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Friday, October 16, 2009

Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai - Sajan Ghar Jana Hai TV Serial - Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai on Star Plus is a Love Story

Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai on Star Plus
Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai is a newly started TV serial on Star Plus which is aired from Monday to Friday at 8:30PM. Sajan Ghar Jana Hai TV serial is written by Sumit Mittal and directed by Shashi Mittal. Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai on Star Plus is based on love story where casts and tradition is boundary.

Story of Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai begins with marriage proposal of Badri Narayan for Dhaani. Sajan Ghar Jana Hai TV serial revolves around Dhaani who is a simple and beautiful girl of Sudha – a widow. Her mother always had a wish of her daughter marriage in a good family. The dreams came true when she receives a marriage proposal for her daughter from Badri Narayan who is a high caste Brahmin.

Tragedy can take place anywhere without any information at any time. Marriage ceremony completed very smoothly but during the Dhaani’s Bidaai, Badri Narayan discovers that Dhaani belongs to schedule cast. Badri Narayan refuses to accept Dhaani as his Bahu. Amber protest but he didn’t get succeed. Now, Dhaani is married woman without her husband. Now, the world of Dhaani is crashed down. Now, both – mother and daughter are heartbroken.

Dhaani tries her best to make Amber’s father agree but she didn’t get succeed. Amber is forced to remarriage with Sarla. This time Dhaani takes a bold step and enter into Amber’s house disguise of a naukrani. In the process of life, Amber feels a great love towards his wife, Dhaani.

Sajan Ghar Jana Hai TV serial introduces Dhaani as a calm, young, beautiful and shy girl who lives in a village. Her natural beauty doesn’t need any artificial make-up. She helps her mother in decoration of doll.

In the recent episodes of Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai on Star Plus, Amber meets her mother in a temple with his wife, Dhaani. His mother prays the God to return Amber alone. As his mother sees Dhaani with Amber, she gets anger. She refuses her as daughter-in-law.

She asks Amber to return home alone but he is not ready. He leaves his house and goes to Dhaani village. He gets a job and lives happily there with his wife and mother-in-law. On the other hand, his mother is very anger and always thinks about how to return him alone in the house.

Sajan Ghar Jana Hai TV serial introduces a very different love story of Amber and Dhaani. She goes to market with her husband. Her husband shows love affection in the market by touching her hand. She gets shy and tries to make leave her hand.

Sajan Ghar Jana Hai TV serial has tried to show basic love between husband and wife. Her husband is a very loving person. He always wants to spend some time with his wife. He always offers a gift to her wife and expresses his love. His love is very similar to Dev Raj of Chhoti Bahu.

Now, his mother has prepared a plan to call Amber. He gets a letter to return house in her sister’s marriage. He goes his house innocently but he doesn’t know anything about the plan of his marriage. A confusing talk between Trilokchand and Amber takes place. The talk takes place as his sister’s marriage in his mind but Trilokchand is asking about his.

He tries to meet Dhaani in temple but his brother Sumer interferes. He writes a letter to Dhaani but the letter is taken by Taiji. Trilokchand takes a promise by Amber about the marriage. He gives a word for his sister. This confusion has taken place very strongly. No one knows the game except Taiji and Amber’s father. Some clues come in light about his marriage but that are symbolic. Dhaani has gone to Sarla marriage tradition which happens before marriage. She wishes for her and gives her bless by fulfilling a marriage rashm. She doesn’t know that she is blessing her sautan. Will he marry Sarla? Will he able to know this situation before his marriage? To know all these situation watch Sajan Ghar Jana Hai TV serial on Star Plus at 8:30PM.

Dhaani Blesses Sarla in Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai TV serial

Sajan Ghar Jana Hai has introduced a gap of cast, class, status, society etc. in the love. Taiji is very dedicated lady to follow all the tradition, customs and jaat-paat in the modern age.

Sajan Ghar Jana Hai TV serial on Star Plus has a big twist with the marriage confusion between Sarla and Amber. As per the tag line of Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai TV serial, Dhaani tells “Sindur mera bata par Patni dharm nibhaungi sada.” According to the tag line, Amber will marry Sarla and Dhaan’s sindur will divide between Sarla and Dhaani.

To save Madhu’s married life Amber marry Sarla or not, will be clear in some next episodes of Sajan Ghar Jana Hai TV serial. Overall, Sajan Ghar Jana Hai is a love story TV serial on Star Plus.