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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Big Switch - Bindass Big Switch Reality Show – Big Switch on Bindass Introduces Two Clashing Worlds Together

Bindass Big Switch
Bindass Big Switch is an ultimate reality Show on Indian Television. Bindass Big Switch reality Show is inspired by Slumdog Millionaire movie. Big Switch on Bindass has introduced two clashing worlds together – the slum and the super rich. Big Switch is aired on UTV Bindass every Saturday at 7 PM in India.

Host of Bindass Big Switch:

Genelia D'Souza is the host of Bindass Big Switch reality Show. Genelia has gotten the biggest popularity as an actress in Bollywood.

Contestants of Bindass Big Switch:

Sunny Sara and Abhishek Kushwah:

Sunny Sara is a super rich guy who has participated in Big Switch for Abhishek Kushwah who is a student. Sunny Sara is a 28 year old guy who is the owner of Nightclub.

Omesh Pershad Kanwar and Dinesh Nirmal:

Omesh Pershad Kanwar is a super rich whose occupation is marketing at Naukri.com. Omesh Pershad has participated in Big Switch Show to fulfill Dinesh’s dream.

Siddhartha Khanna and Sameer Pagare:

Siddhartha Khanna is 25 year old guy. He has participated in Big Switch on Bindass TV to fulfill Sameer’s dream. Sameer is 25 year old student.

Natasha Suri and Rekha Gaekwad:

Natasha Suri is 25 year old model. She has participated in Bindass Big Switch to fulfill Rekha’s dream who is 20 year old student.

Bindi Mehta and Neelam Devram Dumbre

Bindi Mehta is a media professional. She has participated in Big Switch to fulfill Neelam’s dream who is a data entry operator.

Pooja Misrra and Shabana Sheikh:

Pooja Misrra is a 25 year old model. She has participated in Big Switch reality Show to support Shabana’s dream.

Mohita Modgil and Kavita Tripathi:

Mohita Modgil is a 25 year old social worker and translator. Her home town is Japan. She has participated in Big Switch on Bindass as super rich to support Kavita’s dream. Kavita is a salesgirl.

Kunwar Harjinder Singh and Farhan Siddique:

Kunwar Harjinder is a 19 year old superrich student from Delhi. He has participated in Bindass Big Switch to help Farhan’s dream.

Adam Bedi and Bhavesh Babariya:

Adam Bedi is a 28 year old model turned actor. He has participated as superrich in Bindass Big Switch to support Bhavesh’s dream. Bhavesh is a student who belongs to Mumbai. Adam Bedi’s father is the most famous Bollywood actor - Kabir Bedi.

Bindass Big Switch Story So Far:

Bindass Big Switch reality Show has introduced with 10 super rich contestants who have to face some ultimate tests. They have to survive in a Mumbai slum. To participate in Big Switch reality Show, super rich are asked to give up their most valued possessions - phones and money. The super rich are asked to deliver kerosene, clean utensils, make rotis, crush chillies and crush ice. Finally, the team reaches the Switch House.

Now, the team had to clean the outside and inside of Big Switch. Finally, they were selected by Genelia in the Show.

In the next episode of Bindass Big Switch, dreamers and super rich are partnered as:

Sunny – Abhishek

Siddhartha – Sameer

Natasha – Rekha

Pooja – Shabana

Farhan – Kunwar

Omesh – Dinesh

Sabah – Mamta

Bindi – Neelam

Mohita – Kavita

Adam – Bhavesh

In the first elimination of Bindass Big Switch, Natasha and Rekha is voted out by the contestants. Natasha and Rekha are eliminated by the Show.

In the next episode of Bindass Big Switch, contestants have to polish shoes at Lokhandwala. This day Dinesh is voted out by 6 people however, Kavita gets only single vote against her.

In the next episode of Big Switch, the contestants have to perform their task on dhobi ghat. They have to wash a certain number of clothes. In this task, Kunwar and Farhan are voted off the Show.

In the next episode of Big Switch, contestants had to perform as street seller. Everyone sell some items such as - Fruit Chaat, Ice cream, Pav Bhaji, Sandwich, Paani Puri, Vada Pav and Juice. First time, Big Switch Show eliminates Mamta while Sabah is allowed to stay.

In the next episode of Bindass Big Switch, contestants had to perform “Mohalla Manoranjan”. In this task each team had to perform a dance to the local audiences. This day everyone votes Siddharth out. However, in this episode no one is eliminated.

In the next episode of Bindass Big Switch, superrich have to do a task of serving cattle. The task is ignored by Bindi Mehta. This day, Neelam Devram Dumbre and Bindi Mehta eliminated from the Big Switch.

Recent Episode of Bindass Big Switch:

In the last episode of Big Switch, a new dreamer guy had participated in the replacement of Mamta. The guy nick name was Aman. He chooses Sabah as super rich pair.

In this episode of Big Switch on Bindass, each dreamer had to do a task in the morning. They had to carry garbage on hand van. In this task, each dreamer had to make a pair. Samir and Abhishek are declared as the task winner.

In the afternoon, Genelia D'Souza introduces a task for superrich. They have to deliver Pizza in just 30 minutes. Each superrich make a pair. They have to solve some clue to get the address.

It was really fantastic task because all had to solve some clues. Sidarth and Sabah go in danger zone. Today, each single contestant had to vote out for Sidarth and Sabah. Finally, Sabah with her new dreamer, Aman leaves the Bindass Big Switch. Now, there are only 5 pairs in the Bindass Big Switch Show.

About Bindass Big Switch:

Big Switch on UTV Bindass is a unique reality Show of two clashing worlds together. Bindass Big Switch is sponsored by Sunsilk Co-Creation and powered by KitKat. Tag line of the Show is “Life Palat Jaayegi”. So, it is Bindass Big Switch Life Palat Jayegi.

Big Switch introduces the life-changing experience. Contestants of the Show are seriously rich spoilt youngsters. They are plucked from their lavish lifestyles. Super rich contestants are dropped into the claustrophobic confines of a Mumbai slum. They are under the camera 24 hours a day.

Big Switch has introduced 10 dreamers also. The rich participants are paired with a slum buddy. Each weak the super rich contestants have to perform a unique task. The weakest team leaves the Show every weak.

Big Switch is inspired by the most popular movie, Slumdog Millionaire. The Show is held in a slum of Mumbai. Each task will be performed by the super rich contestants in the slum of Mumbai. They have to do the never done task to fulfill slum buddy's dream.

Big Switch runs with a very new concept that brings rich and poor together. Big Switch changes the whole life of super rich so, it is Bindass Big Switch Life Palat Jayegi. Just watch, Sunsilk Presents Bindass Big Switch - Life Palat Jaayegi every Saturday at 7 PM in India to find out more unexpected task for super rich contestants. Bindass Big Switch winner will get Rs. 10 lakh and a car priced at Rs. 5 lakh. Big Switch is the biggest reality Show which is very different from Bigg Boss 3 and Pati Patni Aur Woh.


Rafi Masum Raja Ahmed said...

Hi! I m raja 4m Guwahati, Assam. I m a great FAN of ur show, I leaved far 4m my home bcoz I m doing engg. So, i couldn't get time 2 see ur show, i think it's my badluck bt whn i m at my home i never miss d show. "BigSwitch" is my favourite reality show & 'Shiddharth' & 'Sameer' is my favrourite contestent AND 'GENELIA' is my favourite actress.
I can see dat every Super rich is doing very hardlabour 4 their partner.
So, Al D very Bst 2 every contestent & Before going 2 a task put ur hand near ur hrt and say "Aal Iz Well".

ashish said...

I like to watching bindass big switch show , and i will like to one part of the show so, when this show start again that time plz remember me ....I am not a rich person but I want to become a rich person....