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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sukh By Chance - Sukh By Chance TV Serial – Sony Entertainment Television Launched new Series Sukh By Chance

Sukh By Chance on Sony
Sukh By Chance is a new TV serial. Sukh By Chance TV serial is aired from Monday to Thursday at 9PM in India. Sony Entertainment Television has launched new series - Sukh By Chance today on, 10th November, 2009.

Characters of Sukh By Chance:

Mohanlal Mehta:

Mohanlal Mehta has played the character of moralistic, honest and straight-forward man in Sukh By Chance. He believes in hard earned money only that gives happiness. He ignores using electronic gadgets such as – mobile phones. He is husband of Sarla and father of Amit and Bhavin. He belongs to middle class family. He wears dhoti-kurta or a trousers and shirts. He is the eldest brother in Mehta family in Sukh By Chance serial.

Sarla Mehta:

Sarla Mehta has acted as wife of Mohan and mother of Amit and Bhavin in Sukh By Chance. She is the pillar of her family. She is warm, sensitive, affectionate and talkative lady in Sukh By Chance TV serial.

Dhiraj Mehta:

Dhiraj Mehta has played the character of middle brother in Mehta family in Sukh By Chance on Sony TV. He is the husband of Kokila and father of Tina and Montu. He is a slow-paced man just like Kachua Chacha of Lapataganj. He always believes in by chance happiness. He always inquires financial schemes.

Kokila Mehta:

Kokila Mehta has acted as Dheeraj’s wife in Sukh By Chance on Sony. She is the mother of Tina and Montu. She is dominating wife in Sukh By Chance serial. She is a little jealous lady also.

Rajesh Mehta:

Rajesh Mehta has played the character of youngest brother of Mehta family in Sukh By Chance. He is husband of Rajni and father of Neel. He had a love marriage with Rajni and he is still not accepted by his family by heart. He is pleasant and ambitious man. He is diplomatic and practical person also.

Rajni Mehta:

Rajni Mehta is in the character of Rajesh’s wife and Neel’s mother in Sukh By Chance TV serial. She is pretty, caring and soft-spoken woman. She has a good combination with Sarla Bhabhi. She belongs to a rich family but she has never left her Sasural even in the worst condition. She always wants to support a joint family.


Amit is in the character of older son of Sarla and Mohan in Sukh By Chance serial. He is the student of MBBS. He is passionate about his study. He is practical and sober guy. He is the only hope of his family who will bring happiness for all. He is very close to his uncle and his cousin Tina. Amit has a great dream about becoming a successful surgeon and to take his mother in an airplane.


Tina is the daughter of Dhiraj and Kokila in Sukh By Chance. She is the actual daughter of Ashwin but no one knows the secret. She is cute, bubbly and vivacious girl. She strongly believes in Sukh by chance. She has just completed the final exam of B.A.


He is younger brother of Sarla and Mohan in Sukh By Chance TV serial. He is opportunist kids in the serial. Bunty is the student of Standard 9.


He is the younger son of Kokila and Dhiraj in Sukh By Chance. Montu is the lovely and dearest kids in Mehta’s family. He knows the condition of his family. He has learnt no to demand because he usually faces no by his family for everything.

Sukh By Chance casts have been introduced with a biggest joint family. Characters of Sukh By Chance have introduced themselves as the biggest comedian in the serial.

Story of Sukh By Chance:

Sukh By Chance story begins with a middle class family. The story of the TV serial revolves around a Gujrati joint family. The family lives with the minimum requirement due to financial problem.

Meaning of Sukh By Chance is happiness by chance. So, the story of Sukh By Chance revolves around that happiness which enters in the family by chance.

One day, suddenly the sad joint family gets Rs. 3 crores in their bank account. Now, the drama of the family unfolds. The drama unfolds as changing of human faces. Now, a conflict begins in the family. The biggest drama takes place between love marriage and arranged marriage. All the conflicts take place in a humorous and funny way.

First Episode of Sukh By Chance:

First episode of Sukh By Chance begins with the dream of Tina. In the early morning, she is on her bed. She has a beautiful dream about shopping in a mall. Suddenly, she wakes up and realizes her reality. She had found Rs. 3000 in a coffee shop. She wanted to fulfill needs of the all.

On the other hand, Rajni asks for colgets. Mohanlal, Mota Bhai arranges the colgets from old packets. He gets succeed to fulfill the demand. This time an airplane crosses over their roofs. Everyone run to see that. They climb up on second floor by a narrow steer that is made by wood. They remove some “naria” and see the airplane in open air.

Sukh By Chance has introduced a small house and a joint family who have nothing than happiness. Sarla buys cheap vegetables but Montu needs pea’s vegetable. Tina has arranged her money to fulfill the demands of all. She buys a belt for Rajesh, a watch for Amit and a Sandal for Bunty.

Dhiraj has been introduced as the funniest man in Sukh By Chance who always been busy in mechanical works. Sometimes, he repairs watch, telephone and TV. His wife has always been busy in work to making sweets. She asks about helps of Rajni. She always ping Rajni for his high status but she never mind.

Mohanlal visits bank and draw Rs. 15000 to make roof repair. He returns home and sees a new Sandal, a new watch and a new belt. He asks about the money and reality of Tina comes to everyone. The family accepts everything except ignoring the rules and tradition of Mehta’s house.

Everyone asks about the money. Tina tells the reality of money. Mohanlal orders her to return that money to that place from where she had found. Suddenly, Mohanlal’s account credited by Rs. 3 crores. Now, what will happen? Will Mohanlal accept the money? Will their Sukh By Chance take a new form? To know, watch some next episodes of Sukh By Chance on Sony.

About Sukh By Chance:

Sukh By Chance is a new series of Sony Entertainment Television. The serial has replaced the most famous comedy TV serial timing, Bhaskar Bharti. The TV serial is based on a poor joint family of Gujarat. Sukh By Chance has introduced the biggest joint family just like Bandini, Rehna Hai Teri Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein and Ye Rishta Kaya Kehlata Hai. Sukh By Chance is a new comedy TV serial on Sony TV. Hats Off Productions introduces a new comedy series on Sony Entertainment Television as Sukh By Chance. Baa Bahoo Aur Baby is the most famous comedy series of this producer. Jamnadas Majethia (JD) & Hats Off Production along with director-writer Aatish Kapadia. Now, the production has launched a new series of comedy as Sukh By Chance on Sony. Sukh By Chance story revolves around the lower middle class family and their happiness. Sukh By Chance is based on Mehta family. This is the biggest joint family where three brothers, their wives, their kids and head of the family live together. The family runs with a limited budget from 1st date to 1st date in a month. Everyone wait for 1st date to purchase their needed things. If kids demand more sugar, they say simple no. The concept of the family is moral and honesty. They don’t know counting of crores but they get Rs. 3 crores by chance. Will they get happiness by chance?


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