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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shree Adi Manav - Shree Adi Manav TV Serial - Shree Adi Manav on SAB TV is a Perfect Comedy Show with Imperfect Guys

Shree Adi Manav
Shree Adi Manav is a very unique comedy Show on SAB TV. Shree Adi Manav TV serial is aired every Friday at 8 PM in India. Shree Adi Manav on SAB TV is a perfect comedy Show with 3 imperfect guys who are blind, dumb and deaf.

Characters of Shree Adi Manav:


Shree is a blind guy in Shree Adi Manav. Character of Shree is played by Vishal Kotian in Shree Adi Manav TV serial. He is very innocent guy. Adi and Manav take some advantages of his blindness and innocence.


Adi is a deaf guy in Shree Adi Manav serial. Vrijesh Hirjee has played the character of Adi in Shree Adi Manav on SAB. He is a little naughty and humorous character in the serial.


Manav is a dumb guy in Shree Adi Manav Show. Kikku has played the character of Manav in Shree Adi Manav series. He is emotional and sensible some times.

Shree Adi Manav casts are comedian in looks also. Shree Adi Manav characters are the amazing in their serial life.

Shree Adi Manav Story:

Story of Adi Manav is based on three friends. They are not complete if they are separated. They are more than a complete if they are together. Shreedhar Agarkar is known as Shree. He is a blind guy. He lives in a Livish Villa with his two friends – Adi and Manav. The Villa belongs to Shree’s uncle. He has an economist and perfectionist character in Shree Adi Manav on SAB TV. He is much calculating guy. He counts his steps also that he walks.

Aditya Tendulkar is known as Adi in Shree Adi Manav TV serial. He is a deaf guy in the serial. He is much optimistic and smart guy. He is over confident guy also. He always repeats his act because he can’t hear. Adi talks in signals and gestures with Manav in Shree Adi Manav Show. Their talk creates a very funny and humorous situation by misunderstanding that.

Manav kambli is known as Manav in Shree Adi Manav series. He is a dumb guy. He is pessimist and always thinks about negative. He always eats foods. So, his body structure is very heavy.

Shree, Adi and Manav were not blind from their birth. An accident happens in their life. In this accident, Shree lost his sight, Adi lost his hearing and Manav lost his speaking ability.

Story of Shree Adi Manav begins with their will power. After this accident, they decide to help each other. They didn’t want to sympathy from anyone so, they run their life by own. Their life style, movement, acts and body language create a great hilarious and comic situation.

They live their life in various characters such as detectives, prisoner, reports etc. Shree Adi Manav on Sab TV always creates chaos and confusion by their funniest acts.

Shree Adi Manav Title Song:

Lyric of Shree Adi Manav promo title song begins with:

“Apni to Style Juda Hai…

Apne Hi Sath Khuda Hai…

Na Attitude Dikhana…

Kaise Jina Na Sikhana…

Ek Se Duja Upar Tija Kaam Chalaye Re…

Thodi Garbar Tino Mein Par Sath Nibhaye Re…

Shree Adi Manav…

Shree Adi Manav…

Shree Adi Manav…”

Life of Shree Adi Manav is very similar to the promo title song. They are really very perfect together.

Recent Episode of Shree Adi Manav:

In the recent episode of Shree Adi Manav, the story is introduced about Lottery Ticket. Shree goes in market to shop daily needed things. In the way, an astrologer calls him and asks to see his hand in just Rs. 10. The astrologer tells about his fate. According to the astrologer, Shree will be the richest person. Soon, he will get Rs. 1 crore. He gives the astrologer Rs. 10 because he had committed.

As he goes ahead, a lottery ticket seller calls him. Soon, he remembers the word of the astrologer and buy a lottery ticket in Rs.100 that worth was Rs. 1 crore. He knew the number of the lottery ticket by the lottery seller. He thinks to not tell about the fate to his friends – Adi and Manav.

On the other hand, Adi and Manav are watching Sole movie. Manav is laughing to hear that government reward that will give the person who will help to capture the Gabbar. Adi asks Manav about the whole situation because he can’t hear in Shri Adi Manav serial.

Now, Manav tries to explain the whole situation by gesture. As he starts, Adi also starts talking. He shows his 5 fingers. It means the person who will help in capturing Gabbar, will be rewarded by Rs. 5 only. He creates a comedy on Rs. 5 in the recession. Manav goes ahead and tries to say Rs. 5 + 0. He counts – 50, 500, 5000, 50000, 500000, 5000000… Adi stops and says to delete one 0; he deletes. Again he says to delete one more 0; he deletes. It means only Rs. 50 thousands.

Now, Adi starts to comment on the Rs. 50000. Adi shares his own opinions about the reward amount in Shree Adi Manav series. He will establish a trust on the name of Gabbar. The fund will increase till Rs. 1 crore. At last, he will announce, the person who capture the Gabbar; the person gets Rs. 1 crore.

In the mid, Shree enters into the house and tries to hide the truth of Rs. 1 crore. In the early morning, he goes in a park with a paper and asks a girl reading the paper. She reads the lottery number. The number was same. Oh my God! He has no bound of happiness now.

He goes in home and search the trouser where he had hidden the lottery ticket in Shree Adi Manav on SAB TV. He doesn’t find the trouser. He comes out and asks about the trouser with Adi and Manav. As he knows, the trouser has been sold by them; he explains the whole situations.

Now, Adi and Manav are also stuck. They try to return their trouser from the “Kabadi wala”. They go to “Kabadi wala” and ask about their trouser. He gives the right to search their trousers among the old clothes. They try but don’t get. In the mid, he tells that the trouser is sold by him to Gattu. Again a humorous situation begins because Manav had to explain the name of Gattu to Adi. Oh God! The guys are great. They create a fabulous humor.

Now, they go to Gattu house with an idea in Shree Adi Manav TV serial. They are the seller of new dishes by the old clothes. Anyhow, they buy the trouser and get the ticket of lottery. They return their home. Shree brings the paper and matches the number of lottery again. The number was same. They are dancing and enjoying. In the mid, Manav reads the news about 20-20 cricket match between India and Pakistan. They again dance on the winning of the match.

Soon, the thought of match comes in the mind of Manav. He asks about the match. Soon, they recognize, the match was held last year. It means that was last year paper. Whole thing was nothing but a misunderstanding. Now, Manav and Adi capture Shree.

The whole act was fabulous with a great humor. The guys are really fabulous in their acting and situation. Their gesture language was really amazing in Shree Adi Manav.

About Shree Adi Manav:

Shree Adi Manav is the best comedy TV serial on SAB TV. Hindi movie, Pyare Mohan is the best example of the TV serial. Shree Adi Manav is based on three imperfect guys who are perfect together. Shree Adi Manav introduces the mismatch quality as the match quality of 3 friends. Shree, Adi and Manav are the imperfect guy but together they create perfect comedy and humor. Shree Adi Manav is the best composition of natural comedy such as Lapataganj, Sukh By Chance and Sonu Sweety. You will get a new story by their acts in each episode of Shree Adi Manav. SAB TV Shree Adi Manav has introduced the biggest natural comedy just like Baa Bahoo Aur Baby.