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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Basera – Basera TV Serial – Basera on NDTV Imagine

Basera on NDTV Imagine
Basera is a new version of Basera (2000) on ZEE TV. Basera TV serial on NDTV Imagine has taken the theme of the most famous Hindi movie, Baghban (2003). Basera on NDTV Imagine is aired from Monday to Friday at 9:30PM in India. The TV serial is sponsored by Red Label Natural Care. The full name of the TV serial is Red Label Natural Care presents Basera.

Characters of Basera:

Keshubhai Sanghvi:

Ram Kapoor has played the character of Keshubhai Sanghvi in Basera. He is the head of Sanghvi Family after the death of his father. He is a vegetarian. He is much caring person in his family. He always wears dhoti and kurta. He wears suit only when he has to face a meeting.

Ketki Sanghvi:

Pallavi Subhash has played the character of Ketki Sanghvi in Basera TV serial. She is the lovely wife of Keshubhai Sanghvi. She is devoted to her husband. She never interferes in his work. She also loves the simplicity.

Kritika Sanghvi:

Damini Anand has played the character of Kritika Sanghvi in Basera on NDTV Imagine. She is beautiful, smart and educated wife of Mehul.

Mehul Sanghvi:

Puneet Soni has acted as Mehul Sanghvi in Basera 2009 TV series. He is the elder son of Keshubhai and Ketki. He is very close to his mother but he feels a little distance from his father.

Ketan Sanghvi:

Yash Dasgupta is in the character of Ketan in Basera serial. He is younger son of Keshubhai. He is handsome, clever and smart guy. He keeps his eyes on everybody and everything.

Gauraben Sanghvi:

Madhvi Gogte has played the character of Gauraben Sanghvi in Basera. She is the mother of Keshubhai. She is known as Baa also. She is creative, self-respecting and traditional woman.

Devki Ben:

Meenal Patel has acted as Devki Ben in Basera TV serial. She is Kritika's mother. She is clever and cunning woman. She makes Kritika cunning.

Aatish Parikh:

Akshay Anand has played the character of Aatish Parikh in Basera on NDTV Imagine. He is elder than Keshubhai and head of Parikh family. Both are childhood friend. He is very close to Keshu. He is respected by Keshu always. He is expert in diamond business.

Sachin Deshmukh:

Rajesh Shringarpure has played the character of Sachin Deshmukh in Basera series. He is the head of Deshmukh Family. He was born to farmer family. He rises himself as bank manger from a mere clerk. He loves much his wife.

Rasili Parikh:

Resham Tipnis has played the character of Rasili Parikh in Basera serial. She is Aatish Parikh's wife. She is depressed and negative-approached woman.

Manda Deshmukh:

Supriya Pilgaonkar is in the character of Manda Deshmukh in Basera. She is the wife of Sachin Deshmukh. She is the perfect house wife in the serial. She is simple, God-fearing and compassionate woman.

Nandini Parikh:

Priya Bhatija has played the character of Nandini Parikh in Basera TV serial. She is sensitive, thoughtful and intelligent daughter of Aatish Parikh.

Nitin Deshmukh:

Ankit Mohan has been introduced as Nitin Deshmukh in Basera on NDTV Imagine. He is well-behaved, kind and obedient guy. He is very similar to mythological Shravan. He is married to Ayesha.

Ujjwala Parikh:

Suzzana has played the character of Ujjwala Parikh in Basera serial. She has adopted the fast life style.

Jatin Deshmukh:

Preet Saluja has been introduced is in the character of Jatin Deshmukh in Basera. He is Sachin Deshmukh's younger son. He works in a news channel in Mumbai. He is married to Arushi.

Waqar Ahmed, Jannat, Sunaina, Imam Ahmed, Harsh Manchanda, Faizaan and Anuraag Manchanda are other leading characters of Basera TV serial. Basera casts have been introduced with their own family story that co-relate to each other.

Story of Basera:

Story of Basera begins with Sanghvi Villa. A preparation is going on in Sanghvi Villa. Servants are busy to arrange lady’s house. Baa is calling servant to do everything very properly. Krithika is pregnant and she is near to give a baby birth. She comes down from the staircase slowly and enters into her husband room. She tells Mehul to get ready.

It is Sunday today. Multi-cuisine feast has been prepared by Keshu’s daughter-in-law. It is not single Sunday but every Sunday Keshubhai invites his friends to celebrate it together.

Ketan is busy on his laptop in Basera TV serial. His wife, Urvashi enters into room and urges him to get ready. Keshubhai is getting ready in his room. He is alone in the room with his wife, Ketki. Waqar and Jannat Begum are leaving their house in big car with a lovely argument. On the other hand, Aatish, Raseli and Ujjwala have also left their house. Sachin Deshmukh and Manda show their presence at first. Baa, Keshu, Ketki, Mehul, Ketan, Krithika, Urvashi, Aaatish, Rasili,Ujjwala, Waqar, Jannat, Sachin, Manda, Nandini, Mansukh Laadki and Bhavesh have gathered together in Sanghvi Villa on Sunday.

All celebrate their Sunday in Sanghvi Villa as usual. As the guest leave the house, Keshu goes into his previous life and tries to remember his early day. A journey of Keshu’s life comes in light from poverty to a successful businessman.

Soon, Kritika delivers a baby boy in hospital. As she returns from hospital to Sanghvi Parivar, Devki Ben is introduced in Basera. She comes to live with her daughter, Kritika. She tries to make her daughter cunning. Kritika is happy and she doesn’t need to do any evil-activity in her Sasural.

Story of Basera begins with the happiest life of four families. Keshu’s family is focused to the story of Basera TV serial. He has earned everything in his life with a happiest family. He is deeply attached to his family. The story of Basera revolves around the Keshu who has spent his whole life to take care his family. His sons grow-up and a fight take place in the house.

Recent Episodes of Basera:

Now, Kritika is under the influence of her mother. She has also decided to separate the Sanghvi Parivar. She always tries to fight with Urvarshi. She uses phone, servant and other stuff of the house for herself only.

She abides servant to cook food for Urvarshi and Ketki. She always tried to crash Urvarshi and Ketki. On the other hand, Basera has given a new looks of Keshu. He is ill for a long time. He doesn’t want to recover himself to see the situation of his family.

Sons of Kesu are fighting with each other. Ladies are also fighting with each other. Ketki tries to ignore everything. She tries to keep her family together but fight of sons and their wives take a new turn.

Division of the house has taken a new aspect in the family. The house has been divided into two parts. Keshu Bhai has been shifted in the guest room with his wife. Ketki still tries to manage all things silently. Kritika is not ready to give even a glass of milk for Keshu’s medicine. Will they manage their life silently? To know, watch some more episodes of Basera.

About Basera:

Basera is the creation of Sagar Arts. The TV serial revolves around the Indian middle class family. The theme of Basera is very similar to Baghban (2003) movie. Story of Basera revolves around the four families and their new generations. Fathers have grown-up their family very devotionally but their sons have broken everything in very short span of time. Basera is based on joint family just like Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai but theme of both serials is very different. Initial episodes of Basera on NDTV Imagine were very similar to Baa Bahoo Aur Baby and new serial Sukh By Chance where a joint family had participated with a great fun and enjoyment but soon it takes a new turn. Basera represents the middle class family mentality of the present society. The serial has tried to show the joint family but situation of modern life style is beyond from the morality of the serial. Basera on NDTV Imagine is next series of 2009. Already, ZEE TV has aired Basera, the most famous TV serial in 2000. Basera on ZEE TV was also based on differences in living with a joint family compared to living in a nuclear family setup. It was the most popular among women. It had won one of the best ten serials on Indian television awards. Basera had gotten rank in the top 14 Indian television shows of 2000. Basera TV serial is on the same name of Baseraa (1981) Hindi movie. Basera on NDTV Imagine has gotten good popularity due to its contemporary story of Indian middle class family.