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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sid Vs Varun - Sid Vs Varun Comedy Show - Sid Vs Varun Do Kaminey on UTV Bindass is the Funniest and Wackiest Show

Sid Vs Varun on Bindass
Sid Vs Varun is a series of hilarious and crazy dares. Sid Vs Varun comedy Show is aired on Bindass TV every Monday at 8 PM in India. Sid Vs Varun Do Kaminey on UTV Bindass is the funniest, wackiest and maddest Show of two friends.

About Varun:

Varun has played the character of intelligent, calm and dynamic person in Sid Vs Varun. He is clean-cut and fresh-faced with some good values and ideals. He is a calm and composed guy in Sid Vs Varun TV Show.

About Sid:

Sid is a rebellious guy with a toilet-sense of humor in Sid Vs Varun on UTV Bindass. He is an imaginary guy also who thinks about maximum results in minimum investment. He is collector of most of the stuffs which are inside his room.

Recent Episode of Sid Vs Varun:

In the recent episode of Sid Vs Varun Show, both friends had to show their talent in fashion Show. Both had Rs.1000. They had to buy costumes for their participants in only Rs. 1000.

Sid introduced three models – Rajat, Namrata and Preeti. He buys cheap clothes. He cut those cloths and makes a new design. He introduced a “Kam Wali”, an “Office Wali” and a mechanic on ramp.

On the other hand, Varun introduced Karan and a statue on ramp. At first, he had tried to search some models in the local street but didn’t get succeed. Finally, they performed their Show in the maddest, funniest and wackiest way.

In the recent episode of Sid Vs Varun, a team of jury judged their Show. Sanny Rathore, Umesh and Naryan Rajak participated as the jury members.

Finally, Sid is selected winner of the Show by the Jury. Sid had introduced very hot performance in this episode of Sid Vs Varun on Bindass TV.

Now, humiliation of Varun by Sid starts. Sid gives a minimum amount to buy a T-shirt for him. Varun had to go in the market in the Auto Rickshaw in undressed body. It was the great episode of hilarious and crazy dares of Do Kaminey - Varun and Sid.

About Sid Vs Varun:

Sid Vs Varun on Bindass is a unique comedy Show on Indian Television. The concept of Sid Vs Varun Do Kaminey comes from Kenny Vs Spenny Canadian comedy reality television series.

Sid Vs Varun on UTV Bindass runs around two best friends who have very different approach to each other. Sid Vs Varun is based on the masti and dosti of Sid and Varun. The two friends always challenge each other to introduce a series of humor.

Sid Vs Varun introduces a new series in each episode. The looser of the episode have to perform an act of humiliation.

Sid Vs Varun Do Kaminey on UTV Bindass introduces two best friends who have nothing to do than pointless challenges with each other. In each episode, they perform some off-centered and odd acts to made audiences laugh.

Sid Vs Varun is the best reality comedy Show just like Shree Adi Manav. Sid Vs Varun Do Kaminey introduces comedy by the hilarious acts of Sid and Varun. Their challenge, crazy dares and wackiest intelligence make the Show superb.