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Friday, November 6, 2009

Meera – Meera TV Serial – Live History of Meera on NDTV Imagine

Meera TV Serial on NDTV Imagine
Meera is a historical TV serial which is based on a historical lady of Rajasthan, India. Meera TV serial is aired on NDTV Imagine TV channel every Monday to Friday at 8 PM in India. NDTV Imagine has tried to show live history of Meera by Meera serial. It is the best historical TV serial on NDTV Imagine just like Jhansi Ki Rani.

Characters of Meera TV Serial:


Aashika Bhatia has played the character of young Meera in Meera on NDTV Imagine. She is devoted to Lord Krishna. She has played the character of historical lady – Meera.


Twara Desai has played the character of Lalita in Meera. She is the best friend of Meera. She always protects Meera even in her Sasural after her marriage. She has played the character of Meera’s Daasi in Meera TV serial.


Paras Arora has acted as Jaimal in Meera TV serial. He is cousin brother of Meera. He is loving brother of Meera and he can do anything for her.

Veer Kunwari:

Gauri Harmit has played the character of Veer Kunwari in Meera on NDTV Imagine. She is the mother of Meera in this serial.

Ratan Singh:

Kunal Bakshi has played the character of Ratan Singh in Meera serial. He is the father of Meera.

Bhoj Raj, Rana Sanga, Udabai, Vikramaaditya are the other main characters of Meera series. Casts of Meera TV serial has tried to put their historical existence very properly in the serial.

Title Song of Meera TV Serial:

Lyric of Meera title song begins with –

“Chod Sab Sakhiya Saheli...

Sawle Gudde Se Kheli...
Baalpan Ki Preet Saanchi...

Sawre Ke Rang Rachi...

Preet Ki Sachi Kahani Ho Gayi...

Duniya Se Mira Begani Ho Gayi...

Sab Raj Rango Se Pare Wo...

Wo Prem Ki Baatein Kare...

Mane Na Jag Ki Reet Ko...

Dhoonde Wo Man Ke Meet Ko...

Rishta Naya Rachne Lagi...

Chod Sab Sakhiya Saheli...

Sawle Gudde Se Kheli...”

Story of Meera TV Serial:

Meera TV serial on NDTV Imagine begins with the initial life sketch of Meera. The whole story of Meera revolves around the Meera’s life and her philosophy. The TV serial leads the story of Meera’s devotion towards the lord Krishna. She was the young Rajpoot princes. Her devotion towards the lord Krishna made her a famous Saint. As she grew up, her devotion becomes stronger.

She is forced to marriage with a real person but her devotion remains imaginary. She still considers herself the wife of the lord Krishna. Many attempt happened to kill her but she remains live.

Story of Meera TV serial introduces with 16th century of Rajasthan. It was Khudki or Khurki of Rajasthan where Meera was born. Ratan Singh was the father of Meera. He was the youngest son of Rao Dooda. He becomes the rural of Medatha which is in Marwar.

The story of Meera takes a new turn when she was about 8-9 years old. She wants a “Gudda” (doll) to marry. Sant Raidasji gives her a statue of the lord Krishna. Immediately, she falls in love with that statue of the lord Krishna. She considers the statue as her husband.

Meera’s life takes a new turn again when she is married to Bhoj Raj, Rana Sangha’s son of Chittor. Her real life changes but she still remained the devotee of the lord Krishna from the core of her heart and soul. Soon, she lost her husband in a battle. Now, she becomes a saint and refused to commit Sati which was the necessary aspect of Rajput society after the death of husband.

The whole story of Meera TV serial on NDTV imagine revolves around her devotions towards the lord Krishna. She faced many difficulties in her life but she never left her immortal love towards the Krishna. NDTV Imagine has tried to show the live history of Meera and her life’s difficulties. Meera TV serial is all about becoming her saint in that society where women were not allowed to live their life after the death of their husband. They were crashed in that society.

About Meera:

Meera is known as Mirabai, Mira or Meera Bai also. She becomes the part of path of devotion and proves herself a historical lady. She is considered as the part of Bhakti or devotion movement of India. She is the contemporary of Adi Shankaracharya, Alvars, Saint Ramanand, Guru Nanak, Guru Ravidas, Saint Tukaram, Saint Kabir, Saint Mirabai and Sri Ramanujacharya.

In Indian history, she is known as the first saint lady who becomes the part of Vaishnava bhakti movement. She attributed Bhakti songs and Bhajans towards the Krishna. In the Bhakti tradition, she was the passionate of the lord Krishna.

In the Indian history, Saint Mirabai chooses the bhakti path to reach the God. Bhakti Mira’s age is considered from 1547 to 1614A.D. Meera was passionately attached to the idol of Giridhar Gopal. Her idol husband was Giridhar Gopal.

Recent Episodes of Meera TV Serial:

By the order of Rajmata, Meera has been brought to Raj Mahal. Her brother-in-law, Vikramaaditya who is the ruler of Chittorgarh tries to kill her. He tries to kill himself but didn’t get succeed. So, he attempts to poison her. Again, he is failed in his attempt. Now, he is fade-up with her.

Meera’s sister-in-law Udabai is also spread defamatory gossip about her. Meera has gotten a good popularity among the common people. Udabai and Vikram try to defame her. They kill some people also to blame her but they fail.

Meera strongly believes in her Giridhar Gopal. She is very soft-spoken, good-natured and devoted to the lord Krishna.

Udabai tries to snatch the statue of the lord Krishna from Meera but didn’t get succeed. At last, Meera gives the statue to Udabai herself. Lalita asks Meera why she gave the statue to her. On the other hand, Udabai doesn’t get succeed to hold the statue for a long time and she gives back that to Meera again.

About Meera TV Serial:

Meera is a new series on NDTV Imagine which was started in July 2009. The serial is created by Sagar Arts. NDTV Imagine has tried to show historical facts about Meera’s life. The TV serial establishes the womanhood and fight of a woman in the worst society of women. Sprit of womanhood focuses Meera serial from the real character of history. I just want explain two more TV serials – Hamari Devrani and Ladies Special that celebrates the modern sprit of womanhood. However, there is no match between both serials to Meera. Meerabai chooses the way of devotion rather than becoming a perfect bride in that society. Costume, characters and reality of the Show is the best but character of Meera in this TV serial is very artificial. She looks natural but she carries artificial make-up much such as – eyebrows, mascara and deep make-up. Set of Meera TV serial is considered as the biggest set after the Jodha Akbar movie. The set is really very beautiful which gives the glimpse of that time.

Recent Development about Meera:

A documentary film reveals the story about Meera – “A Few Things I Know About Her by Anjali Panjabi.”

Meera, a TV serial on NDTV Imagine was launched on 27th July, 2009. It is aired on 8PM from Monday to Friday in India.

A Musical story about Meera - "Meera - The Lover" released on 11th October, 2009. The album was introduced by Canadian-Indian singer Vandana Vishwas.


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I have heard the album "Meera The Lover" by Vandana Vishwas. The compositions and rendering of songs are absolutely fantastic!