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Friday, November 13, 2009

Aahat - Aahat Horror TV Show - Aahat All New Series on Sony Entertainment Television

Aahat on Sony TV
Aahat is a new TV Show which started today on 13th November, 2009. Aahat horror TV Show is aired every Friday and Saturday at 11PM in India. Today, Aahat launched with all new series on Sony Entertainment Television.

Aahat is a horror TV Show which is aired as TV serial every Friday and Saturday in India at 11PM. Sony Entertainment Television has launched many new Shows and serials in this month such as - Sukh By Chance new comedy TV serial, Dance Premier League dancing TV Show and Comedy Circus 3 Ka Tadka comedy TV Show.

First Show of Aahat:

Aahat continued with the end of CID’s episode. A girl, who had killed some people, reaches to Balara junction. A train exists under the water. The train starts and run it. The girl sees some amazing human beings around her who had wore 1970s clothes. Their faces are also not normal. Some people’s faces were burnt and some were the ugliest.

Suddenly, the girl is trapped by them. Her fear makes her unconscious. This time Khazan train reaches the station and she catches the train. Inside the train, there are many dead people.

Another scene of Aahat starts with three friends who are researching on supernatural power. They meet a spirit in the night and try to capture it in camera. Lastly, they reach to Pasar center. It is the research center of supernatural power.

The center was also a part of horror scene in Aahat on Sony TV. There were lots of ghost and spirit captured in the center. An old man already knows about their traveling. He takes camera. He called them into a computerized room where they found a girl who is taking a ticket from unseen door. She buys a ticket of Khazan mail.

Now, the friends with that girl’s boy friend reach to Balara junction and try to find out the truth. The junction master tries to make them understand about the truth of the junction that no train has passed for last 30 years from the station.

Suddenly, they see two women who were covered with black clothes in Aahat Show. They were cleaning the platform very quickly. They told that they are cleaning blood. But no one was able to see blood on the surface. Suddenly, station master covered with blood. The biggest tsunami comes there. A dark scene covers the whole environment. Suddenly everything takes a move. A train passes from there. The women stop them to see the train.

They record the train in camera but there is nothing a sound than in camera. Finally, they reach an old station master who was suffered from the reality of the train in Aahat TV serial. He told the truth about the Khazan mail. The train is also a spirit just like a human spirit. A train that name was Khazan mail, was crashed on a bridge in 13th July, 1979. In that accident every passenger were killed. From that time, the train runs only to kill people.

Finally, they have to go inside the train now. So, they reach to central junction and started to record the whole situation in Aahat serial. Suddenly, a man comes and buys a ticket from the unseen door. They try to cover him. This time the girl who was also a team member goes inside the unseen wall.

First episode of Aahat ends with the scene and introduced a great fear and horror. I was also much astonished to watch the great and natural fear with a proper story and scene of Aahat on Sony.

About Aahat TV Show:

Aahat has introduced all new series on Sony TV. This is horror and thrilling TV Show on Sony. Aahat serial is a new version of Aahat so; we can say it is Aahat 2. The horror Show has introduced new type of thrilling story. Aahat can create a fear inside you on weekend. Aahat is an illogical, fantastic and non-reasonable TV Show on Sony TV. It is thrilling rather than entertaining. This is a hypothetical TV Show which spread negativity inside human being. It is not safe for kids also. It is more fearing than Shree which is aired on ZEE TV. Kahaniya Vikram Aur Betaal Ki TV Show is also based on the character of ghost but there is everything positive for human mind. Aahat has introduced so many fearing faces, blood and ugliness. The serial has introduced an environment and situation of Vampire age. Aahat has introduced a good story but its make-up is not very proper. Nails and faces make-up were very unrealistic. However, face expression, sound effect and scenes were very fantastic to create a real fear. Aahat creates a huge fear inside audiences.


Dil ki nazar said...

B.P. Singh thinks that ghosts can be caught over digital cameras. First of all, ghosts are not exist, and if they are, they can't be captured with electronic devices. And second bore thing about Aahat is, the same three foolish persons in all episodes! MAHA BORE !! I think they are close relatives of B.P. Singh that is why their role is fixed in every episode.