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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Devi – Devi on NDTV Imagine - Neer Bhare Tere Naina Devi New TV Serial Introduces a Series of Coincidences and Blind Faith

Devi on NDTV Imagine
Devi is a new TV serial on NDTV Imagine which starts on 18th January, 2010. Devi on NDTV Imagine starts on the same date of Do Hanso Ka Joda. However, both serials are very different to each other. Neer Bhare Tere Naina Devi is based on a true story. Devi new TV serial introduces a series of coincidences and blind faith.

Devi Casts:


Hemant Pandey has played the character of Ghasita in Devi. He is a poor villager in his village like other villagers. He also faces the burden of poverty like other villagers in Devi on NDTV Imagine.


Deepali Pansare has played the character of Suhaagi in Devi TV serial. She is very simple and loyal to her husband. Laxmi is the goddess daughter of Suhaagi in Neer Bhare Tere Naina Devi.

There are many other leading casts in Devi serial but the story of the serial focuses mainly on Ghasita, Suhaagi and Laxmi.

Story Theme of Devi:

Story of Devi revolves around a girl whose name is Laxmi. She is considered as a Devi by her villagers in a series of coincidences and blind faith. Laxmi is born to a poor family. Her village is hunger for rain.

Laxmi’s father had nothing to feed her so; he decides to abandon her in the village temple. But, at the moment, god of rain smile on the village after the 3 years. Now, Laxmi is considered as the status of a Goddess. Now, she receives special care and attention as a Devi by the villagers.

Devi serial introduces a story of a village that is Chaitipur in Bundelkhand. The serial introduces harsh reality of rural India. Devi on NDTV Imagine is a story of belief and disbelief that is based on a series of coincidences and blind faith of a village.

Devi series introduces an ordinary girl’s life who is branded as the reincarnation of Goddess and the savior of the village in a sequence of incidents.

First Episode of Devi:

First episode of Devi introduces a heartbreaking scene of rural India and the situation of common people. The serial introduces a natural disaster in a village. The villagers have nothing to eat or drink.

In the first scene of Devi, a group of people is bringing water from somewhere. On the other hand, another group of people attacks on them for water. The fight for water ends with some dead bodies.

In the next scene of Devi on NDTV Imagine, Ghasita’s wife – Suhaagi is pregnant from 7 months. She has not been eaten for last 2 days. She is crying with pain.

In this process, Ghasita’s wife gives a baby birth. Ghasita has nothing to feed the baby so; he decides to leave the baby in the temple of Devi.

As he goes out leaving the baby, it is raining there. First episode of Devi ends with a natural disaster in a village. How an ordinary girl becomes a Devi for her village? To know, watch some more episodes of Devi on NDTV Imagine every Monday to Friday at 10 PM in India.

About Devi:

Neer Bhare Tere Naina Devi is a new TV series on NDTV Imagine which introduces a true and eye opener story of an ordinary girl who becomes Devi in a sequence of co-incidents.

On the one hand, NDTV Imagine introduces Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka to close our eyes. On the other hand, NDTV Imagine introduces Devi to open our eyes from the twist of fate and blind faith.

Devi is a social TV serial which reveals the truth of superstition. Devi on NDTV Imagine introduces the rural India where superstition and blind faith is very effective among common people.

Devi is a religious TV serial but it is very opposite from Mata Ki Chowki and Ganesh Leela. Overall, Neer Bhare Tere Naina Devi is a good TV serial in the current society which opens our eyes from the superstition and blind faith.


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Please send the Title song for Neer bhare tere naina for Devi Serial main serial ko mis nahi karta title song mere dil ko chhuta hai


ritika said...

it is a true serial and is very heart touching. There are some seens which make'sme feel a bit sad,and sometimes make me realize that what I have gained from god. I thank god for everything he has given me.