Srivastava said...

I wait for wednesday now..thia is kinda serial, which I hav been waiting for ages..! I give all the credit to YRF and the Rishta.com team..!

There is no other beautiful way to define and present human relationship other than rishta.com

I wish it goes on....for ever..!

- Dr. Punit

rajveer.1802 said...

rwhen will start the rishta.com season-2 ???
plz let me know..??


Himanshu Mahawar
( himanshu.mahawar@yahoo.com)

Vaibhav said...

I just loved rishta.com , started watching for shruti but ended up liking the whole crew. i congratulate you guys the production house and the people behind this wonderful serial. i was about to complain that pls. get more episodes in a week but u guys ended the whole season . pls. start this prg. again and with the same cast.. love Vaibhav Khurana

Sanghamitra said...

dying to watch rishta.com again...loved it like anything...plz restart the prgrm as soon as possible...waiting eagerly for season2...

garima said...

i m dying to watch this serial again...its only the serial which i like more than amir khan moovies...plz restart it 4m new year..n ithink its need more advertisement...bcz most of the people did'nt know abt the serial in its 1st season...

ahsan said...

man ................ may b dat rishta.com season 2 will never b released....... bt i hope dat such happens cz da show was awsm! man it became part of my life...i got so used to it! i rly rly miss it.... hope YRF thinks abt it n hope my msg reaches dem pls YRF think abt it! dis is da best TV serial i evr wched in my lif!