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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bandini – Bandini TV Serial – Bandini on NDTV Imagine about a Female Prisoner

Bandini on NDTV Imagine
Bandini is a TV serial which is aired on NDTV Imagine from Monday to Friday at 10PM. Bandini TV Serial is based on a Gujarati family residing in a village, near Surat, Dharampur. Bandini on NDTV Imagine tells a story about a female prisoner.

Bandini is created by Balaji Telefilms and formatted by Indian Soap Opera. Bandini is the most popular TV serial of NDTV Imagine which is aired outside from India also in the UK, US, Canada, Algeria, Tunisia and the Gulf countries on prime time just like Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

NDTV Imagine has aired more than 150 episodes of Bandini till now. Bandini TV serial is based on Gujarati novel Retpankhi which was written by Varsha Adalja in 1972. The TV serial is inspired by a South Indian film also.

The meaning of Bandini comes from Bandi which means prisoner. Bandini TV serial is based on female prisoner. Bandini on NDTV Imagine revolves around the Santu who is an eighteen year old illiterate girl. She belongs to a lower cast.

Bandini on NDTV Imagine is focused to unexpected marriage of Santu to Dharamraj Mahiyanshi. He is a 50 year old widower who has 5 children. He is the owner of diamond factory in Surat. The drama revolves around the marital life of Santo, barriers of age, caste and class etc.

Santok is popularly known as the Santu among the worker. She lives with her Nana Madhoo Solanki in the workers colony. Santu is very calm and soft spoken girl. She always sings a song among women workers in the packing department during the work to entertain the workers. She sings Gujarati folk song which is – “aala re laal leheraniyu laal ghammar ghammar chale re chaal navi te vahu na haath ma rumal…”

Story of Bandini TV serial begins with Dharampur village where in the morning people are praying Lord Ganesha in a temple. This is the busy village by its daily chores. Santu and Khemi, grand-daughters of Madho are busy in their home work when Monghi comes to give Prasad.

Bandini TV serial introduces Ronit Roy as Dharmaraj. Dharamraj Mahiyanshi a rich diamond merchant of Dharampur. Most of the villagers work under him in his diamond factory. He is the famous for justice among them. He is their “Malik” in the village among the villagers.

In the first episodes of Bandini on NDTV Imagine, a worker steels a diamond and hides that in his mouth. Dharamraaj knows the situation but he wants him to confess about this. He told all workers that the diamond will affect his nervous system. The worker who has stolen the diamond gets scared and immediately removes that from his mouth. Dharamraaj orders the worker to leave the job and village also.

On the other hand, Santu, Khemi and Monghi are enjoying in Mela. The Mela is symbol of Gujarati dance, culture and lifestyle. There is a temple also in the village but no entry allowed there without the permission of Dharamraaj.

As Santu and Monghi enter into the temple, Dharamraaj’s car reaches to the mela. He walks towards the temple and astonished to see someone. He asks pujari about them but no one knows them. Now, Santo is scared to face Dharamraaj. Everyone ask to Dharamraaj to forgive them but Dharamraaj never forgives anyone.

Next day Dharamraaj sends Parshuraam to Madho to inform him that he has to repay all the debt in single day. Dharamraaj ignores all things that Madho was his employee for last 31 years.

Bandini TV serial has introduced social power of rich man also in the society when Parshuraam, the man of Dharamraaj sells Madho’s cow to reply the debt. The cow (Manjari) was just like his mother.

In the recent episodes of Bandini on NDTV Imagine, Santu has been accepted by Dharamraaj as his wife. The situation and struggle to be a good mother among five children of Dharamraaj, in the society of Dharamraaj and in the house of Dharamraaj was really very painful for Santu.

Bandini TV serial has established the struggle of a girl in the high class society who belongs to lower casts just like Laali’s struggle of Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo. The TV serial has introduced all aspect of life where workers fight for their right, their greed for diamond, their unity etc. There is struggle of villager’s rights also such as debt, their miserable condition of life, their lifestyle etc. There is greed of higher society also such as Mausaji of Hiten tries to capture Dharamraaj business.

Santu spends her life in the house of Dharamraaj as Bandini. Her wishes, dreams and thoughts are begins from Dharamraaj and end to Dharamraaj.

Bandini serial shows a fight of a lower cast’s girl in the class and cast society. There is fight for right of a Bandini. There are many characters in the TV serial in their proper characters. Tag line of Bandini serial is – “Ek Unchaha Ristha… Ek Atoot Bandhan…”

Recently, Bandini series introduces marriage ceremony of Hiten. There is another aspect of the marriage where Bandini, Santu will get married Dharamraaj with all the tradition and customs.

After this situation, Subhadra comes back again in the life of DM. She is not real Subhadra because Subhadra was dead before 6 years. She is Anamika Deshai, an actress. She has entered in the house to capture the business of DM. Will she get succeed? Bandini serial will reveal the question in some more next episodes.