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Monday, October 5, 2009

Shree – ZEE TV Introduces Supernatural Power and Superstition by Shree TV Serial

Shree TV serial on ZEE TV
Shree is a ZEE TV serial which is aired from Monday to Thursday at 10:30 PM in India. Shree is the leading character of the TV serial. She is wife of Hari. ZEE TV introduces supernatural power and superstition by Shree TV serial because it is based on without reason.

Hari (Pankaj Singh Tiwari), Shree (Wasna Ahmed), Damyanti (Falguni Desai), Sumati (Rupa Devatia), Tribhuvan (Amit Thakur), Anant (Jiten Lalwani), Nikita (Trishna Vivek), Darshan (Ujwal Chopra), Madhu (Shalmalee Tolye), Pujari (Mehul Buch), Nihal (Prasad Barve), Dahya (Mohit Das), Riddhi (Isha Chandera), Siddhi (Aafia Tayebali), Jigna (Anannya), Mahant (Anang Desai), Bindya (Madhurima Tuli), Chotu (Meet), Lappu (Chirag Desai), Faibaa (Devyani Thakkar) and Kangana (Vibha Anand) are the main characters of Shree TV serial.

Shree Pavitra Bandhan Par Ashubh Saya ZEE TV serial has been directed by Aatish Kapadia. Producer of the TV serial is J D Majethia's Hats off Production. Shree is a family drama and love story with a supernatural plot.

Shree TV serial is based on royal Gujarati Raghuvanshi family who lives in Mumbai. The serial begins with marriage proposal for Hari who is the son of Raghuvanshi family. His marriage got canceled 11 times due mysterious reasons. The brides also died under mysterious circumstances.

Accidentally, Shree meets Hari when she lived in her village. Soothsayer has to say, Hari’s bride should have a brave to fight evil forces. Shree meets Hari in a jungle where she goes to pickup some Ayurvedic medicine. Hari also visited there with his friend.

Shree is a coward girl but believes in the God. The marriage proposal of Shree goes to Hari family. Soon, they get married. During the story evil forces always tries to kill Hari. She is worshiper of Lord Shiva. She has faith that Lord Shiva will save her husband every moment.

Shree gives twins birth. She always fights from evil forces. Kangana has acted as evil force in Shree TV serial. She is always beaten by Shree. She has some supernatural power. She wants to destroy the family.

Tribhuvan Raghuvanshi is Hari’s father. He always respects Shree’s decision. Hari’s mother Sumatiben Raghuvanshi doesn’t believe in the God. She respects the God as stone. Madhu Raghuvanshi has also not much believe in the God. She is Hari's older sister-in-law.

Shree knows everything before an accident. She wants to make aware family member but no one care. Only, Lord Shiva helps her always. In the recent episode of Shree TV serial, Shree saves her husband on the 6th birthday of her son and daughter.

Shree TV serial on ZEE TV has new mystery which has brought a conflict among family members. Kangana change her face and made a signature by Tribhuvan Raghuvanshi on a contract of business and investment. Shree knows about this. How will save her family from this difficulty, watch Shree Pavitra Bandhan Par Ashubh Saya on ZEE TV. This is the recent episode story of Shree on ZEE TV.

The serial is based on the same theme of Shaktiman TV serial but it spread a negative approach towards real life and real world. Shree TV serial is based on supernatural power and superstition which has no logical meaning. This is just a story about supernatural power beyond the real life. Shree TV serial spread the existence of supernatural power which is beyond the human mind. There is only the God who fights all the mystery and evil forces.

Shree TV serial introduces some horrors also. Scenes of the TV serial create a fear and darkness. Shree hypnotize our mind and fill the glimpse of supernatural power in our mind. Star Plus TV serial, Shraddha is on the same concept of Shree TV serial but in Shradha there is only appearance of the God. Shree TV serial is not based on the real life and real world. This revolves around the superstition.


restricted said...

Ah ha not again supernatural is TV show aired first on CW TV Network USA,why do Indian TV channels always dump from Hollywood cant you people use your own ideas to make serials the story is same theme family of Mary and John winchester has been given the name of shree and her husband with having to kids name Dean and Sam don't know what they name the kids in Hindi dumped version,Gosh this is too much am not gonna stop my finger when it get to Zee channel.