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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ladies Special - Ladies Special TV Serial - Ladies Special on Sony TV about Journey of Life

Saat untalis ki ladies special
Ladies Special is a TV serial about four ladies and their journey of life. Ladies Special TV serial revolves around the Ladies Special suburban railway train in Mumbai. Ladies Special on Sony TV is a story about journey of life in a Ladies Special train of Mumbai.

Characters of Ladies Special:

Shubha Joshi:

Neena Gupta has played the character of Shubha Joshi in Ladies Special TV serial. She is known as Shubha aunty and somewhere Joshi aunty also. She is about 55 years old. She has a daughter and a son.

Nanda Shinde:

Shilpa Tulaskar is in the character of Nanda Shinde in Ladies Special on Sony TV. She is about 35 years old. She is very gentle and soft lady.

Bubbly Chaddha:

Ashita Dhawan has played the character of Bubbly Chaddha in Ladies Special serial. She is about 33 years old married woman.

Pooja Singh:

Payal Sarkar is in the character of Pooja Singh in Ladies Special. She is newly married 23 years old lady. She is mild natured lady.

Vinny, Mridula, Vasu, Shivam Shinde, Vipul Joshi and Karan Singh are other leading characters of Ladies Special serial. Sony TV has introduced Ladies Special casts in their very professional looks.

Story of Ladies Special:

Story of Ladies Special begins with four characters - Pooja, Shubha, Nanda and Bubbly. Outline of Ladies Special shows the importance of local LADIES SPECIAL train in their life. The story of Ladies Special is based on the life line of Mumbai.

Pooja has left her house first time for Mumbai. She belongs to a small town. She lives in Mumbai with her husband, Karan. Her husband pressurizes her to get a job. Like other new people in Mumbai, Pooja finds very difficulties to travel in local trains of Mumbai.

Shubha Joshi helps her in traveling and they become a good friend. Shubha Joshi works in a State Bank of India at Churchgate. Nanda Shinde also works at Churchgate. She also travels by the local train. Nanda’s husband, Shivam also works in a different office but they travel together in the local train.

Bubbly has been introduced as buyer of things in the train on installments in Ladies Special.

Story of Ladies Special moves with the conflict of Gitika and Nanda. Gitika is Nanda’s daughter. She wants to go an overnight picnic with her friends. Nanda belongs to middle class mentality so, she is not ready.

During the traveling of Ladies Special – Nanda, Pooja, Shubha Joshi and Bubbly become good friends. Pooja is always tortured by her husband. So, she leaves her husband house and lives alone. Pooja gets many difficulties in Mumbai during her job also. She had to face Tyagi and his clients meeting. Many girls are suffered from Tyagi but no one had to expose him. Now, Pooja is under the trap of Tyagi but her husband doesn’t help. In this situation, Pooja talks with her friends who meet her in Ladies Special.

Pooja tries to expose Tyagi by a tape and video recording in Ladies Special TV serial but she is cheated by a news reporter.

Ladies Special on Sony TV introduces all the characters and casts with their family and life’s stories. All have a family and their life’s situation. They travel in their life just like a special train which seems as Ladies Special. Life journey of some ladies introduce in Ladies Special train and continue with it.

Recent Episodes of Ladies Special:

In the recent episodes of Ladies Special serial, Karan has interfered in the office of Pooja to come back with him. He has charged an FIR against her. After this activity, she has been eliminated from her office. Now, she needs a job.

On the other hand, Vinny has a soft corner for Pooja. He has established a company and he is in need of a designing consultant. He offers a job to Pooja. She has no way to refuse it.

Now, Pooja is very upset by her husband. On the other hand, Shubha Joshi is in the search of a bride for her son, Vinny. One day she meets Mridula in Ladies Special. She talked her and soon they become a good friend. She is a doctor and works for an NGO. She tries to keep Ladies Special clean picking garbage. Mridula invites Shubha aunty in a kid’s party in her NGO.

Shubha aunty has planned to make her own bahu. She wants to settle a marriage plan with her son, Vinny. Mridula is the relative of Nanda. So, she also tries to help Shubha aunty.

Bably has participated in a dance TV Show with her husband. On the other hand, Shubha has invited Mridula and Nanda for launch. Vinny gets success to impress Mridula in first meeting.

Judges of dance TV Show has insulted Bably and her husband due to their lack of knowledge about dancing in Ladies Special serial.

About Ladies Special:

Ladies Special introduces a story about the life of common people. The TV serial is created by Optimistyx. Sanjiv Sharma is the director of Ladies Special serial. Sanjiv Sharma and Vipul D Shah is the producer of the TV serial. Sony TV is near to complete 100 episodes of Ladies Special TV serial. Saat untalis ki ladies special on Sony is aired form Monday to Thursday at 9:30 PM in India. According to the Ladies Special TV serial, there is another aspect of life which is different from home and office. This is the medium of home and office where dreams and reality journey together on two-wheel. Ladies Special is not a story about just a train but it is story about journey of life. Ladies Special introduces journey of four women’s life together. They share their strength, emotions and life outside the home and office. Ladies Special shows the sprit of womanhood also which is celebrated together outside from the home in “second home”, train. Ladies Special serial has introduced a fast life journey of Mumbai also which is very similar to the train life. The serial shows the reality of life in fast metropolitan town. You can just know another aspect of womanhood by Ladies Special serial just like Hamari Devrani.


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