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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Powder – Powder on Sony TV – Powder New TV Serial Introduces a New Aspect of Crime

Powder on Sony TV
Powder is introduced on 3rd January, 2010 on Sony Entertainment Television. Powder on Sony TV is aired every Sunday at 9 PM in India. Powder new TV serial introduces a new aspect of crime on Indian Television.

Powder Casts:

Usmaan Ali Malik:

Usmaan Ali Malik is a Superintendent in Narcotics Control Bureau in Powder. He is the most experienced and efficient officer of the NCB. He is the perfect example for his team in Powder serial.

Naved Ansari:

Ansari has played the character of big thing in the underworld in Powder on Sony TV. He is the drug lord in underworld.

Brinda Sawhney:

Brinda Sawhney has played the character of Intelligence Officer in Powder TV serial. She has gorgeous looks, stable career and comfortable lifestyle. But she wants to do something more than usual. Brinda is not an ordinary girl in Powder TV series.

Mahendra Ranade:

Mahendra Ranade has also acted as an Intelligence Officer in Powder series. He hates crime and criminals. He is young, smart, loyal friend and protector of law. His rule is very clear – an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a hand for a hand in Powder.

Leading Powder casts are Manish as Usmaan Ali Malik, Geetika Tyagi as Brinda Sawhney, Rahul Bagga as Mahendra Ranade and Pankaj Tripathi as Naved Ansari. Powder characters are very professional in their looks also.

First Episode of Powder:

First episode of Powder begins with a drug delivery which is done by Washim. He is younger brother of Naved Ansari. Washim and Rajesh are captured by Mumbai police.

On the other hand, a meeting against Brinda’s attitude is held in the office of NCB control. Everyone has a problem with the working style of Brinda. Mahendra is a very hard officer who tells her that crime is not the field of female.

This day, Mahendra and his friend capture some drugs from a beach. Now, they have planed to arrest Naved Ansari who is the head of drugs business in India. Legally, he has nothing but the whole organization is handled by him. He and his family are not involved directly in a case. Naved had started his business from garments but now he is the king of drugs business in India.

No one knows the exact location of his centre. He never involves in a crime also. So, it was the hardest work for NCB department to capture him.

Washim is a new twist in the story of Naved Ansari. Rajesh is killed in the cell already and a case of his murder takes place as suicide.

Now, NCB department takes the case of Washim from Mumbai police. Now, Naved will try to release his brother at any cost. After that, he has to shift in Karachi.

About Powder:

Powder is the production of YRF on Sony TV. Already YRF has introduced Lift Kara De, Seven, Rishta.com and Mahi Way new series on Sony Entertainment Television. Powder has been introduced with a new aspect of crime and criminals in the modern world.

Powder on Sony TV is the biggest crime serial on Indian Television. According to the serial, every year, 5 billion dolor dealing takes place in drug business in India. Every year, a Mafia earn 300 crore from the business.

Powder TV serial has tried to give some real fact of our current system also. Some police officer fight to control crime where some honorable people of our society support the crime. Powder is sponsored by head & shoulders.

Powder on Sony TV has tried to show the internal contradiction of police department or other law protector department. Basic concept of Powder TV serial is controlling of drug crime. So, watch Powder on Sony TV every Sunday at 9 PM in India.

Powder is produced by Aditya Chopra. The serial is written and directed by Atul Sabharwal.


C.M. said...

O....What an interesting and full of entertainment with production of an appreciable quality of detection of crimes and emphasizing deeply the terror in the hearts of drug mafias either to be sent behind the bars by the NCB authorities to or surrender before loyal, honest and brave officers of the Narcotics Control Bureau, and lesson full for our society, too.