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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Maniben.com - Maniben.com TV Serial - Maniben.com on SAB TV Introduces Humorous Journey of Maniben

Maniben on SAB TV
Maniben.com is a comedy TV serial on SAB TV. Maniben.com TV serial is aired from Monday to Thursday at 8 PM in India. Maniben.com on SAB TV introduces a humorous journey of Maniben from Bhuleshwar to Malabar Hill.

Characters of Maniben.com:

Maniben Patel:

Smriti Irani has played the character of Maniben Patel in Maniben.com. She is sweet, well cultured, well behaved, ritual and soft spoken lady in the serial. She always thinks about others and loves her family. She takes every difficulty in the easiest way. She is wife of Jaman Patel in Maniben.com TV serial. She doesn’t think about her own kids because she has loving family. She is very sweet in every relation. Her “Fua” is just like her mother, her uncle is just like her father and her servants are just like her younger brothers and sisters.

She has been living in Bhuleshwar for a long time but now she has to stay in an apartment of Peddar Road. According to her, everything changes but people should respect their culture and traditions. Maniben is very clean and lovable characters in Maniben.com on SAB TV. She is simply great women. Smriti Irani had played the most famous character on small TV as Tulsi in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

Jaman Patel:

Jaman Patel has played the character of Maniben’s husband in Maniben.com. Jaman has his own concept about his life. People should live their live according to their status is the concept of Jaman but Maniben never agrees on this.


Baa lives with her son, Rishi and daughter-in-law Rimi. She lives in the worst condition as a maid in the house in Maniben.com on SAB TV. Maniben brings her happiness when she enters into the house.


Rishi has played the character of Rimi’s shadow in Maniben.com serial. He is nothing but a follower of Rimi’s orders.


Pranav has also played the same character to Rishi in Maniben.com series. He is also a follower of his wife.

Maniben.com Title Song:

Lyric of Maniben.com promo title song begins with:

“Aaya Hai Sur Naya...

Nayi Si Taal Le Ke...

Nikli Ho Subah Jaise…

Sar Pe Awaj De Ke…

Baton Ki Chabi Se Wo…

Rishton Ki Tale Kholen…

Jo Bhi Ho Dil Me Uske…

Sabke Wo Muh Pe Bole…






O! Maniben.com

Chasma Nahi Uska Diniya Ke Waste…

Fark Nahi Karte Logo Me Is Aangan Ke Rasten…

Tore Har Salika Wo Sadgi Ke Jod Se…

Bandhe Bhagwan Ko Bhi Baton Ki Dor Se…


Are Maniben.com…”

Maniben.com Story:

Whole story theme of Maniben.com revolves around the Maniben. She is the ideal wife, sister and daughter-in-low of our society. Maniben.com story creates a proud of womanhood just like Bhaskar Bharti, Hamari Devrani and Ladies Special. Maniben.com is comedy series which is based on Gujarati family such as Sukh By Chance.

Story of Maniben.com introduces a journey of a woman who seeks to discover individuality, culture and values in the competitive world. The journey is introduced from Bhuleshwar to Malabar Hill. The journey introduces new dreams, new ambitions and hope in humanity for Maniben.

Maniben.com Show revolves around the daily life of a middle class woman who lives a simple life in Mumbai with her husband’s family. Her husband is a diamond merchant.

Maniben.com series has introduced the middle class’s values, traditions and culture very effectively. Comedy from each character of Maniben.com comes naturally. Maniben.com introduces an informal life with humor.

Recent Episodes of Maniben.com:

In the recent episode of Maniben.com, Jaman has made a contract with two diamond merchants. They love dogs much. Before contracting a business agreement, they ask about the interest in dogs with Jaman.

Mr Dholakia gives his prince (dog) to Jaman. Maniben fears with dog but for her husband she loves Prince. A condition comes when Prince suffered from illness. The dog is admitted in hospital.

In the mid, Mr Dholakia comes to take his dog. Maniben is very stress now. To see the stress of Maniben, Lord Vishnu is also very stress. He thinks to come on the earth to make Maniben understand about the facts but Narad and Lakshmi stop him.

Chhapri goes to hospital to bring the Prince. In the mid, Mr Dholika goes to Mr Jaman and knows the fact. Their business order is canceled because Jaman’s reality was clear. He had no dog so; there is no chance to business.

About Maniben.com:

Maniben.com is comedy series on SAB TV. Maniben.com has introduced the humorous journey of Maniben. The story of Maniben.com TV serial has introduced the ideal character of Maniben. Maniben.com on SAB TV has introduced the effect of heaven, God and Goddess rules also as a humor that are very different from Ganesh Leela and Mata Ki Chowki. Maniben.com introduces a series of comedy in each episode. The humorous journey of Maniben.com touches Thakurji’s life also.