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Monday, November 2, 2009

Bhaskar Bharti - Bhaskar Bharti TV Serial - Bhaskar Bharti on Sony TV about Turn of Bhaskar into Bharti

Bhaskar Bharti
Bhaskar Bharti is the most famous comedy TV serial on Sony Entertainment Television. Bhaskar Bharti TV serial is based on “Mr Ya Miss” Hindi movie. Bhaskar Bharti on Sony TV is a story about turn of Bhaskar into Bharti.

Characters of Bhaskar Bharti:


Eijaz Khan has played the character of Bhaskar in Bhaskar Bharti. He is the chief editor of Men's Universe magazine. He is very famous in women. He has guest appearance in Bhaskar Bharti TV serial. He doesn’t believe in love. He just moves with women for a relationship.


Ragini Khanna is in the character of Bharti in Bhaskar Bharti on Sony TV. She is Bhaskar’s female Avatar. She has all habit of men. She only looks like a women but behaves just like a man.

Payal Mehra:

Aanchal Sabharwal has acted as Payal Mehra in Bhaskar Bharti serial. She is the best friend of Bhaskar. She only knows the reality of Bharti. She prays for Bhaskar to come back in his original self.

Armaan Sinha

Aamir Ali has played the character of Armaan Sinha in Bhaskar Bharti. He is colleague of Bhaskar’s office. He is kind and good-natured person. He is divorced person.

Gyaan Gupta:

Jai Kalra is in the character of Gyaan Gupta in Bhaskar Bharti TV serial. He is the colleague and best friend of Bhaskar's office. Gyaan doesn’t like Bharti. He tries to throw her out from the office.

Geeta as Bhaskar beloved, Sonali Sharma, Jeeya, Amarjeet Bhatia, KK and Vineeta Lamba are the other subordinate characters of Bhaskar Bharti TV serial. Bhaskar Bharti casts are very flexible in their characters and roles according to the story’s situation.

Bhaskar Bharti Story:

Bhaskar Bharti begins with an introduction of Hirabi for Narayan to employees in the office. Gyaan, Vinita, Amarjeet, Armaan, Sunny and Ketaki all are in meeting and waiting for Bhaskar.

On the other hand, Bhaskar turns into Bharti by the course of his girlfriend, Geeta. Bhaskar was in the relationship with many women. He has to promise of marrying with his girlfriend, Geeta. He had never felt the pain of women. Geeta courses Bhaskar to turn into a woman, Bharti. She wanted to let him feels the pain of women. Geeta’s course comes true and Bhaskar transforms into a woman.

Bhaskar is bewildered by the sudden change in himself. He tries to back himself in his original face but didn’t get succeed. He shares the experiences with Payal. Both are very confused. Soon, they knew about the changes. They try to meet Geeta but she denies taking back her course.

Bhaskar Bharti TV serial introduces another aspect when Bharti enters into the office of Bhaskar as his cousin. She gives presentation and impresses everyone. Now, she joins permanently in the office on the position of Bhaskar.

Recent Episodes of Bhaskar Bharti:

In the recent episodes of Bhaskar Bharti, Bharti leaves her own house on the same date of her marriage. Her office colleague blame as cheater in her office by a plan. Cops follow her but she escapes.

She goes in a pub and drinks. Armaan follows her. Suddenly she goes into a Jungle. She meets a Baba. The Baba tells her about her destiny of life. Now, she has to marry to come back in her real life.

Suddenly, Armaan comes and helps her when she was faint. They walk into the Jungle. Soon, Bharti realizes her love towards Armaan. He also expresses his love to Bharti. He proposes her to marry. She is also ready.

Marriage ceremony is going on very smoothly but no one knows about further difficulties. Armaan’s brother has also participated in the ceremony with a goal of searching Bharti. Suddenly, he meets Bharti. Now, his motive is very strong to search Bharti.

Suddenly, Armaan’s brother asks about “Muh Dikhai Rashm” during the marriage. Finally, he declares Bharti as his wife. Everyone oppose this but all the proof in his favour. Now, everyone stuck.

Bhaskar Bharti has introduced a new twist with the Armaan’s brother. Now, a new destiny has taken place in the life of Bharti. Will everyone know about Bharti’s reality? How Bharti will survive in this situation? To know more, watch some more episodes of Bhaskar Bharti.

About Bhaskar Bharti:

Bhaskar Bharti is a romantic comedy TV serial of Sony Entertainment Television. The TV serial is directed by Manoj Kotian. Deeya Singh, Tony Singh and Sharan Kapoor are the producer of Bhaskar Bharti serial. Till Now, Sony TV has aired more than 80 episodes of Bhaskar Bharti TV serial. The TV serial revolves around the story of gender-bender. Bhaskar turns into Bharti. It is all about a turning story of a man into a woman. Bhaskar Bharti is aired on Sony TV every Monday to Thursday at 9PM in India. I just like the TV serial for its fiction story and real comedy which is very similar to Lapataganj.


aaliyah said...

can please someone tell me dat how can bhaskar in a womans body fall in love with aarman because he still is a man in a womans body. can someone pls explain.