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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Splitsvilla 3 - MTV Splitsvilla 3 - Splitsvilla 3 World War 3 for Love Returns on MTV India

Vodafone MTV Splitsvilla 3
MTV Splitsvilla 3 is a reality Show on MTV India. Splitsvilla 3 is aired on MTV India every Saturday at 7 PM. Splitsvilla 3: World War 3 for love returns on MTV India as the biggest reality Show for youngsters just like Roadies 7.

Splitsvilla 3 Hosts:

Nikhil Chinapa and Deepti Gujral have hosted the MTV Splitsvilla 3. Nikhil Chinapa was the host of Splitsvilla 2 also.

MTV Splitsvilla 3 Single Contestants:

Kirti Sharma

Monika Maryjane

Nirmal Sandhu

Pulkit Khanna

Raj Kumar

Ramanjot Singh

Sufzal Saleem

Vikas Mehandroo

Pavitra Punia

Shivkiran Bajwa

Vodafone MTV Splitsvilla 3 has introduced 10 super hot singles. 5 guys and 5 girls have been introduced in the row of singles in MTV Splitsvilla 3.

Vodafone MTV Splitsvilla 3 Couple Contestants:

Niharika Kareer - Mahip Marwaha

Pooja Amin - Arjun Kumar Mahendroo

Priyaanka Sharma - Hemant Kaur

Riya Bamniyal - Parag Chadha

Ruchi Arora - Ashish Agarwal

MTV Splitsvilla 3 Show has introduced 5 hot couples also. Splitsvilla 3 is a clash of 5 couples and 10 singles.

King and Queen of Splitsvilla 3:

Currently, Pooja and Arjun are the king and queen of Splitsvilla 3 but they are not constant. MTV Splitsvilla 3 will give a chance each contestant to take an opportunity of being king and queen.

Format of MTV Splitsvilla 3:

Splitsvilla 3 is very different from Splitsvilla and Splitsvilla season 2. Vodafone MTV Splitsvilla 3 has introduced 5 couples and 10 singles. The Show has been introduced as “MTV Splitsvilla 3: The War For Love Returns.” Now, the Show has taken a shape of international and goes to Phuket, Thailand.

MTV Splitsvilla 3 winner couple will get Rs. 10 lakh. Winner of Splitsvilla 3 will conquer all?

MTV Splitsvilla 3 is “World War III of Love.” Vodafone Splitsvilla 3 is all about a reality Show where plotting, manipulating, courageous tasks and bloody love take place.

Dumping zone is the eliminating zone of the Show. Each week a guy and a girl (some times couple) have to leave the Show. King and Queen would have power to dump those guys who are not safe.

First Episode of Splitsvilla 3:

In the first episode of Splitsvilla 3 on MTV - total 5 couples, 5 single guys and 5 single girls are introduced. After a short introduction of all participants, Nikhil and Deepti introduce the Show. They ask to choose a hottest couple by all contestants. In this round, Arjun and Pooja are chosen as the hottest couple in Splitsvilla 3 by all participants.

Now, Arjun and Pooja are declared as the King and Queen of Splitsvilla 3 in first episode of the Show. They have a power to dump any contestants. In Splitsvilla 3 on MTV, King and Queen have to live among all other contestants but they will get a good house. King and Queen will live in the separated room in Splitsvilla 3.

In the first episode of Splitsvilla 3, couple gets power to choose any single for a Photo-shoot. The task testifies the broader mentality of all contestants. Each member of a couple had to choose a single to photo-shoot. The task is won by Vikash and Riya in Splitsvilla 3.

In the first episode of MTV Splitsvilla 3, Priyanka and Pulkit are dumped by the Show. Priyanka shows her narrower mentality and insecurity towards others in photo-shoot task. She doesn’t select anyone in Photo-shoot round. On the other hand, Pulkit was not ready to do the task with Priyanka. Finally, Priyanka and Pulkit leave MTV Splitsvilla 3 reality Show in first episode.

Second Episode of Vodafone MTV Splitsvilla 3:

Second episode of Splitsvilla 3 begins with the auction of all guys. They are divided into a couple. Parag and Monika win the task of Splitsvilla 3. Ramanjot and Ruchi Arora are eliminated from dumping zone but Hemant asks to leave the Show. Finally, Hemant Kaur and Ruchi Arora leave the Splitsvilla 3 in 2nd episode.

About MTV Splitsvilla 3:

Splitsvilla is all about “The Twisted tale of love”. This is 3rd season of Splitsvilla on MTV India. Vodafone MTV Splitsvilla 3 is the biggest reality Show on Indian Television for youngsters. We are amazed to see the Show where tradition is nothing. There is no way to save emotion and love because war runs together. It is not Perfect Bride, Bigg Boss 3 or Emotional Atyachar; it is MTV Splitsvilla 3. There is nothing superstition also just like Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka. Splitsvilla 3 is a bloody love reality Show on MTV India. The Show is based on quest for love. The Show runs around the love destination – Phuket. Splitsvilla 3 winner would be only one couple. MTV Splitsvilla 3 is sponsored by Vodafone.