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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ganesh Leela - Ganesh Leela TV Serial – Live Mythology on Sahara One as Ganesh Leela

Ganesh Leela on Sahara One
Ganesh Leela is a mythological TV serial on Sahara One. Ganesh Leela TV serial is based on the Lord Ganesha. Sahara One has introduced live mythology of the Lord Ganesha as Ganesh Leela. The serial revolves around the eight characters of Lord Ganesha.

Sahara One TV channel introduces eight different characters of the Lord Ganesha. In each character, Lord Ganesha will be shown in different looks with different story. All eight characters are known as the Ashtavinayaka.

Ganesh Leela has introduced eight characters the lord Ganesha as:

Shri Mayureshwar

Shri Siddhivinayak

Shri Ballaleshwar

Shri Varadvinayak

Shri Chintamani

Shri Girijatmaj

Shri Vighnahar

Shri Mahaganapati

In the previous episodes of Ganesh Leela, lord Ganesha had played the character of Brahmin son. The story was based on a village where Ganesh’s father establishes his influence of the lord Ganesha. He faces many difficulties in his life on the Earth. Despite, he feels a good journey of his life on the Earth.

Recent Episode of Ganesh Leela:

In the recent episode of Ganesh Leela TV serial, Ganesh plays the character of Shri Siddhivinayak. In the heaven, everyone reach to the Lord Shiva to tell him about the Lord Vishnu. He has been sleeping for a long time.

Everyone tries to make him awake. After a long practice, lord Vishnu wake up. Now, he has to kill both Rakshasa. They come to fight with Vishnu but fails. Now, they have planned to kill Lord Vishnu by cheating.

The Rakshasa come to Vishnu as Lakshmi. Vishnu fails to know the real face of the Rakshasa and talks with him as his wife. Soon, Narad tells the whole story to Lakshmi. Now, she comes near Vishnu on the Earth. He is very upset to see two Lakshmi. He uses his power and knows the real face of the Rakshasa.

Now, the recent episodes of Ganesh Leela revolve around the war of the Lord Vishnu. Will they get succeed to kill them without any help of the Lord Ganesha? Will the Rakshasa get succeed to kill Vishnu? To know, watch some more episodes of Lanesh Leela on Sahara One.

About Ganesh Leela:

Ganesh Leela on Sahara One is a mythological series of story which is related to the Lord Ganesha. Ganesh Leela series introduces the whole story about lord Ganesha. Synopsis of Ganesh Leela serial is very good which introduces different characters of the Lord Ganesha. In the introduction of all characters, Sahara One has introduced a Bhajan song that is really very poetic. Bhajan songs are Bhakti song just like Bhajan of Meera for Lord Krishna. Overall, Ganesh Leela serial has introduced whole character of the Lord Ganesha on Sahara One very effectively. The TV serial has tried to introduce live mythology of the Lord Ganesha by Ganesh Leela on Sahara One. Ganesh Leela is aired on Sahara One every Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM in India.