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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sonu Sweety - Sonu Sweety TV Serial - Sonu Sweety on SAB TV Comedy Drama of a Married Couple

Sonu Sweety Sab TV
Sonu Sweety is comedy series on SAB TV channel. Sonu Sweety TV serial is aired on SAB TV Monday and Tuesday at 10:30 PM in India. Sonu Sweety is a comedy drama of a married couple on SAB TV.

Characters of Sonu Sweety:


Sweety has played the character of beautiful crazy Punjaban in Sonu Sweety. She is talkative lady. She always speaks from her heart. Her husband is everything for her. She starts her word from her husband and end to her husband. She has a special quality of “Baal ki khaal nikalna”.


Sonu has played the character of junior manager in a corporate office and irritating person in Sonu Sweety TV serial. He always suffered from “kissi bojh ka maara”. He has love-hate relationship with his wife. Sweety is his wife in Sonu Sweety on Sab TV.


Puppy has played the character of Sweety’s loving brother in Sonu Sweety serial. He is jobless. He lives with her sister in the house of Sonu. He always offers ridiculous schemes and fights with his brother-in-law.

Mr. Chadha:

Mr. Chadha has acted as Sonu Malhotra’s colleague in Sonu Sweety series. He is smooth talker and impresses anyone. He is very smart to impress his boss also. He is still bachelor because he doesn’t believe in marriage.


Boss is a funny boss in Sonu Sweety TV serial. He has a long mustache on his face. He has no hair on his head. He looks like just as humorous person in Sonu Sweety on Sab TV.


Secretary is hotty and dearest of the boss in Sonu Sweety. She is beautiful and a little manipulative girl. She is hated by Sweety.

Mrs. Shah:

Mrs. Shah is the neighborhood of Sonu and Sweety in Sonu Sweety serial. She always preaches Sweety to a fight between Sonu and sweety.

Sonu Sweety characters are very funny in their situation and story. Sonu Sweety casts has been introduced as the typical Punjabi.

Story of Sonu Sweety:

Sonu Sweety story is based on a middle class Punjabi family. The whole story of Sonu Sweety revolves around the Sonu and Sweety and their hate-love relationship. Sonu Sweety TV serial story covers Sweety’s neighborhoods also. Similarly, Sonu Sweety on Sab TV introduces a comedy in Sonu’s office also. Sonu and Sweety is married couple in this serial. They share a bitter and sweet relationship everyday in their married life. Sonu Sweety introduces a comedy fight everyday in the life of Sonu and Sweety – buying insurance, dhobi asking more money, about putting up their wedding photograph, settlement of Puppy… but their love never vanish…

Theme of Sonu Sweety Show revolves around – “I hate you, I love you”.

Sony Sweety series introduces everyday a new story and new fight between Sony and Sweety. Their married life will ever break up in their fight? To know, watch some more episodes of Sony Sweety on SAB.

Recent Episodes of Sonu Sweety:

In the recent episodes of Sonu Sweety, Puppy talks about his job with his brother-in-law. The talk creates a fight between Sonu and Puppy. His sister interferes in this fight and solves the problem.

Sonu goes his office. His boss is temper as his nature. He is in the search of an insurance agent. On this occasion, Sonu’s brother-in-law comes in office with his Tiffin. Mr. Chadha suggests Puppy as an insurance agent.

Puppy enters into his sister’s house as an insurance agent with a thief. He convinces his sister to make all things insured. Anyhow, she gets ready. They fix a time with the thief to steal.

In the night, as Sonu knows their plan, he gets anger. He starts a great fight. In the mid, an original thief comes in their house. Sweety convinces Sonu for the settlement of Puppy. Anyhow, Sonu gets ready and suggest thief to steal the things.

As the thief starts to steal, original thief calls Sweety. Again the biggest fight starts between Sony and Sweety. Finally, they are on the gun point. In the mid, Puppy comes and save them.

About Sonu Sweety:

Sonu Sweety TV serial is based on the argument of husband and wife. Sonu Sweety on SAB has introduced the lifestyle and culture of typical Punjabi. Sonu Sweety serial revolves around the Sweety’s fight with her husband and a relationship with her neighborhoods. Similarly, Sonu’s life begins with the fight with Sweety and his day in corporate office among boss and colleagues. Sonu Sweety has introduced day-to-day life contradiction and humor in every relation. Sonu Sweety is in the continuation of Sukh By Chance and Lapataganj. SAB TV has introduced the best comedy drama of a married couple by Sonu Sweety.