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Dil Mil Gayye
Dil Mil Gayye is the most successful TV serial on Star One. Dil Mil Gaye TV serial is aired on Star One every Monday to Friday at 8 PM in India. Dil Mil Gayye on Star One is a story about flourishing medical professionals in Sanjeevani Hospital.

Dil Mil Gayye Characters:

Dr. Siddhant Modi:

Karan Wahi has played the character of Dr. Siddhant Modi in Dil Mil Gayye. He is a lazy guy who loves to spend on his time on PS3 gaming consoles. He belongs to a rich NRI family. Almost all member of his family are doctors. He doesn’t look his career as a doctor. But under the family pressure, he comes in India. He has to live with her cousin, Dr. Abhimanyu Modi under the strict supervision in Dil Mil Gayye TV serial.

Siddhant is broadly known as Sid. He never takes his life seriously in Dil Mil Gayye on Star One. In spite of his careless character, Sid is very brilliant guy. He impresses everyone.

Dr. Tamanna Patil:

Moulshree Sachdeva has played the character of Dr. Tamanna Patil in Dil Mil Gayye serial. She belongs to middle class moralities. She is responsible to her family, society and friends.

Tamana is smart, intelligent, sensitive and beautiful girl with good sense of justice in Dil Mil Gayye series. She lives in middle class values. She always wears “salwar and kameez” in Dil Mil Gayye TV series. Tamanna is much focused girl towards her career also.

Dr. Naina Mehta:

Neha Jhulka has played the character of Dr. Naina Mehta in Dil Mil Gaye. Naina belongs to a rich but orthodox Gujarati family in Dil Mil Gaye TV serial. She has acted as convincing and shameless liar girl in Dil Mil Gaye serial but she never hurts anyone.

Naina is interested in her career rather than marriage. She plays dual character for her family and friends. She wears “salwar and kameez” for her family. She comes among friends in spaghetti straps and minis.

Dr. Yuvraaj:

Sehban Azim has played the character of Dr. Yuvraaj in Dil Mil Gaye on Star One. Yuvraj belongs to a middle class family but he has a modern outlook. His life is a series of discoveries in Dil Mil Gaye series.

Dr. Yuvraaj has also a dual character in Dil Mil Gaye TV series. He has a wicked sense of humor. On the other hand, he behaves as the most matured person.

Dr. Shashank Gupta:

Mohnish Behl has played the character of Dr. Shashank Gupta in Dil Mil Gayye on Star One. Dr. Shashank Gupta has spent his entire life as a doctor in Sanjivani hospital with its patient. Now, he is the head of Sanjivani hospital in Dil Mil Gayye TV serial.

He is known as the “God” in the world of surgery. He has two daughters - Riddhima and Anjali in Dil Mil Gayye serial.

Dr. Riddima Gupta:

Dr. Riddima Gupta is warm-hearted, good-natured, kind and beautiful girl in Dil Mil Gayye. She has to be a good human being to make her father proud off her achievements in the medical. She has a modern outlook towards her life in Dil Mil Gayye TV series.

Dr. Riddima Gupta has good sense of respect also. She respects the values of India and Indians. She has a good nature of forgive and forget in Dil Mil Gayye series.

Dr. Armaan Mallik:

Dr. Armaan Mallik has played the character of new age man in Dil Mil Gayye. He is handsome and smart guy. He makes friends females. He enjoys the company of females.

Dr. Anjali Gupta:

Sunaina Gulia has played the character of Dr. Anjali Gupta in Dil Mil Gaye. She is the elder daughter of Shashank. Dr. Smriti was her real mother. She is pretty and beauty conscious lady in Dil Mil Gaye TV serial.

Riddima is step sister of Anjali in Dil Mil Gaye serial. She always tries to over take Riddhima in her life but latter she turns as more humble and friendly.

Dr. Atul Joshi:

Pankit Thakker has played the character of Dr. Atul Joshi in Dil Mil Gaye TV series. He is a loveable cast of the serial. Atul Joshi is a good-natured guy who has to fulfill his dead father’s dream becoming a doctor in Dil Mil Gaye series.

Dil Mil Gayye casts are professionals who belong to same profile. Dil Mil Gayye characters are educated, comic, rich and responsible according to the story demand and situations. Dil Mil Gayye casts give an outlook of modern educated society and professional life style.

Dil Mil Gayye Story:

Whole story theme of Dil Mil Gayye revolves around the flourishing medical professionals. Dill Mill Gayye on Star One reveals an experience about medical life. Dill Mill Gaye story series introduces relationships, hotter romance and incredible medical drama.

Dil Mil Gayye on Star One has been aired in two series. Story of the serial revolves around two generations.

Dil Mil Gayye Season 1 Story Line:

First season of Dil Mil Gayye on Star One has introduced 5 interns of Sanjeevani Hospital - Riddhima Gupta, Armaan Mallik, Anjali Gupta, Atul Joshi and Sapna Shah. Anjali and Riddhima have been introduced as daughter of the most famous and head of Sanjeevani Hospital - Dr. Shashank Gupta.

First series story of Dil Mil Gayye on Star One begins from the hate of Armaan and Riddhima. Their hate remains no longer and soon they fall in love. On the other hand, Atul falls in love for Anjali.

Sapna leaves Sanjeevani to get married in Dil Mil Gayye TV serial. Riddhima finds herself as an adoptive girl in the story process of Dil Mil Gayye.

Latter, Dil Mil Gayye Show introduces four new characters - Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, Dr Nikita Malhotra, Dr. Rahul Garewal and Dr. Muskaan Chaddha. Muskaan and Rahul fall in love but Rahul leaves her because he is impotent.

Dr. Keerti and Shubhankar get married in Dil Mil Gayye serial. Dr. Abhimanyu becomes the head of Sanjeevani Hospital to help Shashank with his financial problems. Abhi and Niki also fall in love. Armaan and Riddhima decide to get married but an accident of Armaan's makes him memory less.

After two years, Armaan proposes his love again to Riddhima in Dil Mil Gayye series. Riddhima comes to meets Armaan in Sanjeevani Hospital on the day of her engagement.

In the mean time, a minister’s daughter gets admitted in the hospital. She had attempted to suicide due to love failure. Minister orders his police force to shoot down her lover. Lover of minister’s daughter is killed. In the process, Riddhima too gets shot. She was trying to save Armaan. On the other hand, Jiah attempts to suicide by cutting her hand in Dil Mil Gayye TV series.

First season of Dil Mil Gayye ends with death of Armaan and Riddhima. First series of Dil Mil Gayye on Star One concludes with a sad note. Break up of Abhimanyu and Nikita was also introduced in the first season story of Dil Mil Gaye.

Dil Mil Gayye Season 2 Story Line:

In the second season of Dil Mil Gayye on Star One, Sanjeevani Hospital introduces five new interns - Dr. Siddhant Modi, Dr. Tamanna Patil, Dr. Naina Mehta, Dr. Yuvraj Singh and Dr. Jitendra Prasad.

Siddhanth Modi has packed off to Sanjeevani in Dil Mil Gayye. He has to live under the strict supervision of Dr Abhimanyu to be a successful doctor. At first, Yuvi and Sid don’t like each other but soon they become good friends.

Story of second season of Dil Mil Gayye has been introduced with new relationship, hot romance and fantastic medical drama.

Recent Episodes of Dil Mil Gayye:

In the recent episode of Dil Mil Gayye, Sid falls in love with Tamana. Sid has a group of friends along with him. Naina and her friends approach to him to say his love towards Tamana. He goes on her but doesn’t tell anything.

Now, he is very confused in his life. Romance of Yuv and Naina is also going on. Yuv knows that Sid will not be able to state his love towards Tamana. So, he makes a challenge with Naina.

Tamana meets a Hindi professor who has come to introduce himself. The Hindi professor is expected groom of Tamana. In the canteen, gang of Sid tries to make insult him. Tamana gets very heart. She burst out on Sid.

About Dil Mil Gayye:

Dil Mil Gayye is the longest TV series just like Bandini, Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki and Baa Bahoo Aur Baby. Dil Mil Gayye is created by Cinevistaas Limited and directed by Nissar Parvej. Dil Mil Gayye on Star One is produced by Prem Krishen and Sunil Mehta.

Dil Mil Gayye revolves around the pressures, drama, romance, relationships and humor in the life of young doctors. Dill Mill Gayye is based on the Sanjeevani Hospital and lives of surgical interns.

Dil Mil Gayye is a medical drama series that is aimed at urban educated youth. Tag line of the Show is “M.B.B.S. Se Hatke Lovology Mein Aatke.” Whole series of Dil Mil Gaye is based on the love story of young professional doctors and their life style.

Dil Mil Gaye has chosen a modern concept and story that is related to young generations. The comedy and drama has very modern concept. Dil Mil Gaye casts are well educated and their behavior is very logical.

Synopsis of Dil Mil Gayye is very similar to many Bollywood movies. Current story of Dil Mil Gayye is very similar to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai movie. Comedy and drama are also very similar to the movie synopsis.

Overall, Dil Mil Gayye is the one of the best TV serials on Star One. Just watch Dil Mil Gayye on Star One every Monday to Friday at 8 PM for more comedy, drama and new stories. Star One has introduced a new TV series Ye Ajnabbi which is also the dreamiest series of the channel.


priyam said...

i love dill mill gaye plz purane interns ko vapsis laao new intens are boring

karishma said...

wow yaaaar wat a srrial i toh luv yuvraj really awesome

jaspal said...

u didnt mentioned about rahul and muskaan....

sukriti said...

dill mill gayye always rocked bt now a days its quite boring ........plzzzz brink back all old interns and yes ridhima luks gud only with arman so couple them up again at any cost plzzzzzzzz

poojawagavkar said...

i love dr armaan also love dill mill gaye

toyirnyori said...

i miss dil mil gaye sooooo much :(

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